Warehouse 13 Review: Fight or Flight

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"The Sky's the Limit" brought Kelly Hu into the Warehouse 13 mix to help Artie cope with the evil he unleashed.

Artie is still very shaken over Leena’s death and his cause in all of it - and he’s been on a flight rather than fight path as a result.

Artie has only ever wanted to protect those closest to him and for him end up the cause of the greatest pain possible is prompting him to make up for lost time.

Looking For Magic

Hu’s Abigail offered a great injection of life into the Warehouse. Artie needs someone new and impartial to help him break out of his funk and Abigail might be just the person. She’s willing to go toe to toe with him without pandering to him, but Abigail also wants to explain and help Artie along with emotional connections and bonds.

Abigail knows exactly what Artie is going through. She wants to share those experiences, or at the very least those emotions, with him to help recover from the Astrolabe debacle. Abigail is right: if Artie doesn’t work through those emotions they are going to eat him alive.

Claudia might have pulled Artie out of his emotional prison inside his head, but he didn’t know then - and he doesn’t know now - how to deal with his actions.

Elsewhere, Claudia and Steve’s horse racing adventures started off fun and exciting (as they always are, those two could read banal tweets all day and I would love it), but the adventure quickly turned when Charlotte from the midseason premiere sent a text message with Claudia’s picture stating “this is your target.”

Mrs. Frederick is interested in Claudia being the next guardian of the Warehouse and the aforementioned episode hinted that Claudia just has a gut feeling about how certain artifacts might work out. Could Charlotte want a piece of the artifact action? She was very upset when Sutton took her ring, so she's is - at the very least - tracking Warehouse agents who might have it.

Finally, Warehouse 13 has been renewed for a fifth and final season consisting of six episodes. I'm sad to see the show being renewed and cancelled all in one order, as the Warehouse has been a summer staple of mine for years now, but I do have faith that the series will go out the way it wants to.


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I love this show, but this was one of the weakest episodes of the series. I usually like the background behind the artifacts, but I didn't understand the point of the horse racing part at all, and the whole segment at the racetrack just fell flat (just to show Claudia is a target I suppose, but what a waste of time!). The time taken from the levitation act didn't allow me to root for the old magician. He barely said anything, and I didn't see that any bond would develop between he and Pete and Myka (based on a few minutes interaction they would show him the whole warehouse? Really??!). This was a very rushed episode. I always enjoy Saul Rubinek, but this whole arc with killing Leena was completely unnecessary. It reminds me of Stargate SG-1 when they killed the doctor just to "shake things up". She wasn't a major character, but it looked incredibly contrived, and the show never recovered after that. I'll stick it out to the end, I'm sure they'll recover from this.


The diatribe about Artie's grief really hit home for me! I have been working through my own grief at the death of my son. It gave me some great insight into my own emotions. Thanks Warehouse 13!


I hope they finish off the series knowing things are ending better than Chuck did.


Good episode. Claudia and Steve were great and funny as usual. Abigail is a nice addition and I'm glad Artie is starting to talk about what happened he really needs to and I think Abigail is the perfect person for him to talk to right now. The whole mystery woman watching the warehouse then fallowing Claudia and Steve and telling some Claudia is there target is interesting and I can't wait to see where that storyline goes. Pete and Myka's case was good to and Pete trying to go to the strip club alone and Myka just giving him a look was pretty good. I don't know how I'm going to wait 2 weeks till the next episode it looks really good I really can't wait for it.


kay, Yes there was an episode last week, the noir piece, but, sadly, scheduling issues arose that didn't give us a chance to review it.


...wasn't there an episode last week?

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