Mistresses Review: The Miserable Morning After

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"The Morning After" opens with Savi sobbing on her bathroom floor. That about says it all.

As much as I despise cheating, I really did feel for Savi. Harry broke her heart. She was miserable and Dominic was there... and attentive... and oh so willing. And at the heart of it I think Savi and Dom are a little more than just colleagues. 

Will Savi Confess?

Yes, it was a horrible moment of weakness, one for which she will have to live with the consequences and she knows it.

Savi: I cheated on Harry last night. You can be horrified. I'm horrified. | permalink

Sometimes it's useful to have a psychiatrist for a friend because I agreed with Karen. The moment Savi tells Harry about what happened, everything changes. It could very well end their marriage. At the very least he won't want her to work with Dominic, which would mean leaving the law firm and derail her career. 

It's all one huge mess and Savi needs to figure out how she and Harry got here. Thankfully, she was smart enough to put the brakes on the baby plans. The last thing these two are ready for is a family.

Just ask, April who explains her feelings about her late husband's other family in this Mistresses quote

Either I'm dealing with a sleazy con artist looking to make a buck off the worst thing that's ever happened to me or she's a tramp stamp slut whose ruined my life forever. | permalink

Yeah, that was a lousy time for Savi to tell April she cheated on Harry. I understand that Savi's guilt was overwhelming her but April had enough on her plate to deal with.

Despite her pain, April was still a good mother first. She didn't burn all of Paul's pictures and throw what's left of his belongings in the trash, as much as she wanted to do so. She knows her daughter deserves to keep the memories of her father. 

Although what I didn't understand was why she didn't ask for a DNA test from the start. Certainly it would verify whether or not her daughter and this child were siblings. At least she'd know the truth. But I suppose her husband buying the woman an SUV was it's own kind of evidence.

And yet I still wonder: Was that little boy really Miranda's? Could there be another explanation for the SUV? Personally, I'd want the actual proof.

If it's true, then April's story was the most heartbreaking. This wasn't a one night stand. Her husband was having a long term affair and starting a family with another woman. That's the ultimate betrayal.

For a psychiatrist, Karen certainly handled Sam poorly. I know that she was upset after lying to the insurance investigator but she doesn't need to make an enemy out of this kid. She's got too many secrets to hide.

What the heck was Joss wearing? Thor had a girlfriend...with a hammer? Nevermind. I'm not sure I want to know. I'd much rather go with the Star Wars t-shirt. 

Joss and Alex were pretty adorable together. They're building a friendship and perhaps something more. The fact that Alex knows all about Japanese bondage foreplay definitely bodes well for their future.

Do you want to see Joss with Alex? Can Savi and Harry's marriage be saved? What should April do about the "tramp stamp slut" with the adorable little boy? Chime in with your thoughts about this week's Mistresses.


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People moralize too much. Most matters in life are gray. What happened between Savi and Dominic was an accident on Savi's part and well, just part of the plan on Dominic's. Neither should be blamed. Savi should absolutely say nothing to Harry about it. It should be considered a "things happen" moment and Savi should go on with life as normal. The bigger question is whether or not she really wants Dominic to be just a one time event. If the answer is no, then it is time for Savi to make some hard choices. And if it turns out that Savi is pregnant with Dominic's child, then she'll just have to be smart and roll with the punches. That's my advice for all the classy ladies in this drama... roll with the punches.


I LOVE the cast! I named my daughter after Alyssa Milano lol. To see Sun, from Lost and Warrick from CSI made me super happy. The friendship element of the girls has me hooked! Great summer show :)

Sarah silva

I liked this episode. It was nice to see Savi having a hard time dealing with the fact that she slept with Dominic. I do not condone cheating but Harry was not nice to her and she was trying to be there for him and she was distraught and Dominic who flirts with her all the time was there and she gave in. I was happy that Harry realized he over reacted to the news the doctors gave them. Every time Harry is on screen I find it hard to concentrate on the storyline!
Joss and Alex will get together soon.


So now Savi is going to be pregnant... but who is the baby daddy?? Really, condoms anyone?


I started to watch this show cause I am a fan of Alyssa Milano (and like Brett Tucker), but the other characters are now growing on me too. While at first I thought that Savi should tell Harry the truth, it is true that it would change everything... not to mention it is much more interesting if she doesn`t tell:)
Joss sex life I could do less with for some reason, I prefer her as a sister. I really like the friendships between the girls. Can´t wait for next episodes.


I thought I saw an article in which the show creators said that Joss and Alex won't become a couple.


So Savi chooses to lie after the cheating. Great choice. That choice actually dooms the marriage. Had she explained herself after the cheating to Harry and they agreed to work on the problems honestly they might have had a chance. Now the marriage is a goner for sure.

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

April: Paul had a baby with another woman.
Savi: My thing can wait.

Savi: That is not his face.
Joss: But it is his best feature.