Mistresses Review: The Risk of Passion

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Some of Tom Grey's last words to his son were that "passion makes life worth living."

While that may ring true, it also comes with the risk of consequences. "A Kiss is Just a Kiss?" proved that nothing these Mistresses do is risk free.

Karen and Sam

After last week's at-home pregnancy test, Savi ran to her OBGYN, which gave me pause. Wasn't going to the doctor who has been counseling her and her husband for months a huge risk if she was looking to keep this quiet? Unless Savi specifically told her doc not to say anything to Harry (which would be awkward), the good doctor might give Harry her congratulations if she were ever to run into him. 

So I was completely relieved when she sought out another physician for the paternity test. I can't imagine how long the three weeks will seem while she waits for the results.

If the baby is Harry's, Savi can rededicate herself to her marriage and new family. She and Harry love one another despite the rough patch they've encountered. They can still make this work.

But if the baby is Dominic's... there are no easy answers there. I believe Dominic is generally a good guy. Even when he was angry at Savi for getting him kicked off the case he still wanted to see her succeed. As much as he flirted with Savi, I don't think he saw that incident on the desk coming. I think they both got carried away and are now suffering the consequences.  

It's just a matter of how far reaching those consequences will be.

Speaking of consequences, April's naivete is about to cost her a fortune and possibly her sanity as she's allowed Miranda to conjure images of her and Paul's torrid affair.

I found myself yelling at the TV for April to get an attorney and her own DNA test. One visit from a supposed lawyer waving around a piece of paper and she's ready to sell off her home and liquidate part of her business. Is she crazy?

Even if Miranda was telling the truth, Savi was right. They'd need to go to court and make this settlement legal so Miranda can't come back and ask for more. Unfortunately, April was gullible and Miranda was convincing, but then again most con artists are. The person I really feel sorry for is the little boy who is being used as a pawn in this scam.

And if I was yelling at the TV concerning April, I was throwing pillows at it when it came to Karen. 

Why couldn't she stay away from Sam Grey?!? She could have mailed his wallet. She could have had a friend drop it off. And I have little doubt that he dropped it in her car on purpose.

Her relationship with Sam is not only risky because of the legal case surrounding his father's death, it's also just creepy. She was sleeping with the guy's father and she can see that Sam has a crush on her. Why put herself in his proximity and make things worse?

If I ever need therapy, Dr. Karen Kim is the last person I'd call.

Now, on to Joss...

I just love Joss' relationship with Harry. It's one of the main reasons I hope Savi and Harry work it out. Joss and Harry have a wonderful brother/sister vibe going. He can throw jibes at her partying lifestyle yet still make her comfort food when things go bad with Alex.

As someone who has to watch every calorie, I wanted to hate Joss for this Mistresses quote

Alex: You just look so athletic.
Joss: It's actually more of a metabolism thing than a being in shape thing. | permalink

But the person I really couldn't stand was Sally as she pulled the tag off of Joss' clothes and talked about her girlfriend needing her too much.  I couldn't blame Joss when she told Savi…

 I need to convince Alex to leave her controlling disrespectful girlfriend. Only I need to say it nicer. | permalink

Joss is a good person who's looking to help a friend. I don't think she completely understands the attraction between her and Alex just yet but I have no doubt she'll figure it out.

If one of the marks of a good show is when my husband and I pause the Tivo to discuss and/or yell at the characters on the screen then Mistresses is definitely ranking high on our list this summer. If you're not watching it, you should be.


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Does Alyssa Milano age? She looks amazing. I'm liking this show more than I expected. I'm not even sure who I want to be the Daddy. Harry and Savi have the potential to put their marriage back together but Savi and Dom are completely hot and I like Dom more with each episode. I'm looking forward to Monday.

Sarah silva

spindae it is Dom not dave

Sarah silva

This was a pretty good episode. I knew Miranda was a liar from the start! I have a feeling the kid is not even Paul's. I know that she has a paternity test but she would have to have had something of Paul's for the test. I think she is a scam artist and is praying on Miranda's good nature. Either way if she is telling the truth on that she is still lying about something as was proven at the end when we saw the 'lawyer' she hired was an actor.
They have to play the Joss and Alex, having some one jump from being with men to being with a woman has to be told right or it will seem far fetched.
I love Harry again, it was nice to have an episode where he was happy and he was not snippy at Savi. I do love my weekly dose of seeing him shirtless.
Karen is going down a very dangerous path. Sam is messed up in the head and obsessed with her, when she left I knew he was going to walk to the table and do what he did! Karen better watch out!


I have to say that I wasn't impressed by the first episode of this series, but my rule is that I always give shows 3 eps to impress me, and Mistresses now has gotten very interesting. :)

Spindae 2o

The show is quite good ! It's dynamic and strong, and what I like the most it's neither a DH rip off or resembling Cashmere mafia. The characters are well balanced and just handeling live.
Savi is just so strong maybe a bit nasty but so great. A fighter she won't give up. the pregnancy is a bit to fast and obscure. It's probably Dave's but she will confess the infidality.
Joss is just so loveable and quircky. does she has real feelings for Alex doubt it. but I want her to get real messy with the new boss and alex. _____
April sweet and innocent April. It's just hurting and deep to see her being all loveable to that women and her son. I doubt it's his son, but she probably slept with her husband. Hopefully April gets it before she spents her money on that blond B!
Karen, I get it she lost the man she loved and she needs to mourne but get a vacation Girl. She feels the connection to Sam he is his fathers son but a bit psycho. My current dilemma is does he know about Karen and his dad.

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Mistresses Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

April: So I'm "the most stunning woman he's ever met" but he's terrified of my package.
Joss: Which sadly, that's not a euphemism.-

Harry: You're up early.
Joss: And not hungover. Thank you very much.
Harry: Welcome to what we normal people call Wednesday.