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Harry: If you ever thought to think before you act.
Joss: Then I wouldn't be me.

It's an 'I'm sorry you lost your friend' 3 cheese grilled cheese.


This is fancy. I'm glad I wore a bra.


I need to convince Alex to leave her controlling disrespectful girlfriend. Only I need to say it nicer.


Shut your lady loving lips. You've slept with men?


Alex: You just look so athletic.
Joss: It's actually more of a metabolism thing than a being in shape thing.

April: So I'm "the most stunning woman he's ever met" but he's terrified of my package.
Joss: Which sadly, that's not a euphemism.-

Harry: You're up early.
Joss: And not hungover. Thank you very much.
Harry: Welcome to what we normal people call Wednesday.

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