The Glades Review: Eating Away at My Brains

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We started The Glades Season 4 off with a ghost, while this week "Apocalypse Now" brought us zombies; all we need now is some vampires and werewolves to run the full gambit of pop culture horror references.  

Don’t get me wrong; I love zombies as much as the next guy, (especially if the next guy is Brad Pitt in his new movie). But there were a few things about this episode that really pulled me out of the episode.

When You Find A Body

The biggest of these was Denny Warren, homeless zombie. When Jim found Denny he was grunting, groaning and moving like a zombie. Okay, maybe being high on bath salts will do that, I can't say as I'm not an expert in drugs that create zombie behavior. 

But, given that Jim outsmarted him with a chain-link fence gate moments later, I find it very hard to believe that Zombie-Denny would have been able to roam into a park that covers more than six kilometers, find and then carry Bonnie’s body out. Make no mistake, he had to carry it out or there would have been shopping cart tracks in the dirt where Jim, Carlos and Daniel were looking. 

Looking past Zombie-Denny carrying Bonnie for a few miles when he could barely walk, we had all of the zombie chasers and runners on the 10K run who took pictures with the body. I would hate to think that not even one of them would have called the police to report the body. Sadly, in this day and age I can’t rule out it happening, but it would still be upsetting. 

And in case the body being found on a zombie run and it being of a woman who was a zombie fan wasn't enough zombieness for you; they threw in the obsessed guy, Nick, who also happens to be smart enough to create a non-lethal virus that mimics symptoms of being a zombie. Oh, and he had the cure of course.   

I swear, Nick was so close to saying "And I would have gotten away with it, had not been for those meddling kids" that I was on the edge of my seat. Sadly (or thankfully) he didn't. He also never saw that what he was doing was wrong, which makes him a bit of a sociopath.  

Hey Nick, when you’re done in Florida, you might call Dr. Evil, I hear he has an opening for a mad scientist that you'd be perfect for. 

Finally, to muddle the waters further, for no apparent reason, we had the trifecta of lost souls, Jessica, Bonnie and Mary. Given the surprises revealed at the end by Jim, had the episode just been about Bonnie/Mary’s death and how Jessica didn't want to be revealed as having previously killed the real Bonnie, it would have been a really good hour. 

Unfortunately, with the entire zombie Apocalypse bit going around, the murder plot just got lost in the shuffle. I didn't even catch that there was a third girl (Mary) right away. I had to rewind the episode back when Jim was explaining that Professor Plumb did it with the candlestick in the library to Jessica to hear him name Mary. 

Overall, I’m beginning to suspect that I enjoyed Jim Longworth’s quirky sense of humor when it was the only thing trying to be funny during an episode. 

While interviewing with TV Fanatic, Carlos Gomez said there was going to be a lighter edge to the show this season and a bit more wackiness. Well, wackiness achieved! Can we rein it back in now and get down to some quality episodes? 

In conclusion, I’m giving this episode 3 zombie brains for abusing my brain along the way. Here is hoping that July sees an improvement in the episode's stories. 

What did you think? Was there too much going on? Should The Glade reduce the silliness? 


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If I never see Jim eating again I'll be happy. I can't understand why the writers include so many scenes of Jim impudently eating other people's food while he's interrogating them in their homes or places of work. Is that some sort of bad boy TV detective formula behavior? At least I know a guaranteed way to avoid seeing any more of it.


I got lost a bit in the switched identity part of the ep. Then again I was more focused on the zombie virus outbreak side of the story. I guess that could mean there was a little too much going on in this ep. A little silliness doesn't bother me at all. The fact that I was amused by this review is proof of that. LOL! As long as it's not overdone, I don't think it'll take away from the quality of the show.


This wasn't one of my favorite episodes. Several things bugged me, not just that the actual resolution of the crime got lost in the shuffle of at least 3 other storylines. For one, would any detective be drinking tea and eating food prepared by a potential suspect, especially when the case also involves some mysterious outbreak? And for supposedly being bright and intuitive, why didn't Callie immediately realize that Jeff was responsible for damaging her car, when she comes in complaining of the damage and the first words out of Jeff's mouth were, "I thought insurance would take care of that?" Sigh. And why wouldn't Callie have told Jim in the first place that she didn't want the wedding on September 7 because that's when she met Ray? Jim would have understood that immediately.

Sarah silva

This was a good episode! However sometimes they make the storylines super complicated and involved, it is hard to follow!
Like this one with the 3 girls, one killing one because she as smart, then one taking over the dead ones identity when she found out the other one killed her. I still am not sure why fake Bonnie took real Bonnies identity. I am glad that I was not the only one confused by that!
I love the humor, Jim eating and my weekly dose of Matt Passmore but I think they need to not try and make the stories more involved than they need to be. I appreciate the twists etc but some times a little more simple would be better.


Bicker bicker bicker. That is all Jim and Callie do. Over stupid stuff. I'm over this "great" love.

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The Glades Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Callie: You are so not getting your driver's license anymore.
Jeff: I'm going to be sixteen in a few months.
Callie: You should have thought about that before you committed grand theft auto.

Callie: I'll drive myself home.
Jim: No, not the charger, no one drives the charger but me.
Callie: No one? I'm your fiancee.