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Carlos: Wow, [after opening Jim's gift] they're amazing. Thanks.
Jim: No, thank you Carlos for always having my back. Since the day I got here, you've always been my best man.

Callie: Three years ago I gave you a shot in the ass.
Jim: Now you're stuck with one.

Jim: I know how hard you worked on this wedding and if a couple of people can't be here,
Callie: No, half of the wedding, including my mom.
Jim: Just remember this is our day and if anyone else shows up its just gravy.

Jim: You guys don't mess around.
Tony: My job is to keep people from becoming your job.

The hazard tells me that one thing for sure, whoever shot and killed our victim wasn't playing around.


I'm going to need you to keep you feet right here. Ok, not right here, there's a little bit of vomit.


Willa: And what are you doing?
Jim: Getting back on the horse.

Jim: I didn't even know the FDLE had a mount police horses.
Carlos: Neither did I or I would have never agreed to come here with you.
Jim: Agreed to come out with who?
Carlos: I am not calling you Kemosabe.
Jim: Oh Come on!
Carlos: Don't even think of calling me Tonto.

Holly: What the hell do you think you are doing?
Jim: Solving a murder. What do you think you were shooting at a police officer?
Holly: I wasn't shooting at you; I was practicing for the rodeo.
Jim: Oh, well nice shooting Holly. Is that the broadside of a barn you just shot?

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