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"Tin Cup"

While Jim scrambles to make sure things go right for him and Callie, he must also investigate the death of a golf hustler on The Glades.

"Happy Trails"

When a ranch hand ends up dead, Jim ends up in the middle of a family feud on The Glades.

"Civil War"

Callie discovers a tragic event at work while Jim investigates the death of a man during a Civil War reenactment on The Glades.


When an art collector and billionaire oil tycoon ends up dead, Jim leads the investigation on The Glades.

"Fast Ball"

Jim's mother comes for a visit as he investigates the death of a female jai alai player on The Glades.

"Three's Company"

Jim gets blindsided by news concerning his father while investigating a murder with connections to a three-way relationship on The Glades.

"Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves"

Jim must deal with an unexpected visitor while investigating a ritualistic murder on The Glades.


Jim investigates when the vice president of a bank is found dead in the vault on The Glades.

"Apocalypse Now"

A dead body vanishes from a crime scene this week on The Glades. But Jim is on the case!

"Magic Longworth"

Jim investigates the world of stripping when a male stripper turns up dead on The Glades.