Under the Dome Review: Pink Stars are Falling in Lines

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While Under the Dome is driven by the mysterious invisible force field that surrounds Chester's Mill, that's not the only suspicious activity in the town. Could all or some of the mysteries be related?

The devastation caused by the Dome's appearance was effectively demonstrated without being over-the-top. The cow cut in half was disgusting to witness, but it was a way to relate what killed some of the town's residents without showing their deaths. The plane and truck crash were both devastating. There's no escaping the Dome from the road or the sky.

Under the Dome Premiere Pic

The pilot was successful in introducing the characters, their relationships, and challenges that face the town. With the exception of Barbie, I didn't find any of the characters extraordinary. Instead, they appeared to be typical of what you would expect in a small American town. 

For a closed-society story such as Under the Dome, that didn't bother me as it might on other shows. What I did find intriguing was the town's dynamics, including the fishy behaviors. Why was Big Jim stockpiling propane? And why did the Sheriff turn a blind eye to Jim's activities?

On the surface, when the townspeople find out they don't have an energy shortage, but are out of food and other necessities, they will question whether Big Jim knew the Dome was coming. Even though, it doesn't appear Jim's involved, Junior's proclamation that he knows what's going on will only further support that his father is involved.

While the propane stockpiling may not be connected to the appearance of the Dome, it's possibly connected to Barbie's appearance in town and the murder of Julia's husband. Though, Barbie could have been there negotiating a different deal. 

Either way, it was creepy that Barbie was going to stay at the home of the man he murdered and with the dead man's wife. Julia and Barbie had some hot chemistry in their interactions regardless of the distance between them. Since she believes her husband was having an affair, would she consider hooking up with Barbie?

The two of them are the ones I'm most interested in watching. As an ex-military man with secrets and an investigative reporter, they are most likely to push people's buttons and make things happen in this newly closed off town.

As far as the Dome itself, the challenges that are facing the town were only briefly touched upon, but each episode they should play a larger role in the story. As resources run out, will a Lord of the Flies atmosphere take over? Or will leaders step up and effectively run the town?

With Big Jim pushing for more power and with Duke's death, I fear for the town. While he could provide control over the town, a dictator is not what Chester's Mill needs. And, with his psycho kidnapping son, they are the family to fear.

There were several outlier characters who could play a major role in figuring out what's going on. DJ Phil and Dodee have control of the communication. If they are able to break through the Dome to either hear or contact the outside world, they will be pivotal in solving the mystery.

Joe has the determination and understanding to investigate the dome and uncover its origins. He may be a teenager, but he could have a major role to play due to his inquisitive nature. Plus, he could be easily dismissed and overlooked. 

Could the seizure that he and Norrie had be a significant clue? A means of communication by an outside, even alien force? They both repeated the exact same phrase, "The pink stars are falling in lines." What does that mean? Since Norrie is from out of town, it heightens the mystery.

Overall, Under the Dome premiered with a compelling story that is based around the force field. The individual mysteries wouldn't be as interesting on their own, but when introduced in the closed-off town of Chester's Mill it adds to the intrigue.

Were you sold on Under the Dome? Will you be tuning in to watch again next week? Which character did you find the most compelling?


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Pink stars are falling in lines. Has anyone else linked that to the pink dots creating lines on that mini-domed egg? now for the next thing: the monarch will be crowned!? it wouldn't be as easy as the end of the power-struggle for the village...




From episode 2 it appears they were using the propane too cook up crystal meth to bring in money to save the town. The reverend was derided by Jim for sampling the product and getting buzzed while examining the sheriffs body - at least thats my theory - cant believe they killed him off - he made it off The Island only to have this happen?


The reason they rewrote a lot of it was so that people don't go and read the book and find out exactly what happens. If everyone did that then there would be no reason to watch the show. They have to change it to get people wondering and wanting to watch the next episode.


The series is so different from the book itself, that I found it difficult to follow. To a degree, there are artistic liberties that producers and the like take when bringing a book to life.
That's to be understood but, the reason a novel is chosen for film production is because dare I say, its a great book; good writing.
Rewriting the entire book (hell, just about) is the bloody opposite of a book being visual, engaging enough to be placed on the screen. Translation Stevie Boy, we love your work but, before its good enough for the big screen...let's make few adjustments here and there.
Let's begin by changing...


to Carol. A) the forest generates oxygen in exchange for carbon dioxide so as as there is sunlight there is oxygen inside. b) the area sealed in is massive.
c) If you noticed, the were score lines in the ground. While its a dome to them above ground I would gather its actually a sphere of energy. This concept is called a transparent energy globe and was developed in the 20s. Failure to understand basic science and know scientific principals doesn't mean that the tv show is flawed. The progression was cute logical for a shield that blocks out everything in the EM spectrum up to the nanometer range. (light vibrates on that range so light can pass through.


I did not read the book. The pilot was good but as someone here mentioned, could they not dug a hole to get out of town?


Great premiere even though the writing wasn't too good. There are way too many characters. I hope that won't be a problem later on in the show.


It seems most of you didnt read the book. In the book, Barbie didnt kill Peter. Peter is married to Linda who is on the police force. Big Jim is to be obese. Nori Calvert was born in Chesters Mill. Phil Bushey is a HUGE meth addict. I could go on & on about all the changes they made from the book & this is just frm the PILOT!!!!
It is a shame that Mr King let them re-write his book when it was turned into a movie. This is the 1st King movie that has had such a huge re-write.


Liked the pilot. I'll keep watching.
Most intriguing character (although he's despicable psychopath) was Junior. The candy-striper gets an honorable mention too. From the way she was talking to Barbie, It sounds like she's got some mental issues too.

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