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Under the Dome Season 1


On the Under the Dome season 1 finale, Big Jim decides to take care of Barbie permanently while the secrets of the dome are finally revealed.

"Exigent Circumstances"

On Under the Dome, Big Jim does his best to stir up the locals while Barbie tries to hide Julia before she can be found.

"Speak of the Devil"

Joe and Barbie help a wounded Julie and while Big Jim works to turn the town against Barbie on Under the Dome.

"Let the Games Begin"

Some of Chester Mills secrets are exposed and Julia finds out the truth about what happened to her husband on Under the Dome.

"The Fourth Hand"

Big Jim finds out he may have a larger connection to Barbie than he expected on Under the Dome.

"Thicker Than Water"

The mini dome's power is revealed to Julia while Junior finds out about his mother's past on Under the Dome.

"Imperfect Circles"

As one life ends, another begins and Big Jim finds his authority being challenged on Under the Dome.

"The Endless Thirst"

The resident's of Chester's Mill begin to panic when their main water supply is destroyed on Under the Dome.

"Blue on Blue"

As the town braces for a threat, residents receive unexpected visits from the outside on Under the Dome.


The town's medical supplies become even more scarce as meningitis hits Chester Mills on Under the Dome.


Junior tries to escape the dome by digging underneath it and a former deputy goes rogue on Under the Dome.

"The Fire"

When a house catches fire, firefighters are unable to respond became they aren't on the inside in Under the Dome.

We head to a New England town on the premiere of Under the Dome - and watch as a mysterious bubble forms around in, locking residents inside.

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