Warehouse 13 Review: Friendship

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"Instinct" felt like the final nail in the coffin that is Myka and H.G.

I never really thought the two of them had a chance to begin with. Ad, if not for incredibly dedicated fans of the pairing, I probably would have never even realized H.G. and Myka had something other than a really good friendship.

Instinct Scene

Sure, there’s some winking and nudging for fans to not give up – Myka and H.G. will probably have some adventures in the future – but this episode really just gave H.G. a happy ending.

The greatest theme Warehouse 13 has is finding where you belong. Myka sees H.G. has finally discovered a place where she can be happy and it’s the reason why she told her to fight for it. H.G. has found a home now, much like the rest of the agents.

Elsewhere, Abigail continued to shake up the rut everyone has with each other. Bringing a fresh set of eyes and ears is an element the show done well for just about every season. Abigail telling Claudia to go care take the warehouse was stating the obvious, but she's the only person who bothered to point it out.

Claudia is so worried about coming off as crazy and getting ratted out on to the Regents that she’s completely forgotten what she wants: to be the caretaker. It was a defining moment for Claudia as she stepped into the rift and fixes the Warehouse’s problem, and, best of all, she took care of it in her own unique way.

As much as I loved watching what Warehouse 13 does best – sending these lovable characters on some adventures – I do wish some of the serial elements continued. Charlotte is still out there hunting down Claudia, and Artie is only finally starting to work through his grief over Leena.


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This episode is directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch who did Surveilance and Chained.


@WatchesTooMuch, when she sacrificed herself to save the Warehouse... Artie knew she had come back and was good at heart and spoke up for her after using the astrolabe to un-blowup the warehouse last season.


Somewhere the show seemed to go from the "Sisters Vibe" to the "Kissing cousins Vibe" which seemed odd to me only because it felt forced. If it had started with the kissing vibe, or if Myka had shown that inclination before, I'd have thought it more organic. Personally, I think they could have been a great couple together. HG would have challenged Myka, and Myka would have provided HG with a grounded partner.


When did HG graduate from "dangerous crazy person on tentative probation" to "well-loved friend"? I kinda missed that.


I really didn't get a "romantic" vibe from HG and Myka... I've always gotten a "sisters" vibe. I'm glad they gave HG her happy ending.. But I still hope we get to see her again.


Good episode. I thought it had some pretty funny moments. I like how at the end they forgot about Steve and ran back to help him. I can't wait for the next episode it looks really good.

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