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On the surface, "Face Time" seemed way more exciting than last week's so-so installment... but the more that I think about it, the more disappointed I am by the wasted opportunities.

Plus, I have to admit that some of the Pretty Little Liars character traits are really starting to irritate me.

Many Faces

For starters: is anyone else sick of Hanna's blonde girl routine? I realize that she's very passionate about helping her mother, but her plan to get close to Lieutenant Tanner to get some answers (and plant some ideas) was so poorly done. Boy, Wilden looks like a dirty cop, huh? Real subtle, Hanna.

But I also feel really bad for her. She knows her Mom is hiding something big, and even if Ashley didn't kill Wilden, A will make it look like she's guilty. And Hanna's being so distant with Caleb. That might be because the show is gearing us up for their eventual split since Tyler Blackburn will be leaving Rosewood for Ravenswood.

Also frustrating this week was Spencer's continued lying to her friends for Toby's sake. They've been keeping the secret of the mobile lair from everyone, waiting for the right opening to confess that Toby gave it to A. Guess what? There is no right moment to admit you betrayed your friends. Toby's pursuit for the truth about his mother will definitely lead back to the central mysteries of the show, and I'm sure the girls would be much more understanding about the missing lair if they were told upfront.

At least Spencer finally confronted Melissa. It was smart to use some A tactics to draw Melissa out, and I think we got some solid information about the A-team. Melissa and Wilden were there, but they were both working for someone else. Neither even knew that Mona was there, so does that mean they are working for two different people? Or does this mysterious leader like to keep his/her minions in the dark?

Melissa also admitted to sending Shana and Jenna to the cabin to protect Spencer (she's another character that claims her lies are mostly for Spencer's protection). Wilden set the fire, and someone - possibly Ali - pulled them out of the fire. Do you believe her?

So there was some interesting revelations in that scene, but Spencer once again stopped pushing before she asked the crucial question: Did Melissa kill Ali?

In other news, Emily's life isn't getting better anytime soon. Her shoulder injury, as I feared, may have a serious impact on her swimming career. And someone is really trying to make it look like her parents are abusing her. And Aria's relationship with Jake continues to reach new heights of boring. 

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There have been so many blatant exposition scenes that they should just have someone stand in front of the camera and rattle off all the info. It's awful, and it's time for the writers to stop bleeding all over us and get back to tight storylines.


Mona playing around with the girls is getting tiresome, stalling Melissa's involvement is getting annoying. A doesn't feel very dangerous anymore. As for Aria, not only is she the weakest link of the four but she hasn't gone under serious character development and she exists purely for three reasons:
a) a relationship/love interest
b) to dress in a wardrobe every teenage girl wants
c) she's a main character in the books.
Other then that, shes utterly useless!
Alisons stories look like they get retconned or made up as time goes by, just for the sake of the current plot.
If this show isn't careful, they are going to end up like Desperate Housewives- tedious soap opera with weak mystery.
An episode consists of 20% mystery, 80% filler. I want the liars of seasons one and two.


I am getting so pissed with this show! Four episodes in and nothing has been resolved or answered! I could care less about Hanna's mothers story because of how weak its written and how horrible Hanna is acting about it. If they wanted to get rid of Caleb, then have A kill the guy instead of shipping him off to Ravenswood dammit! Emily and Spencer i want to slap because clearly they haven't learnt from the past three seasons. Spencer shouldn't be keeping secrets from her friends. Toby should have also been killed off last season! Character development and progression of story is more important then relationships to me.


Pretty little liars is always boring except they just add one thing or two to make it look interesting but it is boring..


Am I the only one who thought the mask which was being repaired at the end of the episode didn't look like melissas? I thought that was the face of a man,or was it just my imagination?


Spencer is my favorite out of the girls but she needs to tell them the truth, stop keeping things from them all the time and I bet she is going to justify why she didn't tell them sooner...hanna needs to stop going up to people who she doesn't trust and running her mouth at first it was shana now the detective..aria I just don't care she is boring and how come all the bad things mostly happen to emily and hanna and even spencer but not her..and as for emily I wish she will breakup with paige I just don't like her.




I just have to laugh at what's happening with Emily's family. They seem like such nice Repub..........never mind.


At some point the writers of this show have to stop writing these girls so f'ing STUPID. These girls continue to lie to everyone, even each other, and they are shocked when A uses them against them. STOP LYING ALL THE TIME!!! It's that damn simple. They think they are always so damn smart and protecting everyone around them....but nothing they do works. They still haven't learned to shut their damn curtains!!!


Then Emily. That girl needs a fkn wake up.... How dumb or stupid can you be to go to the dr who called social services and deny that anything happened. I mean I know the writers want to create drama but this episode and this season is being written by rank amateurs because none of it is very well done. I get they want A to terrorize the liars through the parents but come on, the way they are writing it is just plain stupid. Also they way Spencer is lying to the others about what happened to the RV, I thought that by now they would realize that if you want to lie, lie but not to your three best friends who all part of the same thing.
Sloppy writing and progression of characters. There is nothing organic about the show. I totally agree with Dawn, the show is becoming stupid now. They need to pick up pace and do something major or season 4 will be the last season.

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