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The merger with Darby may have saved Pearson from a slow demise, but it didn't save the relationships of our favorite associates from crossing irrevocable lines. 

The desperate attempts of our favorite legal eagles to salvage, and in some cases further damage, those relationships dominated the Suits Season 3 premiere, "The Arrangement."

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Perhaps the most obvious struggle took place between the two most important people in Mike's life, Rachel and Harvey. At the end of Suits Season 2, Mike was forced to leave Harvey out in the cold and finalize the merger. While it saved Mike' secret, it caused a deep rift between him and Harvey, clearly a driving plot point for the season.

Mike, determined to make sure that Harvey got what he needed to help him sign Ava Hessington as his client, met resistance from Harvey's most ardent supporter, Donna. We don't typically get to see the two of them interact directly very often, but when we do ("Break Point," anyone?) it's not pretty. If one need know just how far out of Harvey's graces Mike has fallen, one need look no further than that confrontation. 

And the hits didn't stop coming, either. Mike struggled with telling Rachel the whole truth or keeping the new office Jessica gifted him after the merger. While it seems Mike chose the former over the latter, the former seemed to actually yield more benefits. Despite the dream that awoke Mike in a cold sweat, it seems telling Rachel wasn't the worst thing in the world, at least for now. If their romp was any indication, these two will be doing their best to work it out.

That doesn't mean the fact Mike possesses a fake degree from Harvard won't cause tension between them on account of the fact that Rachel didn't get accepted there, effectively blocking her from becoming an attorney. There's plenty of room for that in the cards too. Do you think Rachel is the forgiving type, or could this be a hidden relationship hangup?

Yet Mike isn't the only one looking to play his hand. Estranged from Mike and now forced to live under the terms Jessica set for Harvey at the firm - including an extended non-compete clause and the continued absence of his name on the door - he's now enlisted Darby in a quest to take down Jessica.

We all knew this had to be coming. There really isn't anything new under the sun, as last season's "Rewind" taught us. The mentee always wants to become the mentor, and the assumption of that role always comes at a very steep and potentially life-changing cost. Like Gina Torres revealed in our set visit interview, Harvey acts out of emotion more than logic in more cases then he'd care to realize.

Clearly, he's starting to wish he had a time machine. At least then he might have had the chance to salvage the opportunity to keep his name on the door with a few different choices.

Louis was another associate wishing he had made a few different choices in the past, chief among them placing Nigel on his efficiency list, especially after discovering that Nigel had been omitted from his. The costs are staggering and becoming increasingly painful. I'm sure Louis would have gladly sacrificed his bran bars and Uniballs to retain his beloved associates. They were one of the only things over which Louis possessed any control.

However, what I was most depressed about was the fact that Louis no longer has a mudding buddy. I was really rooting for their budding bromance at the end of last season. Then again, might we have the opportunity to see some bromance bud between Mike and Louis? All the good things on this show take place either in the bathroom or the file room. I really loved the moment between Louis and Mike and the advice Louis gave him about helping Harvey. We'll see where this relationship might go, especially since Louis has no associates and Mike had no mentor right now.

One thing about this episode that really struck - and quite frankly disturbed - me had to do with the whole Hessington case that will likely dominate the season. There's a lot in play, and Darby's deep interest in it has me wondering how much we'll be able to trust this guy.  I'm guessing about as far as we can throw him. And did anyone think it was creepy how they kept referring to Darby's "relationship" with Ava's father? Yeah, definitely not sure how I feel about that.

Then there's the whole mater of Cameron Dennis returning to apparently go head to head with Harvey. It seems he keeps butting heads with all the people who have helped make him who he is today. Only time will tell what the interactions will yield.

Despite all the drama, there were several moments that did much to break the tension:

  • Donna tricking Louis into imitating Hitler. That moment will go down in Suits history as one of the best pranks.
  • Mike tricking Benjamin in IT into revealing the fact he'd hacked his personal computer. Way to put one in the pocket, Mike.
  • Barbara L. Tottingham. I will never look at BLT's the same way again. Or bran bars. Or Uniballs.
  • And, of course, this review wouldn't be complete without a warm welcome to Game of Thrones alum Michelle Fairley. We look forward to all you'll bring to this A-list cast!

So much in store for Suits Season 3! What are you looking forward to most, Suitors?


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@ilikesuits I'm in complete concurrence with everything you said.


Danna-I get your point but, respectfully, Harvey put Jessica & the firm at risk by hiring Mike, S2 Ep1 Jessica learns about Mike & Harvey forces her to not fire he & Mike. S2 Ep2 Harvey intentionally did the opposite of what Jessica told him concerning a client jeopardizing her position- Jessica told him he had betrayed her. Even Mike called Harvey out on that one. I like the show & for me Harvey & Jessica's relationship is pivotal in the show. A lot is made of Harvey & Donna but I see real chemistry (intimate not just sexual)
between Harvey & Jessica. They are interestingly fun to watch together even when upset with each other. He fought for the firm until season 2 finale then he just flipped the table over on Jessica--she told him in that bathroom smack down that she had a deal that put his name beside hers. Harv needs to spend some time on somebodies counch (lol). Even with his antics, this is good entertainment.


I hope this is not indicative of what is to come, uniballs & granola bars? Mike still talking to Rachel about who he is and what he's done, blah blah blah,
is anyone going to work on a case? or make some great lawyer type moves; OUTSIDE OF THE OFFICE? disappointed.


I don t think the outcome would have been the same had Mike gone to Harvey first. Harvey would have found a way or he would have backed off so that Mike wouldn't get into trouble. That is my point..I think Harvey would have stayed loyal to Mike and he would have stopped his actions if they were a threat to Mike. I can't comment on Mike/Rachel since I fastforward their scenes. All of that said this is still my favorite show and I'm so happy to have it back, even if not everything is as I would like....guess we can't all be happy :)

Sarah silva

What a fantastic premiere!
I know it was just the first episode but I miss the dynamic between Harvey and Mike and the comedy! This was a more serious episode!
The chemistry between Mike and Rachel is off the charts!
I know Harvey feels betrayed and I can side with him in a way BUT he has to see it from Mike's side, if he would have heard the conversation between Jessica and Mike when she threatened him then I think Harvey would be more understanding! At times Harvey forgets that it is not his name on the door and that he has to answer to Jessica and that even if Mike came to him right away, the outcome would have been the same at that moment!
I did love at the end when Mike showed Jessica the letter and now he has something over her head. Jessica knows she can not really expose Mike because if she does then her career would be over too!


"ilikesuits'... I have to respectfully disagree..Harvey was loyal to Jessica, he was there for her all the way and he got Hardman out. Yes, he has his way of doing things which most of the time means bluffing or avoiding a straight answer but his loyalty was never in question. How he acts now is a result of Jessica's actions which he takes as betrayal.I'm not saying he is 100% right in that way of thinking but until he felt this he was always loyal to her. He is also loyal to Mike (how many times has he stuck up fo him and bailed him out of trouble?) he asks this type of loyalty in return. I love this show but the first episode back I felt was just ok. Next episode sound great.


I enjoyed Suits return season episode. It offered excitement, humor and intrigue, however, I'm not totally into the Jessica at odds with Harv - Harv at odds with Mike. Rachel & Mike being on shaky ground - I wonder just how long this dynamic will last.
The most enjoyable pair to watch are Louis and his British nemesia - too funny.
In spite of my reservations 4 stars!!


Suits is back & no one looked like a candidate for person of the year. Harvey was a bit much in this episode. He managed to make Daniel Hardman look like a good guy. He requires this god-like loyalty from others that he gives to no one.Jessica (my fav) showed she is where she is because she does what she has to do/say. Her flaws on full display- I don't believe the story she told Mike about her parents & car...she seems more like she came from a seriously moneyed family & mom & dad prob still together. Donna needs to stop drinking the kool-aid. The highlight of the show was Harvey comes home, Jessica is sitting there having a drink--Priceless!
Good entertaining show.


As I was watching this episode, I couldn't shake this feeling of deja vu. And then it hit me as I was looking and 2 actors from possibly my favorite show of all time, Game of Thrones. While I also liked Louis' speech about Harvey not being Superman but Batman because he is vulnerable but also because whether Christian Bale likes it or not Batman needs Robin. His is not just some stupid kids that uses holy as a pronoun. {Sorry I digress, Comic book geek also} Anyway it was a good first episode to get the season started.

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