Supernatural Spinoff Details, Location: Revealed

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We have an update on the potential Supernatural spinoff that will air as a backdoor pilot in early 2014 on The CW.

According to Deadline sources, the series will be set in Chicago and will delve into the contrasting/clashing cultures of hunters and monsters in that city.

The Zombie Investigation

Look for this special installment to center on an unannounced, not-yet-cast character and for it to be written by supervising producer Andrew Dabb.

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UPDATE: Producer Robert Singer adds of the spinoff: "We’ll have main characters who are both human and monsters," along with “families of monsters and families of hunters... It’s much more of an ensemble than Supernatural."

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Boo that sounds week. I raither a OZ spin off.


This spinoff feels like a slap in the faces of fans who want to see underutilized characters given some story time: Kim Rhodes, Sebastian Roche, Matt Cohen, Amy Gumineck, Rob Benedict, Richard Speight Jr, Chad Lindberg (and MANY more) all could ground the show and make it a true spinoff. I have a bad feeling it is going to turn into an attempt to cash in on the younger Vampire Diaries demo...and it'll get cancelled after one season, at best.


Kim Rhodes as Jodi Mills should be on the spinoff. As it has be mentioned, Spn has a bad rep for killing off the female characters. This would be an excellent chance to remedy this. Not to mention that Kim Rhodes would rock.


I’d love to see Jody Mills (Kim Rhodes) on this spin off! Hunter who also works for the law enforcement would make an interesting character! Supernatural has bit of a bad reputation when it comes to female characters but here would be a lovely chance to fix that: spin off with a female lead! :D


Fans are always asking for more recurring female characters in Supernatural. A strong female lead in this show would definitely draw an audience and the support of the fans who are desperate for equal representation in the Supernatural universe. Yes yes yes Jody Mills would be an AMAZING lead, or at the very least a recurring character.


Need Kim Rhodes on this show as a main character or at least a series regular! She's an amazing actress and hot damn do we love Sheriff Mills!


I agree with Michel and Aga! I'd love if Sheriff Mills had a strong part in the spinoff series! As well as other women!


This spin off needs a strong female lead and I think Jody Mills would be perfect for this role! She's such a wonderful badass character! Also Kim Rhodes is a brilliant actress and all her adoring fans would be thrilled to see her back on SPN :)


I'd love a Supernatural spinoff, and even more so if it included Sheriff Jody Mills! She is such an awesome character, and Kim Rhodes is a great actor, and she is woefully underutilized on Supernatural. And a lot of fans are saying they would love a strong female lead on the spinoff.

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