Teen Wolf Review: Revelations 1, 2, 3

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Whoa there, Teen Wolf. "The Girl Who Knew Too Much" is making me head to the floor in a fetal position from all of the revelations of the episode.

The first big reveal was Stiles finally laying it all out for Papa Stilinski. The latter has plenty of skepticism to go around, and, really, no one can blame him. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s looking like he will finally get there. At least I hope so, considering Ms. Blake - also known as the freakin’ Darach - showed her face for the first time this week and kidnapped our favorite sheriff.

Lydia at School

My gut is telling me our officer is fully aboard the Beacon Hills paranormal train, though; considering the records Mrs. McCall pulled for him mentioned the girl found wailing in the woods is connected with hundreds of birds sacrificing themselves. The same event took place way back in “Tattoo” in Ms. Blake’s classroom.

Another moment that stuck out is the exchange between Blake and Stilinski and her emphasis on the word “virgins” as she leaned in to kiss and reveal her Darach form to Mr. Stilinski. Is Jeff Davis and company playing with our hearts here? Or could our favorite abominable snowman actually be adopted?

No matter what the answer is to that question, I just hope Ms. Blake isn’t able to complete her sacrifice and this is the end to Papa Stilinski. He makes the first half the awesome pairing that is Mrs. McCall and Mr. Stilinski. Please don’t kill my dreams, Teen Wolf.

Moving on, the “whatever” part of Lydia was finally revealed tonight:

She’s a banshee.

Aside from alerting everyone to incoming deaths (which, again, I hope is not Mr. Stilinski. Feel free to kill off Derek’s sister, Cora, however. I can’t say I particularly care for her, plus there’s this show Reign coming out)... I wonder how Lydia figures into the show’s mythology now.

Odds and Ends:

  • I’m wondering if Paige might be Ms. Blake. They left Paige’s body in the forest last week, and Sheriff Stilinski remembers picking up a girl in the forest. It’s a thin theory. The only additional connection I can make is since Lydia never turned into a werewolf after being bit my Peter, and Paige didn’t turn because she’s actually Ms. Blake/Darach. Plus, the in love with Derek thing they have going on.
  • The Darach’s special effects are leaving much to be desired.
  • Just when you think the twins are completely terrible people they go and do something adorable. Ethan helping Danny prepare for the recital was very cute.
  • A love quadrilateral might be beginning to take form with Alison and Isaac and Scott and Lydia. There were some definite moments and connections between all four of them tonight.


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Will styles ever be changed because he wants to defend his dad on his own


are we ever going to figure out who that chick was from the first episode that deucalion killed?


I can't tell you how stupid I felt when Ms. Blake said to Lydia "You have no idea what you are, do you?" It's like a lightbulb just clicked. I can't believe it took me that long to realize Lydia is a banshee considering her connections to death and screaming whenever someone is about to die.


I am all aboard on the Scott and Lydia train. Their blooming relationship was reveiled early, when Aiden/Ethan told Scott that now they knew who he cared for the most out of Danny and Lydia (which makes sense, since Danny is not part of the gang yet). But I still think it was a hint whether it foreshadows a love affair or a team work between they two. About the virgin thing, I think there is another meaning to it other than "one who has not engaged in sexual intercourse". Maybe it means something with the sheriff's honour. But maybe Stiles is adopted, I just hope it is not so.


i knew Lydia was Banshee. yes. wow


Five stars, NOT. This episode was so corny, OMG, all the running around in dark corridors. What no lights at school at night? Why does Scott get beat up all the time? For that matter, Derek too. WTH,Dereks sister, what did she think, she could beat up one of the twins, OMG this show is so corny. Btw, Stiles is the best character on this show, he's loyal, smart and doesn't go into dark rooms. LOL.


really good.


I was actually suprized that ms. Blake is the darach but it actually makes a lot of since now. Poor Derek he just catch a break in love. I don't really know anything about Cora but I don't really want her to be killed off party because she's some of the only family Derek has left and he lost his first love because he had to kill her and now he's lost ms. Blake because she's the darach so I don't think he should loose the only sister he had left because after that there will only be Peter and who wants to have Peter as there only relative. Finding out that Lydia is a banshee now makes everything completely clear everything that's happened with her now makes complete since. The Ethan and Danny scene was so cute and this episode showed that Ethan isn't a bad guy he doesn't really want to do any of this but he feels he ows ducalian his brother Aidan on the other hand isn't so nice. I'm glad that the sheriff knows now and I don't think he'll die. I can't wait till the next episode it looks really good.


The quadrilateral love thing is really fishing. I can understand Allison and Isaac, but Scott and Lydia was just something the 2 of them knew what they can do to save some one. And you are completely missing the point on the Sheriff Stilnski thing. She said all of the categories for the sacrifice but the last one she said was the most important in regards to the Sheriff. Guardians. He is the first sacrifice for the Guardians if Stils and Scott can't get to him first. And it bothers me that you didn't even mention Derek...Poor Poor Poor Derek, boy can't win a battle or find love to save his life.


I don't know why but as soon as the episode started...I started thinking the teacher was sketchy. Poor Derek....all his gf's go evil.
I don't think the moment between Scott and Lydia was meant to be romantic. It was just too friends supporting each other. It does happen you know.
I think Isaac and Allison will be one sided (on Isaac's part).
Lydia was screaming for the piano player, not Stlinski. I have a feeling he will be ok.

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Mom would have believed me.