The Mentalist Season 6: What We Hope to See

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September 29th feels like it's a long way off. Mostly because it is. And as much as we enjoy summer, the cool breezes of autumn and our favorite shows returning with new episodes weigh heavy on our minds.

So since we have to wait another 80-plus days for the season premiere of The Mentalist, we decided to make a list.

Read on, TV Fanatics, and see if our hopes and dreams for The Mentalist Season 6 match yours. Vote for what you'd most like to see happen come fall and don't forget to share your thoughts and add anything we've missed in the comments below.

Jane's Wild West

Our Mentalist Season 6 Wish List:

The Big Reveal. Yes, we finally want to know Red John's true identity. It's been five seasons. It's about time we know.

A Love Interest for Cho. One that doesn't involve a hooker, a junkie, or any other type of criminal. Someone worthy of the character we've grown to love.

More Rigsby and Van Pelt. It took a long time for these two to find their way back to one another. We're hoping to see this couple stay happy for a while.

Jisbon. That's the shipper name for Jane and Lisbon for those not in the know. A Jane / Lisbon pairing has been hinted at and teased for five seasons. It's included an I love you from Patrick that he later side stepped and many doe eyed looks for Teresa. It's about time these two had an honest conversation about how they feel for one another.

A Kiss. For those of us who don't care about the talking and want a little more action, a real kiss between this dynamic duo would make us cheer.

Casual Time. Wouldn't it be great to see the entire team spend a little more time outside the CBI?

Real Danger for Our Core Team. Show creator Bruno Heller promised that Red John will be targeting closer to home this season. We're hoping that means RJ will go after someone on Jane's immediate team. Not that we want to see Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, or Van Pelt die at the hands of the merciless serial killer…but having one of them in serious peril will have us glued to the screen.

YOUR turn: Pick the story you're most hoping for on The Mentalist Season 6...

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The TM timeline seems to be whatever it needs to be. At Jane's trial he said RJ started killing 3 years before killing Jane's family. That would be about 12 years back from S4. RJ would be about 30 years old, way too old to start serial killing if it was triggered by childhood trauma involving Jane. But The Red Barn ep suggested RJ got started 25 years ago at the Elliston Farm. If Jane was at CBI about 4 years before the pilot ep, what was RJ doing during that time? No sign of working on his vendetta against Jane, which supposedly opened up with the murder of Jane's family. But then, distance also seems to be whatever it needs to be with TM. When we see his Malibu house, it is presented as a short drive away, but Malibu is a loooong way from Sacramento. Has to be at least a 6-hour drive, one way. Yet Lisbon said "just take a drive with me" at the end of Fugue in Red. I see plot shortcuts here that it's best to ignore.


I'm a happy camper today! I can now watch The Mentalist on my cellphone. I just watched Red John's rules! Ain't technology great!

Avatar Pj time with CBI...I went back to rewatch the pilot. After the caption that stated 5 years earlier, the host
Asks about PJ helping the police find the serial killer, RJ. So, he was helping regular police at that time...maybe not yet at CBI. What Is interesting is when Patrick arrives in the elevator in the 100th episode, and sees Rigsby and Rigsby relates to Lisbon...isnt that the guy from the serial killer killings about a year ago and she says ya, police lost track of him six months ago. So he had to be in and out of the hospital and on to work with CBI in six months and had to have been working for four and a half years in the pilot. Plot hole? Or did he get in and out of hospital in six months?


@Rationalgal, Harker committed that murder. And you a perfectly right about how she acted. So I'm curious as to what her whole role is in this thing. Wouldn't it be cool if she was Jane's sister with a different last name! Red John has been pissing on Jane's turff.


@Rationalgal, Kirkland was in the limo with the FBI Director Alexa Shultz. She is not the women who took the pills.


Jane's time frame: When the pilot aired, Jane appeared to have been with CBI for a short time. The flashback to his family's murder was captioned "Five years earlier." So during that time he had become so deranged he finally had to be institutionalized. We can allow 2 years for all that to play out. He shows up at CBI soon after, so he was with CBI maybe 3 years before the pilot ep.


Oh, and about Rosalind: She called Jane to tell him RJ was at her house, so she wanted him there on purpose and knew about the killing as - or right after - it happened. An innocent blind woman with a strange body in her closet bleeding all over the place would have freaked out and called 911, not made a calm call to Jane that could have got her lover RJ arrested.


I suggested months ago that Jane could be working with the FBI because as you say, Ani, he would never have got into CBI and been given the RJ files otherwise. He looked and acted way too unstable. Kirkland showed up in an RJ limo and that woman with him (was she the one who took lethal pills in S5final ep?) called Virgil to inform him of Jane & his mental situation, etc. I think the FBI put Jane there as bait for RJ because the Visualize religious connection did not allow close investigation of what was going on there so they needed Jane's unorthodox ways. RJ/Kirkland was there to protect his ID. So we are back to that and I think Jane has been working undercover knowingly. He has his separate place at that extended stay motel where he keeps his clothes (and meets secretly with his FBI connection?). Simon took this role because he said it could be expanded in many directions. It sure can! I love this show!!


I just can't help but wonder if Jane is under cover. Jane getting that agent to hit him is the sure sign of intent from the very beginning. Also someone mentioned that Jane left the mental hospital in a suit which he did. When he left he was not mousey but then he shows up at the CBI mousey and disheveled. He shows more intent when Lisbon asks him to leave and he says why can't I sit over there. Then when Lisbon says come back some other day, Jane shows intent again by saying I come back in 3 hrs. Clearly Jane manipulated his way into the CBI. You just don't come out of a mental hospital and get a job with a police department. Big liability and not believable in any sense. I don't think Jane is suspect, I just think he's more then what he appears to be.


Jane is a bit if a mystery too! What has he been doing away from the CBI in his personal life for the past ten years? Where does he go and who else is he involved with? He has not been in that loft for ten years doing nothing. Do you know how much time that really is? Way too, too much not to ask the question.

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