The Mentalist Season 6: What We Hope to See

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September 29th feels like it's a long way off. Mostly because it is. And as much as we enjoy summer, the cool breezes of autumn and our favorite shows returning with new episodes weigh heavy on our minds.

So since we have to wait another 80-plus days for the season premiere of The Mentalist, we decided to make a list.

Read on, TV Fanatics, and see if our hopes and dreams for The Mentalist Season 6 match yours. Vote for what you'd most like to see happen come fall and don't forget to share your thoughts and add anything we've missed in the comments below.

Jane's Wild West

Our Mentalist Season 6 Wish List:

The Big Reveal. Yes, we finally want to know Red John's true identity. It's been five seasons. It's about time we know.

A Love Interest for Cho. One that doesn't involve a hooker, a junkie, or any other type of criminal. Someone worthy of the character we've grown to love.

More Rigsby and Van Pelt. It took a long time for these two to find their way back to one another. We're hoping to see this couple stay happy for a while.

Jisbon. That's the shipper name for Jane and Lisbon for those not in the know. A Jane / Lisbon pairing has been hinted at and teased for five seasons. It's included an I love you from Patrick that he later side stepped and many doe eyed looks for Teresa. It's about time these two had an honest conversation about how they feel for one another.

A Kiss. For those of us who don't care about the talking and want a little more action, a real kiss between this dynamic duo would make us cheer.

Casual Time. Wouldn't it be great to see the entire team spend a little more time outside the CBI?

Real Danger for Our Core Team. Show creator Bruno Heller promised that Red John will be targeting closer to home this season. We're hoping that means RJ will go after someone on Jane's immediate team. Not that we want to see Lisbon, Cho, Rigsby, or Van Pelt die at the hands of the merciless serial killer…but having one of them in serious peril will have us glued to the screen.

YOUR turn: Pick the story you're most hoping for on The Mentalist Season 6...

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Something tells me Jane and Red John knew each other before the handshake, before the murders. With all that Red John has done it seems like Jane should be a drop of water in the ocean but he's not. That speaks volumes to me. To want to play such a heavy game baffles me. Red John does not play with other people, just Jane. Red John could have blew Jane off with nothing to lose. Yet he risks his whole empire to, tease, taunt and try to turn Jane. This behavior has always begged the question for me.


Let's say Red John either admires Jane and wants him to become like him, or he has a sort of emotional connection with Jane- wants to make him suffer but not kill him.


I have one last puzzlement, why is Red John more concerned about getting caught by Jane then the law? He has always known where Jane was, so why hasn't he killed him yet? Hummm? What is the answer here? What does this behavior say or not say? Why play the game with Jane at all? He could just kill him and not have to worry anymore. Jane doesn't have any evidence or he would have slammed Red John already. Something is really happening here, there is a real reason why Red John is doing this. BUT WHAT COULD THAT BE? I will ponder this and then return with my answer!


Red John has more. Then one bounty on his head! Low key, I wonder how many people are lookin for this dude.


Yes! I'm dooooooin' the dance! Watson, Watson, can you hear me!


Kirkland is drinking a bloody Mary by choice. Angela drank bloody Mary's by choice, Kirkland drinks bloody Mary's by choice. This is either a family thing, meaning environmental or Kirkland was drink it to remember a loved one the same way as Jane was doing. Kirkland is connected to Angela's family and it is personal. Kirkland appears to be fueled by the same kind of kill lust revenge as Jane. If this is so, Kirkland is related to Angela. He and Jane may be the ones who will kill Red John once they find out what they mean to each other. ET VOILA!


Now lets take this into account, Red John killed the daughter and granddaughter of a wealthy caney family. Don't you think they want a piece of Red John's hide. Here the connection Jane, Angela and Kirkland have in common. Carney people are cool folk, they don't sit around drinking blood Mary's. They are probably going to drink beer or hard liquor. Jane was drinking a bloody Mary in a fancy restaurant to remember his wife. Jane grew up poor and a bloody Mary would not have been his first choice. And men usually don't drink bloody Mary's, it's more of a women's drink. Anytime we have seen Jane drink in the series he has drank shots of alcohol on the rocks. When Jane left the restaurant he bought a bottle of booze. He didn't have any bloody Mary mix with him! Jane drank the mixed drink in a fancy restaurant to remember and feel closer to his wife.


Kirkland is using his position to find Red John! Kirkland took the information home, which means this thing with him is very personal. Why would Red John put a time map together. Red John is not looking for himself, Kirkland is looking for Red John. I take back Kirkland being related to Jane. Kirkland is somehow connected to Angela and he and her family are looking for Red John.


Kirkland is a real HLS Agent. Which means he had a back ground check and who knows what else. He is the real deal. He would have had to go to college and Agent School:) He could not have been on that farm and in college too! He's a little creepy, I admit but he is not Red John. Here's why; Red John really would only need one piece of information from Jane and that is his identity. Jane does not have that. Red John does not need times lines and dates, he's the killer. Hekknows this stuff already. Who took the information, Kirkland, why? Because he is looking for Red John. Why would he need the information if he worked fir Red John. He would already know what was on that board. If he was Red John and had access to Jane's loft, he would enter to kill Jane not take pictures. This shows 2 things, Red John does not have access and that Kirkland is not Red John.


If Kirkland was Red John, he never would have asked Lenon if he knew him. Lenon would have recognized as Red John. Which he did not. Kirkland asked the question to find out if Red John was on to him yet. He could not let Lenon live because Lenon would have told Red John about him.

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