True Blood Review: So Over It

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Pam, Eric and others traded in the black of night for prison blues this week on True Blood, as viewers were treated to an in-depth look at the governor's vamp camp.

Vampires may not feel remorse for killing their own, but Jessica sure was feeling the guilt of killing Andy's daughters as "F**k the Pain Away" got underway. It was interesting to see the guilt of her actions overtake her throughout the episode. She went from claiming she could not control herself, to admitting she not only wanted to drain those fae, but that she was turned on by it. Despite being "f-cked up," Jess tried to make out with Bill and was rather lucid while talking to Tara about how her hunger was never going to go away.

Eric vs. Pam

We have seen how that hunger is eternal and can make vampires do crazy things. Pam agreeing to therapy was proof of that. Probably the most guarded character on the show, Pam agreed to be Freuded for some flesh. Despite initially asking to be put in the copulation room, it looked like Pam was actually enjoying the little game of quid-pro-quo. That was, until the subject turned to Eric.

Pam put on a good face, but I don't think anyone ever believed she was ever over Eric, or cared little about Tara for that matter. My belief that Tara would sacrifice herself for Pam was jilted a touch when Pam and Eric were forced together... all because Sarah Newlin has horrible taste in men. 

Sarah girl, I see a pattern forming. Steve Newlin's ex has a new man in her life, but she sure had a hard time quitting the others this week. Safe to say we won't see her and Jason Bible banging again anytime soon, but at least we got to see him do what he does best, socks on and all. Let's hope for Jessica's sake the training program for the LAVTF doesn't have a written exam. 

Turning back the clock a few thousand years, we got to glimpse the making of Warlow the vampire and why he eventually killed Sookie's parents. Warlow certainly has not been who fans of the show expected to meet after the conclusion of True Blood Season 5. Sookie may not care, but it did seem like he just may have actually been in love with her. Forgetting the whole, your ancestor promised me to you side of the story, is it that implausible?

Despite loving the episode, there were a few parts that had me doing the old Jason Stackhouse head tilt with confusion:

  1. How come the dead faerie girls didn't turn to ash?
  2. Did Andy really do all he could for his daughters?
  3. Why didn't Sookie just blast Lafayette when her father took over his body? Was she worried about hurting her friend?
  4. How did Sarah Newlin rescind Jessica's invitation to Jason's house?

Lastly, it is a shame how Alcide and Sam are rapidly falling from my interest. Perhaps if the writers didn't include their story arcs in each episode it would make their scenes more impactful, but so far this season I have no bid for them. 

What did you all think of the episode? 


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Oh yeah and how come she didn't blast Lafayette ? Can't believe her dad tried to kill her. .. reason why Warlow killed them... but her dad is crazy. WOW. I wonder if Warlow senses when she's in danger...


I loved the episode. Really interested in seeing more of the Warlow story. We rven saw little Niall.
Jessica's gone CRAZY !!!! good thing she got locked ip before Andy got his hands on her. So glad he managed to save one.
Jason IS BACK !!!! Still don't get how Sarah managed to rescind Jessuca's invitation...
Pam and Eric... sooo cruel and apropos. But the vamp therapy session was fun.


I kind like how the Ben/Warlow story in developing. And I love Rob Kasinsky, he's hot. I hope he survives the season


when warlow blasted a hole in the cave, the way that looked with the old setting and clothing and energy powers, that would make a pretty good tv show


OMG I don't know where to start!! Ben-low is in love with Sookie?! I thought he would be an evil character trying to kill her! I should have known he wasn't so bad. He did save Jason's life and he didn't kill grandpa. But Bill/Lillith is Warlow's maker and now he can command him to do things?! What is it that Lillith wants Bill to do? I can't believe Eric and Tara turned themselves in to save Pam! I wonder if Pam will find that out. I nearly cried seeing Eric and Pam in that room together. I knew it was going to be Pam :( I hate that Sarah and Steve!! She is such a biotch!! I'm really anxious to see what comes of Eric and Pam. I'm sure all of them will make it out alive but we all know somebody dies this season. I just hope it's Sam or Alcide. I hate to say that but I can't imagine the show with any other of the main characters not on it. Sookie getting drowned?! We all know she's not going to die but OMG!! This episode was so absolutely amazing I'm waiting impatiently every week for Sunday. Such a good show and I'm so happy they announced today that it will be back for a 7th season. And I'm so tired of people complaining about how the show is do different from the books. Do you guys really want to watch a show where you can just read the books to find out what happened? I know I don't! I tried reading the books and just can't get into it. The show though, I love and it is my absolute favorite next to Spartacus. I want Sookie and Eric to end up together. But I wouldn't mind Sookie and Ben/Warlow. :)


I think the fae girls didn't turn to ash b/c they were only part fae. Have we seen any other part fae die to know ?


@Bobbie: Cable shows aren't really tied to ratings nearly as much as network shows are. I think in this case the drift from the books is largely down to pragmatism; there's no way this show goes for more than eight seasons (and seven's more likely), so they couldn't possibly follow the original plot and hope to have things more or less wrapped up by the end. Still kinda shipping Sookie/Eric though. ;) (I do hope the same doesn't wind up applying to Game of Thrones...)


I really think the writers need to get back to the story line in the books. I know it's all about ratings but the books were wonderful and exciting without adding all of this stuff to it.


I loved the episode!
One of the best in my opinion. Anna looked amazing


Sad they killed off the fairy daughters. Seeing Andy trying to deal with them was great fun. Mind you, they were aging so fast that jess probably spared them from dying of old age sometime in the next hour.

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