True Blood Round Table: "F**k the Pain Away"

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Is this is for Sookie? Will Pam and Eric really fight to the death? Just how useless have Alcide and Sam become?

The latest episode of True Blood - hilariously titled "F**k the Pain Away" - left viewers asking all these questions and plenty more.

Join Round Table panelists Matt Richenthal, Leigh Raines and Liz Henderson (from below as they tackle these topics and others in our weekly edition of this TV Fanatic feature. Gather around and chime in now!


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Matt: The opening one. Way to not be a damsel in any kind of distress, Sookie! This heroine took the fight as best she could to Warlow, half-dressed and light ball-laden. It's definitely a nice change of pace to have Sookie make such strong, assertive (repeat: half-dressed) moves.

Liz: I always love the flashbacks on this show. You get so much information and they really fill out the storylines. So I have to say Sookie's parents and Warlow's history.

Leigh: Pam in therapy was hilarious. She slays every scene she was in and her negotiation with the therapist was so fun. Also, I want to give a nod to Sarah Newlin. I'm loving her return to the show; maybe not as much as Jason, though.

True Blood Round Table

Who will win their showdown, Pam or Eric?
Matt: Clearly the answer is neither... or both. They are each surviving this battle. But who would win a fight between Pam and Eric? I'm going with the former. Eric has shown a soft side around beautiful women and few things on television are more frightening than Pamela Swynford De Beaufort scorned.

Liz: Both! I think they'll scuffle a bit and then together throw those stakes right through the window. I'm sure someone behind that glass won't be walking out of that room alive.

Leigh: Agree with Liz on both. Neither one would ever kill the other. Eric and Pam will put on a good show and then turn on Burrell together.

Is this the end for Sookie?
Matt: Yes, but she has a strong run. Rest in peace, girl!

Liz: Absolutely not. She's the center of the show!

Leigh: No way. She'll light ball zap Laffa. Sookie is too smart for that. Also, if Anna Paquin can get that body 10 months after having twins, she can do anything.

The Warlow and Lilith history lesson: So cool or so boring?
Matt: So cool. I'm a sucker for flashbacks, as any regular readers of my Vampire Diaries reviews would know. And these filled all the criteria: they filled in important character history that plays a key role in current, ongoing storylines. It was also just hilarious to be taken all the way back to A.D.

Liz: I loved it. It answered a lot of questions I had about the relationship and about Warlow himself.

Leigh: So into it now and love that it ties in with Bill. Somehow I've found myself rooting for Benlow. He just might be Sookie's destiny. And for the shippers who are gonna get all up in arms, that doesn't mean I don't like her with Bill and Eric. Just fascinated with Benlow.

Who do you care about less, Alcide or Sam?
Matt: Six-pack in one hand, half dozen different animals in another. Both are rather boring these days. But True Blood is notorious for featuring side storylines that never seem relevant to other characters for most of a season... only to eventually bring everyone back into the fold. So I'll maintain some hope that that's the plan here.

Liz: Alcide. I still don't care about the were storyline. And I don't care about Sam's either. I'd like to see Sam back at Merlotte's or helping Sookie. I just don't see where his story fits into this show at all anymore. I hope I'm wrong by the end of True Blood Season 6.

Leigh: Tough call. I like Sam better as a character this season, but I wouldn't mind seeing Alcide's bare bottom. It's a wash.


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Strawberry fields

Pam vs Eric - at that point I knew vampire concentration camp is officially AWESOME. Can we stay here for a while? Can they maybe NOT ruin this storyline? Pretty please? Is this the end for Sookie? Hahaha, yeah, good one :) honestly, I’m just pissed that during one episode Sookie went from being a total badass with WARLOW, to being so easily overpowered by LAFAYETTE. I mean... were her hands cut off or something? History lesson - so cool. Obviously Warlow couldn't be what everyone thought, because that never happened in the history of TV. There has to be an actual story for every big bad, if you don't want him to get boring after five minutes. I'm seriously hoping for a huge Warlow vs Billith showdown, so they better not screw this up either. And just so we’re clear on where I stand - fingers crossed that Warlow ends up killing Bill, I always hated the guy. Alcide or Sam - I don’t really care about either, but Alcide just straight up pisses me off. Kill him, spare Sam.

Strawberry fields

Favourite scene - opening. That scene worked for me on so many levels. Sookie is at her best when she doesn't take shit from people. Don't get me wrong, I'm all in for some Sookie/Warlow love magic, but I want it to be challenging for him. Which brings me to the other reason why it worked for me. Ben had to be somehow connected to Warlow, there was NO WAY it was a coincidence. Ben and Sookie connected right away and I was like: oh great, they are freaking soulmates, kill me. But now that Ben is officially Warlow - I'm totally on board. At first I thought: dude, why go to all this trouble? You're the oldest scariest thing ever, just stake your claim and be done with it! But if he loves her and actually wants her to love him back... it all makes more sense now. When he started talking about how he spent gazillion years loving her, I was like: yep, I'm sold, I'm a sucker. Obviously the guy has no idea how irritating this girl can be sometimes, but I root for him.


Nobody actually cares about the Weres. Why would they? Their nothing more than pussified, drug-addicted, dumb as hell, rednecks that are constantly getting their assese killed by everyone and everything.


I'm interested in the Benlow story line the flash backs was a little over board. Benlow is the new shiny toy on the series so everyone will be interested in him. However does Sookie have to be romantically involved with every supernatural male that passes through Bon Temps, I hope not? There is a reason Benlow has an obsession with Sookie and I believe it's because he knows she carries the Fae and what vampire wouldn't want full blooded fairies on tap

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