NCIS Season 11 Promo: Farewell, Ziva

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It's nearly time to say goodbye, NCIS Fanatics.

CBS has released the first trailer for NCIS Season 11 and it focuses on the impending departure of Cote de Pablo and the character she made famous.

As previously reported, the September 26th premiere will feature an explosion that takes the life of someone close to the agency and changes Parsons’ perspective on Gibbs, along with the NCIS team. How might this play a role in Ziva's farewell?

It's unclear. But it's teased in the following promo. Watch now - and prepare those Kleenex.

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After reading these comments I'm shocked by the silly immaturity of some.This is a dramatic "show"...(not reality) that is skillfully intertwined with humor and episodes of some very creative writing. The writers and producers have been entertaining us with NCIS and other dramas for some years. Why don't we all just sit back and enjoy the new upcoming season. Characters come and go for many reasons...we enjoy them while we have them and remember them in the reruns. Lets face it you could be stuck with just reality shows. How interesting would that be for your Tuesday evening?


I don't know when tv show bring a baby on the show its the kiss of death look at bones


If Fornell gets shot than it was a preplanned shooting. I still think it's someone else. In regards to the Ziva's mom and sister looking for revenge I doubt it. But....anything is possible. Ziva has to be on the run or Tony would find her. It would be cool if Cote came back to the show and it involves her having Tony's child. lol No really it would be cool!


While I would not call myself a Tiva fan it's quite obvious that the reason this show had 20 million plus viewers was completely due to the Tiva fans. I won't stop watching but my prediction is that by the end of the season they'll be be able to hit 17 million. Still damn good though! Also, they will not kill Ziva off nor will Tony get another girlfriend. Cote will return to finish off the show when it ends after 12 years.


I am calling it now the person gibbs shoot is Jerome Craig who along with Trent Kort have Ziva mother and sister hiding in the US. Ziva mother and sister want her dead for killing Ari and we found out that everything Ziva told us about her sister was a lie.


I think that there is 0% chance that Gibbs will shoot Fornell. Spoiler Warning - I have read a spoiler that Fornell and ex-wife Diane will be back again this season. The thing that I hope for with Tony is not that he will cease to be used to insert humor into the show - MW is great at comedy - but that they will balance the silliness with moments where Tony is brave, brilliant, and once again shown to be an indispensable asset to Gibbs and the team, as he was portrayed in early NCIS. It seems when Shane Brennan took over his vision was to give Ziva Tony's former importance and skills in addition to her own and use Tony for self humiliation humor and to make everyone else be superior by comparison.

Aja bird

Jan,I agree with you that it's not Fornell Gibbs is actually after. But whoever is in the car that is next to him. It wouldn't be the first time Fornell is protecting someone that NCIS would rather see dead.




These is the test to see who the real fan are and the fake one


Question: Is that Tony's apartment being shot up at :10 and is that McGee with him?

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I'm positive that NCIS is being set up. Sending you out here was not about Lieutenant McBride. It was about separating you from your team.


Tobias: Hard to know who to trust anymore.
Gibbs: Has it ever been easy, Tobias?