NCIS Season 11 Promo: Farewell, Ziva

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It's nearly time to say goodbye, NCIS Fanatics.

CBS has released the first trailer for NCIS Season 11 and it focuses on the impending departure of Cote de Pablo and the character she made famous.

As previously reported, the September 26th premiere will feature an explosion that takes the life of someone close to the agency and changes Parsons’ perspective on Gibbs, along with the NCIS team. How might this play a role in Ziva's farewell?

It's unclear. But it's teased in the following promo. Watch now - and prepare those Kleenex.

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I bet that most people drop shows when their favorite character leaves. This show is no different. I am sure there are lots of people who would quit watching if it was THEIR favorite that was leaving. It has NEVER been about the SHOW or its storylines, but the CHARACTERS/PEOPLE that we have come to love.


Tony will ALWAYS be in Gibbs shadow. I bet he will continue to act childish (not all of the time, but a lot). He is written as comic relief material and Ziva's leaving will not change that. He will never be on the same level as Gibbs. Gibbs will always be his boss no matter what. To those that think Tony will get a backbone, become the agent we first saw in season 1 are going to be in for a fall. Writers, TPTB and the fear of change will keep it that way.


I think the dead person might be Fornell, because if you look in the scene with the body bag, a black SUV is shown, like the one from the season finale.


Ive been watching NCIS since the getgo, ever since JAG, and, I did prefer the Tony of yor, who was more of a jokester than not, with Sasha Alexander's 'Kate'. However, that all changed when Cote de Pablo 'Ziva' became a fixed character. That being said, I think, that its for the good of the show she doesnt stay on screen, because, this whole 'will they / wont they'-saga have gone on for 4seasons now, and, its just tiresome. I'm a sucker for a good romance as the next guy, but, enough already. I've heard some rumblings bout the new female co-star, and, I hope its someone Tony and McGoo can have a brother-sister-type relationship with, and the showrunners will go 'outside' the team to find their significant others. I also think its bout time Michael Weatherly's 'DiNozzo' gets on the same level as Mark Harmon's 'Gibbs', because, right now, he just seems like he's rotting in his role in the team. He's Gibbs' goto guy, where Gibbs often enough says 'I depend on you!', yet, he's still being treated as a low-man on the totempole. DiNozzo and McGoo isnt on the same level, experience-wise, and I hope they try to give him more status within the team, especially with someone new coming in. With regarding to 'love interests' McGoo obvi has Abby, so I hope they find someone alike EJ Barret, who can give DiNozzo some spark after the whole Ziva-ordeal is over. Guess I got sidetracked a bit .. I'm not looking forward to see Ziva go as a character, but, I feel she cannot develop any further. She's says more than once, she doesnt depend on happy endings, which basicly leaves DiNozzo's world kinda shattered. And with her only having an adopted family, I dont see the reason for her to stay. I'm hoping for an amazing episode, but, also a good storyline where the characters move on from this.


I've already commented here but would like to again. Some have commented on how they will stop watching or how everything is so fake in the show. What I feel is that folks are forgetting that this is fiction. In fiction writing anything is possible. If you compare what's on the show to actual reality then yes you will feel upset. Yes, in reality Ziva wouldn't be allowed to go off and seek revenge for her father's death and yes Tony would have been fired for sexual harassment and unprofessional conduct back in Season 1. However this is not the point of the show. The successful interaction of all the characters and how they work together as a team despite their obvious faults is what makes this show work. We could in all reality learn a lot of how to apply this in our real lives. Just enjoy the show folks. Like many I'm really sorry to see Cote leave but if the good writing continues we will be entertained very well for some time to come.


Did anybody see McGee, Abby, or Ducky in that?


I like Ziva but going to keep watching when she goes as along as the writing is still good so NCIS will be fine. But the scenes look really good

Aja bird

NCIS a good show. The only character the show couldn't go on without is Gibbs.
I wish Cote the best and look forward to where they will go from here.


Sounds like some people are fans not of the show, but only of certain characters. If they jump ship when those characters leave, no big deal. As misty says, the show can survive, with good writing and solid scripts. I hope it can go on.... WITHOUT the ridiculous distractions they've inflicted over the past few seasons.


Its going to be great to see Tony again after 8 year of not having him

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NCIS Season 11 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm positive that NCIS is being set up. Sending you out here was not about Lieutenant McBride. It was about separating you from your team.


Tobias: Hard to know who to trust anymore.
Gibbs: Has it ever been easy, Tobias?