NCIS Season 11 Promo: Farewell, Ziva

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It's nearly time to say goodbye, NCIS Fanatics.

CBS has released the first trailer for NCIS Season 11 and it focuses on the impending departure of Cote de Pablo and the character she made famous.

As previously reported, the September 26th premiere will feature an explosion that takes the life of someone close to the agency and changes Parsons’ perspective on Gibbs, along with the NCIS team. How might this play a role in Ziva's farewell?

It's unclear. But it's teased in the following promo. Watch now - and prepare those Kleenex.

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oops! But the claims of her wanting as much as Mark Harmon or wanting to run the show are not based on any fact.


The premiere is the 24th,the article is incorrect. No one knows how much Cote was offered, but since she made less than everyone, and TV guide reported that MW makes 250K and Paulie makes either 150K or 175k, offering Cote "alot" of money could mean they offered her anywhere from 150k up to 200K. Considering the amount of screen time and the physical nature of her role-let's be honest: Cote does more action scenes than the entire cast put together- I don't think I would feel valued by CBS either. Sure it's alot of money, but that is the nature of the business. Look at the outrageous salaries of the cast of HIMYM! That show started the same year as NCIS, and I don't see it as being Number 1 in the ratings. Same network, different priorities. And I would imagine, but I don't know, that there was more to this than money. Until, if ever, Cote comes out and lists specifically what she wanted and what she turned down, we'll never know. But the claims of her wanting as much as Mark Harmon or wanting to run the show are not based on any fact.


I'm so sad that Tiva will be no more but it's not CBS' fault. Cote didn't want to renew her contract. I think they offered her $500,000 but she still refused. Also isn't it a little strange that all the female cast have left. First, Sasha (Kate), then Holly (Jenny), and now Cote. The only who's stayed is Abby


I thought Tuesday Sept. 24th was the premier. When did I miss the move to Thursday for NCIS?


I don't think the writers will give Tony a love interest for some time. They (TPTB) want to tread water as not to make Tiva fans madder then they already are. Losing viewers is a major concern for them right now. They are in damage control. They will give the Tiva fans just enough to make them happy (Or at least in their own minds of imagination) and not too much to make those who don't want them together mad either. I am betting that it will leave it up to the viewer on what happened between them. (Again, the imagination/views/opinion of the viewer). Tony will not have someone special until next season.....I bet.


I'm so disappointed that Ziva is leaving but I hope Tony will find a another love interest in this season.


I just can't get excited for NCIS this year. To me, it is over. There is no where to go but down. Not because of Tiva, but because this will change everything that I have always loved about the series. I don't even want to see how they write her out, the team is no more and I HATE IT.


Wow CBS thanks for completely obliterating my heart. its not like i needed it ever.

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I'm positive that NCIS is being set up. Sending you out here was not about Lieutenant McBride. It was about separating you from your team.


Tobias: Hard to know who to trust anymore.
Gibbs: Has it ever been easy, Tobias?