Person of Interest Season Premiere Promo: Welcome to Fleet Week!

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The Machine is self-governing. Its whereabouts are unknown. And a bevy of handsome naval officers are coming to down.

That's how CBS teases the Person of Interest Season 3 premiere, which airs on Tuesday, September 24 and which will include a new, lesser role for Carter.

What else can fans expect from the return of this enjoyable drama? Read on for the network's official synopsis of "Liberty."

The Machine, now completely self-governed with its whereabouts unknown, resumes giving Finch its “irrelevant” numbers for people in danger, which include a U.S. naval officer in town for Fleet Week. However, with so many sailors flooding the streets of New York City, finding the officer in time presents an even bigger challenge for Reese and Shaw. Meanwhile, Carter has been demoted to a patrol officer as a result of her being set up by the corrupt police crime organization HR, and sets a plan in motion to eradicate them for good. Also, Root tests the boundaries of her new asylum surroundings.

CBS has been releasing photos and summaries all over the place this week. Follow these links now for a look at the NCIS premiere and the Hawaii Five-0 premiere.

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No conor, Shaw is awful. She takes away valuable time and development from my favorites (Reese and Carter) because she is nothing by a bad hybrid of the 2. I'll say it like someone else said it a while back: We didn't need a damaged ex-CIA operative with issues to work out while being the hero. We already have that in Reese. We didn't need a new kick-ass woman who can figure things out and be good back up for Reese. We already had that in Carter. Shaw is the worst kind of redundant and unpleasant to boot! All we need as regulars are Carter/Reese/Finch/Fusco. I do hope Shaw goes bye-bye by the end of the season in one way or the other. I know the actress has a 3-4 year contract, so that may be a stretch, but that doesn't mean I can't hope... She's literally destroying the beautiful dynamics of what was and can still be a great show!


wrong shaw is good in p.o.i she deserves a good role, dont get me wrong carter and fassco r good carachters aswell but that doesnt mean to cut shaw out, keep them all in it surely theres a way they can do that.


I'm so tired of Shaw. All she does is take away from the other main characters, Carter in particular, but also Reese and Fusco. Root is nice, but she never needed to be a main. I'm also tired of how badly they keep treating Carter. She's sacrificed again and again for Reese, Finch, and now Fusco, and all she gets is pain. It's not right. I'm tired of seeing Carter "busted down" and having things (like her FBI promotion) taken away. It's time for her to win and be on top for a change, or is that too much to ask from these writers and producers???


I think the machine sees finch as a father more than its creator and I am dying to know how it will behave towards him.Since it sort of a machine and a person.


I don't know about this "lesser" role for Carter. I like Carter and Fassco don't start giving them less to do writers.


Mr Reese's mom and dad?
Carter's mom?

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