Pretty Little Liars Round Table: "Into the Deep"

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On "Into the Deep," Hanna got a bit of a break when Ashley made bail.

Below, our Pretty Little Liars Round Table panelists discuss whether Ted is the good guy we hope he is; whether Mona checked herself into Radley; and why Jenna is afraid of CeCe and more. Join in the Q&A by pulling up a virtual chair along side staffers Teresa Lopez, Leigh Raines and Carissa Pavlica now...


Is Ted too good to be true?

Teresa: I was sure it was going to be Ted after Hanna confided in him. But then I was thinking, how could he afford it? Maybe he's got some help from the A-team or Red Coat. Remember, we're not supposed to trust anyone.

Leigh: I think Ted might be one of the few genuinely good dudes in Rosewood. I think the Marin women deserve nice guys. But did Mona pay maybe? So confused.

Carissa: I was all into believing he was a great guy, but now I’m concerned. Someone was killed in the church bell tower, he seems to have gotten the money together for Ashley, or at least told her he did…it’s getting sketchy.

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Did Mona check herself into Radley? And for what purpose if so?

Teresa: I think she probably volunteered to check herself in after her confession. She does have a history of being mentally unstable. I wonder though if her time in Radley will make the police doubt her confession. Either way, it seems like the confession was not just for Hanna's benefit. She needs something at Radley.

Leigh: Mona probably pleaded insanity to get back into Radley. She has some sort of crazy access there. She can run shit from Radley.

Carissa: The way she traced the words in the desk at Radley made me wonder if she doesn’t feel safer and more secure at Radley than she does anywhere else. I’m certain there are still secrets for her to discover there, but I think she did it because it’s the best place for her to be.

Do you think the hole drilled last week was into Jenna's floor and CeCe is spying on her?

Teresa: Maybe. I'm still trying to figure out whose house Red Coat went under.

Leigh: It's possible. I thought maybe it was in the DeLaurentis house.

Carissa: I never realized how similar all the houses looked until I lost track of where in the hell Red Coat was going. It looked like the DeLaurentis house, but then I realized it looked a lot like where Toby and Jenna lived, too. Maybe it’s like a cutout neighborhood where every other house is the same.

Do you buy the bit about Jenna being afraid of CeCe and, more importantly, ONLY CeCe?

Teresa: I'm sure Jenna is scared of more people. Why wouldn't she be scared of Melissa? It seemed like Melissa was pulling the strings in last season's finale. Plus, I think she's a little scared of the Liars. Trouble does seem to follow them.

Leigh: Since when is CeCe so dangerous? Is Jenna scared of her because she blamed the plane ride and fire on her?

Carissa: Maybe Jenna is scared of everyone because she realizes that they all know she was watching them with her “blind” eyes and knows a lot more of their secrets than she lets on. She better lay low, a lot of people might think she knows things, even if she doesn’t.

Do you care at all about Emily's swim career?

Teresa: Not really. Swimming at Stanford was never going to happen if the show was going to continue for another year. But I am sorry that she and Paige are going to be separated, which will inevitably lead to their breakup. Only question is: do they break up now or later?

Leigh: Like literally less than the root canal I had this week. I love Em and I think she has other qualities that will get her into college. That was kind of a dick move of Paige. Also Public Service Announcement: staying long distance in college SUCKS.

Carissa: Nope. It was fun when it meant people got trapped in the pool and it was all dark and mysterious. But as a way to keep Emily and Paige together or to get Emily to school? Boring.

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what if red coat drilled a hole into Allisons room that Emily is about to move into?


I totally understand the why people think Ted killed Wilden EXCEPT the only reason he would have killed him was to 1. If he is creepy and wanted to eliminate the competition or 2. To protect Ashley from him. Either reason though wouldn't make sense for him to let Ashley take the fall. If he did it for either of those reasons I believe that he would have confessed. I think Ted definitely put up the bail though but people saying "how could he have gotten the money" well he probably went to a bail bondsman. He would have only had to put down a deposit of about $10,000 which it is quite possible that he could have had. I have a lot of trouble believing Cece is bad only because of how obvious it has become. Though maybe the show is tricking us because usually it isn't the obvious person so now people don't expect the expected.


I also find Aria and Jake boring. I find Ezra much more appealing but I hope he gets a better storyline than trying to fight Maggie for his son.


I assumed it would be Ted when Hannah was telling him about the bail. Then I got confused when she talked to Mona and it made her seem like Mona did it. Or Mona could've meant to say thank you for trying to take the wrap. Then Ted said I have a lot riding on this, so truthfully I'm not sure who really paid the bail. I hope it was Ted though just being a good guy.
I think Mona does have more freedom in Radley but she also can find out information somehow from being in there.
I had no idea whose house that was. I initially thought someone was drilling a hole at the police station when Mona was making a confession. I will assume it's either Allison's house or Jenna's.
I think there may be two red coats. Possibly CeCe as the bad one and Allison as the good one.
I really have no interest in Emily's swimming career. I don't pay full attention when it's her scenes.


1. I was thinking he was a nice guy too. Now I think he killed Wilden.
2. I think Mona can come and go more freely from Radley than the city jail.
3. CeCe could be Red Coat but I doubt that's Jenna's house. It looked like Alison's house to me.
4. So she's scared of Melissa and CeCe??? Afraid she'll be next!
5. Nope. If the show is going to go on another season and they keep the girls together, Emily's swimming was done.


I've never been a fan of Emily and paige considering when we first met Paige she was abusive towards emily. It was being played off as her being afraid of "coming out" but trying to drown emily was not about that IMO but a bout emily getting the best spot on the team. I think if one of the guys had attacked one of the girls people would not be rooting for them as a couple. IMO it was a BIG mistake to kill off Maya. paige is boring and I don't like her with Emily so them not going to school together is fine with me.


Well we are losing Caleb as the rock solid good guy, and Ashley really deserves one. So maybe Ted is going to be the substitute. But if he is a good guy, can you imagine how much fun A can have trying to implicate a minister? As far as boring storylines: Aria and Jake. I recognize he's closer to her age, but he started out as her teacher too. She's got some real Daddy issues she needs to address. I can understand Paige's fear about a long distance relationship. They stink and rarely work.


maybe ted paid some of it, he might have a job that no one knows about.
i think mona paid for hanna's mom to get out of jail. why would anyone be afraid of cece? didn't she leave town months ago? jenna might be up to something. paige and emily could still date, even if they go to different colleges. maybe em isn't into paige, as much as paige is into emily.

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