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I do not agree to cancel glades. We need to bring it bk.


That's just sick that they cancelled the Glades. How will we know what happened? That's just mean of a&e. Since the Glades is the only show I watch on that network I guess I don't need that network on my TV anymore.


~!@$#@# They cancelled the glades!? I want to know how it ends :(


Just read that A&E has cancelled The Glades, Matt Passmoore tweeted thanks to everyone for supporting the show.

As mentioned in my review, this is one of the very reasons I hate cliffhangers, we never know how it ends.


I wanna cry :-(

The outlook is not bright for A&E’s drama series that hit season highs in its season finale earlier this week, veteran The Glades, which appears unlikely to go to a fifth season after posting year-to-year ratings declines. The network has not made a final decision. Glades was the first A&E scripted series to stick and helped establish the network’s scripted brand.


At first,I really enjoyed the Glades and then, it went south! The story line of Jim and Callie was ridiculous, and it reached the point where I came to hate Callie and her whining. I had hopes, that she would die in the ending season.


Pleas Please Please renew this show You just can't have that kind of cliff hanger and than nothing


To Mark K...I thought of Miranda as well (friend from Atlanta)but she knew nothing of the house and now knows Dr. Hardy left money to pay for Callie's education. Could we have a team...since Miranda was at the church...Ray has to know killing a cop is death penalty time. Witsec guy and Miranda?


I loved the cliffhanger. It will be a long wait but what better reason to come back...to see Callie's face when Jim presents her with the keys to her dream house. Now as to the who done it? The Witsec guy set Jim up believing Ray was no threat...but did not know Jim was going to the house. Ray wants his son...not Callie as far as we know. Plus he likely doesn't know about the house. And his mother...everyone has been told they are moving into Jim's house....only ones who knew was Carlos and Daniel and we know no way they could or would...plus they are at the church. How bout that inspector who had the hots for Jim and may feel "if I can't no one can". What shocks me...why didn't Jim notice he may have been followed...by Ray's mom, Ray or Witsec guy.....Loved they left us with "who shot JR..type cliffhanger"


my prime suspects in the shooting are definitely:

Ray - although he may not seem like the kind of guy to kill a cop, lets remember that his debit card was used at a liquor store at least 3 times, Drunken Rage cause of losing Callie, maybe?

Tony - If that's even his real name, ive had my suspicions about his character ever since he was introduced, and it seems that maybe just maybe I was right... he knew where the house was and that Jim was there, but what im still unsure of is his motive.

Leah - it seems VERY UNLIKELY especially because shes just the realtor, but theres no forgetting that she knew the location of the house, so they might be waiting until season 5 (if she even did it) to reveal her ties to Jim and why she shot him, so until then im not ruling anybody out.

Ray's Mother - many have said the same thing and I agree, she looked very suspicious while she was hugging callie which makes one think she knew something, plus the fact that she was Ray's mother so... yeah...

Callie's sister - not much proof to tie her to Jim's shooting, but like I said earlier im not leaving anyone out, and she did seem slightly suspicious when she was talking about Jim

Oh and regarding the renewal of this show, NO DOUBT! it along with Longmire hit season records for their respective finales, and most of the comments on this site and on other sites have been positive so I doubt A&E is gonna cancel a show with such solid ratings as these. P.S. and to those of you saying that this show should be more realistic, that's why its called Television. :D

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