The Mentalist Season 6 Promo: The Final Chapter Begins

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Prepare for The Final Chapter of Red John to be told this fall, Mentalist fans.

Creator Bruno Heller has already promised that the identity of Patrick Jane's main foe will be revealed prior to the end of the calendar year, with seven suspects eventually being whittled to one. But will Lisbon survive the search?

The first CBS promo for next month's Season 6 premiere teases serious trouble for Teresa, as Jane receives a phone call from the enemy that doesn't exactly sound promising. See what we mean now:

The major Mentalist news of the summer, of course, centers on the impending departure of Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman.

Rockmond Dunbar will be coming on board for at least a few episodes - portraying an FBI agent who clashes with Jane - and may sign on as a series regular.

The Mentalist Season 6 premieres Sunday, September 29.

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So, all been said, I guess we'll have anew arc, as Heller suggested, and it will involve one of the characters.He didn't say which, but my guess is this time is about Lisbon.And their relationship will evolve in an interesting way.....sounds like the Season 6 is not going to be the end!!!


Baker, meanwhile, says he doesn’t see the post-RJ world as a shift in dynamic for the pair so much as an opportunity to explore interesting questions. “Do they look at each other and go, ‘Jesus you’re annoying’ or do they look at each other and go ‘Let’s lay down and make love,� he says. “It’s an interesting road to go down,� agrees Tunney.
But is it safe to say that Jane and Lisbon will at least admit their love for each other? Well, Heller hesitates to use the word love in a romantic sense, but, he says, “I think there’s a great deal of love between them and they now have to find out what kind of love that is and what does it mean.�


Some interesting facts:
If we’re talking about the show itself, there’s an answer. But exec producer Bruno Heller wouldn’t utter a word about it when I sat down with him last week with some other reporter. (“I can’t say more than that because arcs by their nature, as soon as you shoot an arrow in the air, it lands somewhere. And I don’t want to shoot that arrow quite yet,� he says.) He merely confirmed that another big arc will make itself clear and it would have a personal connection to our characters. But while he was mum on that front, he, Simon Baker, and Robin Tunney were very forthcoming about how Jane and Lisbon would change post-Red John, saying after the storm, there will be much for both characters to deal with emotionally.
“I think they’re both going to start thinking in ways that they never have before about the other person,� Heller says. “They’ve always had this mission but now the mission is gone. After that, they have the luxury of thinking of each other as individuals — a man and a woman. That’s going to be explored in-depth.�


thanks @entwife, I'll try!;))


@creamy I posted a livestream link on my tumblr, if that helps any. It's for CBS and I'm told TM will air at its usual US time of 10pm eastern. I've never tried to use one of those so I can't offer any help with it.


hi Absolute.I'm from Europe too, but I would like to see the episode live, but unfortunately I don't know any good site for this so...I have to wait for Monday too!


Hi mimi welcome back! Yes creamy, I'm doing the little dance!:-)Well I will be able to watch the episode only on Monday morning, because I live in Europe but we're very close now anyway! It's quite fantastic to imagine all of us fans, FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD, counting the days and the minutes, all excited with butterflies in the stomach, as if we were expecting a baby's birth!:)


everybody ready??? let's do the dance!!!yeyyy!!!


hey you! me too I'm so excited, I said 36hr yesterday but thought we were saturday so got it wrong! about 42 hours now.. for me anyway..


Hey, mimi! So great to see you. We're all slowly checking in. I'm so pumped for Sunday, I can hardly stand it!

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