The Mentalist Stunner: Who's Leaving?

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It looks like NCIS isn't the only CBS hit that will be losing a major player this fall.

CBS sources have confirmed to TV Line that Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman will be exiting The Mentalist toward the end of Season 6.

Will the departures of Van Pelt and Rigsby be connected to the reveal of Red John, which has been promised to take place before 2013 concludes?

Creator Bruno Heller simply says his drama is heading into “most dramatic and game changing season and anything can happen.”.

Mentalist Stars

In possibly related news, The Mentalist - which returns with new episodes on September 29 - will be introducing a new female series regular in 2014.

Sound off on all these shakeups now!

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Don't think the change is good miss rigsby and van pelt may give it up,,,


hate they are living, for me they were good characters, good cast, and important part of the show. Changes can be good, but don change what is working: the main cast from season 1


Hate the changes. Don't like the new girl. They shouldn't try to change the dynamic they already have and works. The new girl sucks.


So Bruno Heller said in an interview that , although Red John investigation won/t have a cheery ending for anyone involved , Rigsby and Van Pelt wii celebrate before RJ case is closed.They will be husband and wife after episode 3.So they will have a happy ending.This is good!


I think by letting these two people go It will sink the show All the actors on the Mentalist work so well together


I am so disappointed that Van Pelt is being written out. Hope it's a good twist at the end at the end and not the obvious Red John next character being killed off


They were really under developed characters. No one will be able to replace them in my book. I will miss their presence at the CBI and I refused to like anybody else trying to take their place!


I heard in the grapevine that they (VP & Rigs) are getting married and since there is an episode called Wedding in Red (or something to that effect) maybe there will be a death attached to these nuptials. Anyone confirm this.


so annoying and i have to say i´m dissapointed, now that they are togehter, they are both leaving??? I have to stop couple shipping, because all my fav couples are always screwed. Getting them back together should have happen way before.


If they are leaving toward the end of the season and if this is the last season, who cares? It would just be part of the windup to the story. Even if a S7 is planned, that's OK because it allows the story to go in different directions and some cast changes would facilitate that. As long as the main ones - Jane and Lisbon AND Cho - stay, all will be well with TM.

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