The Mentalist Season 6 Promo: The Final Chapter Begins

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Prepare for The Final Chapter of Red John to be told this fall, Mentalist fans.

Creator Bruno Heller has already promised that the identity of Patrick Jane's main foe will be revealed prior to the end of the calendar year, with seven suspects eventually being whittled to one. But will Lisbon survive the search?

The first CBS promo for next month's Season 6 premiere teases serious trouble for Teresa, as Jane receives a phone call from the enemy that doesn't exactly sound promising. See what we mean now:

The major Mentalist news of the summer, of course, centers on the impending departure of Amanda Righetti and Owain Yeoman.

Rockmond Dunbar will be coming on board for at least a few episodes - portraying an FBI agent who clashes with Jane - and may sign on as a series regular.

The Mentalist Season 6 premieres Sunday, September 29.

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I hate it when actors say they don't want their character in a romantic relationship with another character. That always should be the writers decision.


@Pahometowner I think a lot of people have the same anxieties as you, me included. It looks like the season may be one roller coaster ride after another. Speaking of that Rigspelt wedding photo, did you see the one where someone took it and substituted Jane and Lisbon's heads? Much better, IMHO LOL!


I am getting the feeling that according to tv guide their happy ending will be getting married (VanP/Rigsby), but though unspoken, I wonder if RJ is going to take them out. This from B.Heller. While I dont think their characters really added to the show,
I would not like part of the CBI core cast to be killed off. May be way off base here, but it is what is hinted at that makes me wonder. She does make a beautiful bride, I must say.


@Dilma The season premiere is Sept 29 :)


So what is the exact release date of season 6????
I thought it was sept. 17




I don't know what you're used to, Mel, but those of us who like to post here about The Mentalist don't tell people to "shut up." We're respectful and tolerant here. I've reported you and your post.


Just shut up and watch people. The show has been brilliant up to now so I fully trust that they know what they're doing!


la la la....I am a dreamer too!!!It's september!!!!The final countdown has started!!!!


I'm not sure whether Simon really feels that way @creamy. Maybe he does, but Robin's actually said more along those lines than Simon in recent times. I think they have to say stuff like that to walk the tightrope of not giving away the show's secrets. I'm banking that the creator, often writer and The Boss, Bruno Heller, will have his way about Jisbon. The actors don't run the show, even though Simon is a producer now. If Bruno wants it, the writers will write it and the actors will act it. I suppose they could go to body doubles if they had to, but Simon and Robin are long time professionals and I bet they will do a great job however it turns out. Body doubles would be a REAL disappointment. Hahahaha! But I'm still banking on lots of kissing, plenty of flesh and lace! You may say I'm a dreamer . . . la la la :)

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