Bones Review: It's Cold In Here

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That wasn't the worst premiere Bones could have had. But it wasn't fantastic either. The case du jour was acceptable, emotions all felt wildly misplaced, and Daisy was the squintern.

Yep. Daisy.

With a lot of tell-not-show and with the series using new characters as intermediaries between our central pair, "The Secrets in the Proposal" felt phoned in.

Bones Season Premiere Picture

Bones season 9 picks up three months after Booth tells Brennan he can't marry her without being able to give her a real reason why he can't. Three months was too large a gap. 

Booth and Bones are apparently still living together, but they're both incredibly unhappy. She's icing him out. He's not answering  the phone when she calls. And everyone seems to have an opinion on just what Booth should be doing and how he should be doing it.

Sweets and Caroline ambush him. Cam tells him to warm his feet up. Angela barks at him throughout the entire episode. Hodgins is the only one who believes he probably has a good reason for doing what he's done.

Angela's anger, in particular, was frustrating because at one point she actually tells Hodgins that she's learned to trust him. Having known Booth just as long, she can't muster up the energy to trust him, too? It all just felt so incredibly fresh to be a three-month old wound, making everything about it feel off somehow. 

We're supposed to see Brennan as an evolved woman since the show's beginning. She's gone from being completely scientific to a mix of science and emotion that she doesn't always understand. The changes in her character over the past nine seasons are clear. 

Something about her chilly demeanor felt at odds with everything the character is. Maybe it's just another step in Brennan's evolution. Or maybe it's uneven writing. 

When Booth repeatedly attempted to remind her that he loves her, would die for her and she refused to acknowledge at all that there might be more to their situation than she knows, I found myself wanting to scream at her a little. 

And then she ended up Booth's priest-tender's bar where he said "Hey, so, he has a reason for this. Trust him." And magically she did. Just like that. After three months of him very likely telling her the same thing or at the very least being so devout in his desire to catch Pelant that the fact that he's behind the entire thing should've been quite clear to a woman of Brennan's intellect. 

Come on, Brennan. 

Her speech to him at the end that she trusts him and believes in him and will be there for him until he can tell her his reasoning was so very...neat. It would have been far more interesting to pick up immediately where Bones season 8 left off and let us see the messy stuff. Show us this couple fighting to stay together despite the fact that their hearts are both broken. That would make for an interesting multi-episode arc.

The character who wins for best emotional turmoil is Booth, hands down, which makes a great deal of sense because absolutely everyone was against him, including his technological devices. (Which makes little to no sense, really. A CD player/radio allows Pelant to spy on the conversations they have inside their own home? Really??)

It's always great to see Booth interact with non-Jeffersoninan team members, so his priest-tender can stay. Of all the characters on the show, the members of Booth's past life have appeared more frequently which has a way of making them more interesting to me somehow.

And Aldo's walk-in cooler is certainly a convenient place to discuss Pelant's evil-doing. 

In other tidbits from the episode:

  • Daisy. Ugh. 
  • It's nice to see Freddie Prinze, Jr. on any screen, big or small. 
  • Cam and Arastoo are still an item.
What did you think of the Bones season 9 premiere, "The Secrets in the Proposal?" Was this a great way for the show to return? What would have made it better?


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I agree with the reviewer
When I watch older shows (Aliens in a Spaceship?) I realize the quality this show used to have
Now they feel predictable, slow moving and boring.
Big loss for Network TV.


I loved the episode, but kept thinking "where is Jake when we need him?" Pelant certainly is bad enough to fill his requirements for a desirable target!


A very well-written season 9 opener. Booth's past with his friend, the ex-priest, would make an excellent show.


I more or less agree with Mandy. I actually liked the episode overall. I would have liked the time jump to be a little less than 3 months just like I would have like the time between season 6 and 7 to be a little less to see how they dealt with everything but that didn't happen so I move on. Overall I don't like Daisy but I think her part in this episode was OK. The only thing I would have done a little differently was a slower pace for Brannan to trust Booth knowing he wouldn’t intentionally hurt her (it seemed like a quick rap up at the end) The part I really liked was the killer mother who went face first into her drink to finish it off (I had a great laugh with that)

Miranda wicker

The Friday night move is a death knell for this series. And it's time. As for taking her into the cooler, I thought the entire point of introducing a hotel known for its discretion would be so that he cold take her there and tell her the truth under the guise of a getaway to mend their relationship. But nope.


Sorry, I meant to conclude by drawing attention to the new Friday time coming in November ...


I like the show and the characters. I watch the show -- and I also took note of the odd timing of the season premiere. Maybe the majority of commenters at this site (which is the only one I go to for reviews and discussion) are correct and the show is history (and may not last for a whole season); however, it is also possible that the odd season opener date (and maybe even the day change) are effecting the ratings. I may dislike comic book quality villain Pelant, but I still like all the main characters and still watch. I hope I'm not alone!


I haven't watched this for several seasons so only replying to the comments.
Well a wedding would be a good way to finish this series.
I got flamed for saying this series should be put down..And still do say that.
Apparently I'm not alone in that idea.
When the ratings are down.. It's something to pay attention to.


Mandy - Not sure what sites you are going to, but the ratings confirm that you are in fact the minority. Lowest rated and leas watched Bones season premiere so far. And those of us who are still watching aren't very happy. not sure how much longer I'll be sticking around, getting too boring and farfetched.


I think the Season 9 premier shows how much Brennan's character has evolved. The fact that she has been hurt by Booth's recanting of her marriage proposal makes her reaction to him in the episode totally believable. The purely scientific Brennan would have already moved on. The evolving Brennan finds herself battling within herself, trying to balance her logical self with her emotional self. It is because of this inner conflict that she has not totally despaired of a future with Booth. I especially enjoyed her edict to him in the closing scene that he would have to do the proposing "next time", signaling a more conventional attitude toward their relationship, which we all know from "spoilers" we have been privy to, the wedding is coming.

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Bones Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

[to Bones] I'd die for you. I love you.


[to Caroline] Have you noticed that dead bodies always save Booth from confronting his demons?