Bones Review: It's Cold In Here

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That wasn't the worst premiere Bones could have had. But it wasn't fantastic either. The case du jour was acceptable, emotions all felt wildly misplaced, and Daisy was the squintern.

Yep. Daisy.

With a lot of tell-not-show and with the series using new characters as intermediaries between our central pair, "The Secrets in the Proposal" felt phoned in.

Bones Season Premiere Picture

Bones season 9 picks up three months after Booth tells Brennan he can't marry her without being able to give her a real reason why he can't. Three months was too large a gap. 

Booth and Bones are apparently still living together, but they're both incredibly unhappy. She's icing him out. He's not answering  the phone when she calls. And everyone seems to have an opinion on just what Booth should be doing and how he should be doing it.

Sweets and Caroline ambush him. Cam tells him to warm his feet up. Angela barks at him throughout the entire episode. Hodgins is the only one who believes he probably has a good reason for doing what he's done.

Angela's anger, in particular, was frustrating because at one point she actually tells Hodgins that she's learned to trust him. Having known Booth just as long, she can't muster up the energy to trust him, too? It all just felt so incredibly fresh to be a three-month old wound, making everything about it feel off somehow. 

We're supposed to see Brennan as an evolved woman since the show's beginning. She's gone from being completely scientific to a mix of science and emotion that she doesn't always understand. The changes in her character over the past nine seasons are clear. 

Something about her chilly demeanor felt at odds with everything the character is. Maybe it's just another step in Brennan's evolution. Or maybe it's uneven writing. 

When Booth repeatedly attempted to remind her that he loves her, would die for her and she refused to acknowledge at all that there might be more to their situation than she knows, I found myself wanting to scream at her a little. 

And then she ended up Booth's priest-tender's bar where he said "Hey, so, he has a reason for this. Trust him." And magically she did. Just like that. After three months of him very likely telling her the same thing or at the very least being so devout in his desire to catch Pelant that the fact that he's behind the entire thing should've been quite clear to a woman of Brennan's intellect. 

Come on, Brennan. 

Her speech to him at the end that she trusts him and believes in him and will be there for him until he can tell her his reasoning was so very...neat. It would have been far more interesting to pick up immediately where Bones season 8 left off and let us see the messy stuff. Show us this couple fighting to stay together despite the fact that their hearts are both broken. That would make for an interesting multi-episode arc.

The character who wins for best emotional turmoil is Booth, hands down, which makes a great deal of sense because absolutely everyone was against him, including his technological devices. (Which makes little to no sense, really. A CD player/radio allows Pelant to spy on the conversations they have inside their own home? Really??)

It's always great to see Booth interact with non-Jeffersoninan team members, so his priest-tender can stay. Of all the characters on the show, the members of Booth's past life have appeared more frequently which has a way of making them more interesting to me somehow.

And Aldo's walk-in cooler is certainly a convenient place to discuss Pelant's evil-doing. 

In other tidbits from the episode:

  • Daisy. Ugh. 
  • It's nice to see Freddie Prinze, Jr. on any screen, big or small. 
  • Cam and Arastoo are still an item.
What did you think of the Bones season 9 premiere, "The Secrets in the Proposal?" Was this a great way for the show to return? What would have made it better?


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I have been a fan of "Bones" for several years, but my interest is beginning to come to an end. This electronically omnipotent villain, Pelant, is simply boring. He is a clear symptom of writers' laziness. It is so easy to write for an omnipotent villain who can do just about anything -- and, even better, you can stretch out a lame story line week after week. On this season opener the ridiculous plot line of "trust" between Bones and Booth is about as contrived as the whole Pelant angle. Come on, Bones and Booth. You are supposed to be mature, intelligent adults. Discuss this latest Pelant threat and work it out. And, as mentioned by a previous poster, unplug the Internet, your clock radio, your toaster and your can opener so Pelant cannot constantly spy on you. Just plain ridiculous -- and lazy.


hilarious plug for Sleepy Hollow by Hodgins slipped in there.


Daisy is getting more out of control. Who would let her talk that way and still keep her job? I like Angela. She tells it like it is. You would have thought that Booth and Bones would have swept the house for bugs and not have one right in there living room. I think the actors did a good job showing how Bones and Booth's situation effected everyone.


Haven't seen the episode yet as I am in the UK but I am so over Daisy and Sweets, I can't stand Daisy she is just annoying hope she is not the Sqintern for a long while after this episode.


It was a pretty good ep...I could of done without Angela joining the man hating was OTT...she was making the situation worst...sometimes BFF need to shut up...infact Brennan got the best advice from a stranger than her so called BFF, tells me everything why Angela is on my sh*tlist right now...Brennan hasn't a poker face & is a terrible actress which is Bones canon, so why any Brennanstan wants Booth to tell her & start off their married life with 5 victims blood on their hands & that burden is beyond sick.


Brenananstans are the worst...Brennanstans who write many war and peace length comments to get their biased point across are even worse...wonder who I mean...


how is Peleant far fetched and implausible to me he a lot like snowden


I buy the justification that Bones would never be able to keep up the act in any way convincingly if Booth told her out of the way of any tech, but that still leads to the next question. Why do they have a single piece of tech in Booth and Brennan's house at this point? I understand that they need all their tech at the Jeffersonian to do their jobs, but why in the main character's houses? Really though, all they'd need to do is deactivate all the wireless ports to everything and disconnect any internet cables and Pelant would be powerless to do anything to them.


Yeah, what is with this show and skipping over all the stuff we actualy want to see? I totally agree, the three month gap was way too much, and they did the same thing last season. We'd been waiting for them to get together for years, and all of a sudden it was like, "Oh, yeah, they're together now, everyone knows and is fine with it, whatever." They didn't let us see anyone finding out (Sweets in particular would have been priceless) or any of the initial complications with work, etc. And again I totally agree that it all seemed too fresh in this episode. All of this drama would have been long gotten over. Again, just like last season, where in the season premiere they had their first conversation about birthing and getting a house. Your six months pregnant, and you are just having this conversation now? Yeah right. And don't get me started on how horrible Peleant has become. He stared out like a such a cool new villain, and now he is so ridiculously far fetched and implausible that I can't even watch him. Seriously, all the guy needs is a cat to stroke while he watches Booth and Brennan, and he'd be good to go. This show just doesn't seem to learn from it's mistakes anymore, and it's getting old. :-/


...And enough with the 447. I’m pretty sure we’re going to go to the series finale without knowing what that means. JFC, fix this cutting the length issue or impose a word limit.

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Bones Season 9 Episode 1 Quotes

[to Bones] I'd die for you. I love you.


[to Caroline] Have you noticed that dead bodies always save Booth from confronting his demons?