Castle Review: Will She Marry Him?

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After what felt like the longest hiatus in history, Castle Season 6 kicked off with “"Valkyrie," an intense episode that didn't waste any time in producing the answer fans have been waiting an entire summer for.

Let's dig right in, shall we?

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Castle Season 5, of course, concluded with Kate having the opportunity to head to D.C. for a dream job, while Castle placed his heart directly on his sleeve and proposed on that romantic swing set. So... what happened?

Following some hilarious back-and-forth about whether or not Castle is somehow breaking up with her, Beckett said YES! In case you are still processing it: Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are engaged! He put a rock on it! For real! Okay, back to the episode...

After six weeks of not seeing each other, Beckett is relocated to D.C. and Castle is returning from a book tour, popping in to surprise his gorgeous fiancée. Of course, he's unable to keep his head out of her case and, after getting her in trouble and getting abducted by a criminal, he returns home.

But little did Castle know he was coming home with a toxin that killed the man Beckett and company were on the hunt for. That's always awkward. Awkward and quite dangerous, that is.

In true Castle fashion, the twists and turns left us with a big “To Be Continued," as Castle supposedly has less than a day to live. What will happen to our favorite detective? We know he can't die. But will he get sick? Will this cause a problem for him and Beckett?

Sound off the comments with your theories and consider the following Castle Season 6 premiere notes:

  • Great to see the boys back in action! You have to love scenes with Ryan, Espo, and Castle.
  • How about Alexis’ boyfriend? This isn’t going to work out too well for dear old Dad.
  • First episode in and already no Lanie? Not cool.
  • Looks like Kate is doing just as well at her new job. But something has to happen. We want her back in NYC ASAP.
  • Who likes Lisa Edelstein as Beckett’s new partner? If you ask me, I prefer Ryan and Espo, and most importantly, Castle, any day.

What predictions do you have for the season? Will Kate return to New York? Will she and Castle really get married? Will they break up because of the distance?

Hit up the comments section and let us know what you thought of “Valkyrie.” Was it what you expected for the first episode or was it a bit of a letdown?


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Seriously kate can not really get her her old job back at the 12th,even if she is that good at her work she (1) quit (2)resigned in the past year ,yet we assume she will at some future point be working with ryan and espo. how will this shake out and still believable? Your thoughts on it.

Tonya b

Vince, no thanks, not interested in watching. Maybe when she gets back to the 12th if the angst has resided. I was just temporarily surprised by such a ridiculous story line. I suppose it would give Beckett a good reason to ditch the job and return to the NYPD.


Tonya B. You need to watch the episode. It is not official policy, but McCord tells Beckett about her own experience giving away secrets by talking in her sleep. This scene was not put in there by accident. It was a message for Beckett. That is why I don't trust McCord's motives. If you like a story, how about this: The girl friend (blonde female goddess) of the car crash victim is the Valkyrie figure working with the bad guys. Both McCord and Kate were fooled by her claims of a setup. They need Castle in on this case. McCord is not with the bad guys, but she does not have Kate’s best interest in mind.

Tonya b

Vince, are you serious when you said that Beckett is supposed to avoid Castle and not sleep with him when she is on a case? They think she will talk in her sleep and give away confidential information? Since federal agents are always on a case, does that mean that they are telling her that she can never see him again unless she is on vacation? Sounds like great story telling to me.


nottrampis. Agree. Also, Kate taking that job has inadvertently put the whole Castle family in danger as well. The Pi character looks very suspicious. He is either a con artist or was put in Alexis’s life to keep an eye on Castle because of his history as Kate’s partner. Lost passport? No way. How did he know that Castle had a problem with anything while he was in DC? Castle needs to do a background check on him. Castle lets him stay with no questions asked? Castle is so preoccupied with Kate gone from NYC, he is not thinking straight about anything. Interfering in that case was just dumb.


Our Roy montgomery, I am afraid the writers do not realise how much of a dill they are showing Beckett to be. She has accepted the job on a whim. She has not thought at all what the implications of the job are. She has made no allowance of what the job entails for the Caskett relationship and only thought marginally of what it means for her. now she is there we see her realizing some of the problems involved. What happens if castle is offered to wrote about james bond later? If she realises she made a mistake in going to Dc it simply means neither she nor the person who offered her the job really thought about it very much. you do not offer a job to someone who then after 3-4 months leaves! And she has a history of gong rogue. If the job involves national security then she would need very good answers to why she went rogue and of course she cannot answer that as it involves Bracken. All in all the writers are digging a bigger holes for themselves


nottrampis. Agree. Now that the audience got the proposal answer, I expect some drop off in viewers simply because too much Kate in DC. People who follow the series know that this particular job choice was a big mistake. All the federal segments had Beckett in conflict. I wonder if Beckett realizes that she will be expected to avoid (no sex) Castle while she is working on a case. The McCord reference about what happens when talking in your sleep was really strange. Beckett just seems so naïve about what this job means for her future with Castle.


Captian Cook, I agree re Marlowe BUT after the 1st episode I think ONLY diehard Marlowe groupies really liked it. My sons for example thought it was another series with a lot of Beckett and a little of Castle. they, like me, are coming back when Castle comes back to the 12th. I , like our Beautiful Headless and throneless horse riding Demon think there will be less viewers for the second episode


M, when you are a couple you have to examine every action to how whether it is positive or negative for you as a couple not as individuals. It is a no-brainer that the DC job is bad for Caskett as a couple.Beckett made the decision without any input from Castle for selfish reasons. she did not think about the decision very much hence her incredibly weak 'We can make this work' statement. if they had thought it out there was no reason for that. nor for Castle to say he was missing her.


I read here many posts and almost all authors criticize Be�kett for that that she is independent without council with Castle who loves it makes the decision on job in DC and prefers career instead of its love. Partially I can agree, but then it is necessary to consider all circumstances. Question: who is loved by Castle? He loves the detective Beckett who is interested in the professional growth and use of her abilities for the solution of more complex professional challenges or simply it likes sex with her.
Beckett: "Where we go? "
Castle: "In a bed".
Career can quite be put above such love.
If he loves Beckett, instead of the woman invented by it similar externally on Beckett, has to consider her aspiration to professional growth and help it rather, instead of interfere. Beckett too has to consider interests of Castle. But Castle isn't attached in any way to the workplace and difference from Beckett. The good book can be written not only in NYC.
Besides, Castle fell in love not with housewife Beckett, and the clever and successful detective of Beckett who became his muse.

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Oh my god! Oh my god! You're proposing!


Kate, I'm not proposing to you so you'll keep your job or because I'm afraid I'm going to lose you. I'm proposing because I can't imagine my life without you.