Castle Review: Will She Marry Him?

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After what felt like the longest hiatus in history, Castle Season 6 kicked off with “"Valkyrie," an intense episode that didn't waste any time in producing the answer fans have been waiting an entire summer for.

Let's dig right in, shall we?

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Castle Season 5, of course, concluded with Kate having the opportunity to head to D.C. for a dream job, while Castle placed his heart directly on his sleeve and proposed on that romantic swing set. So... what happened?

Following some hilarious back-and-forth about whether or not Castle is somehow breaking up with her, Beckett said YES! In case you are still processing it: Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are engaged! He put a rock on it! For real! Okay, back to the episode...

After six weeks of not seeing each other, Beckett is relocated to D.C. and Castle is returning from a book tour, popping in to surprise his gorgeous fiancée. Of course, he's unable to keep his head out of her case and, after getting her in trouble and getting abducted by a criminal, he returns home.

But little did Castle know he was coming home with a toxin that killed the man Beckett and company were on the hunt for. That's always awkward. Awkward and quite dangerous, that is.

In true Castle fashion, the twists and turns left us with a big “To Be Continued," as Castle supposedly has less than a day to live. What will happen to our favorite detective? We know he can't die. But will he get sick? Will this cause a problem for him and Beckett?

Sound off the comments with your theories and consider the following Castle Season 6 premiere notes:

  • Great to see the boys back in action! You have to love scenes with Ryan, Espo, and Castle.
  • How about Alexis’ boyfriend? This isn’t going to work out too well for dear old Dad.
  • First episode in and already no Lanie? Not cool.
  • Looks like Kate is doing just as well at her new job. But something has to happen. We want her back in NYC ASAP.
  • Who likes Lisa Edelstein as Beckett’s new partner? If you ask me, I prefer Ryan and Espo, and most importantly, Castle, any day.

What predictions do you have for the season? Will Kate return to New York? Will she and Castle really get married? Will they break up because of the distance?

Hit up the comments section and let us know what you thought of “Valkyrie.” Was it what you expected for the first episode or was it a bit of a letdown?


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Does anybody out there think that the ‘Dreamworld’ scenario might just be another training exercise to test Kate’s commitment to the new job? It would be a cruel thing to do, but the McCord character seems like a dark character to me. She was advertised as being a mentor for Kate, but I don’t trust her actions. The car crash victim might have been selected to die in battle by a female as the term ‘Valkyrie’ suggests. We know that Kate goes rogue to save Castle. No way does Kate have time to get to the bottom of the ghost base question in 24 hours without some kind of cover up by the DOJ. If not a training exercise, then this story might be used to enlighten Kate on how government agencies operate with secret agendas no matter who gets hurt. Some people become collateral damage for the cause. Just a theory...


I wonder if Marlowe will be asked any difficult questions regarding the fan reaction to the end of S5, especially Kate's behaviour. Somehow, I doubt it!!


Tonya B. The point I was trying to make, is that Marlowe doesn't give a stuff about his critics, because there are millions of fans who clearly think he can do no wrong, therefore, he is going to serenely carry on writing what he wants. I entirely agree with you about Kate and her lying and deceitful behaviour over the last 3ep arc of S5, and I'm her biggest fan, and never being called to account for it. Where he is clearly wrong IMO, he cannot keep saying that this "long sweeping love story" mirrors every day life, then proceeds to write something far removed from reality. People in love do not act the way Kate has done towards Castle. S6 premiere, at least showed a softer, more loving Kate, which is a step in the right direction, personally, I think we should have seen this transition from bad Kate to good Kate happen, but that is not Marlowe's style unfortunately. I believe on Monday night, there is a Castle event in LA, with all the leading cast, plus Marlowe, Bowman etc, I wonder if any member of the audience will aske Marlowe any difficult questions about S5 final 3ep are? Somehow, I doubt it will be allowed!


Agree Nottrampis & Tonya,look i always liked kate but towards the end of last season started having my doubts about her,and than the 3 infamous the end really took me back,mainly because of her lying to the one person that truly loved her,remember what she told rick at the end of season 5 regarding lying "how can i ever trust you"so she gets it,so all of her deceit much directed at rick,he should be asking her that very question,but of course he doesn't and were all left with "sorry for keeping secrets" and all is well,try that excuse with your wife/husband after telling many untruths-majority of us would have to prove ourselves big time before were trusted again.


I agree Our Tony A class.

Tonya b

I hope that if Castle does anything to hurt Beckett in the future that all he will have to say is one 'I'm sorry.' And when Beckett still doesn't forgive him, he needs to shut her down by saying "If it works for you, it should work for me." Seriously, does anyone think that if they were on the receiving end of what Beckett did to Castle in their own relationship, that one pathetic "I'm sorry for keeping secrets" would cut it? I'm pretty certain that the relationship would be over in the real world.


I agree but the Marlowe fans believe saying sorry was enough


Oh she's back,not that she went away but its so nice to have the queen of this site(no offense ukno1,and any others i may have forgotten)tonya giving her perspective- she is on regarding the apology or lack of it from kate,it really is needed,and i don't believe a "loving relationship"can go forward with out that being addressed,lying destroys relationships and when its happened with the frequency it did at the end of last season to assume it was addressed is quite a lapse of judgement from such a esteemed writer as marlowe.


There are a few problems with regard to career. First of all Beckett is by far the lower income earner of the two Secondly you only embark on a career that enhances the relationship not detracts from it. Lastly if she comes back to the 12th in any guise then it means she never really thought about the job properly in the first place in other words bimbo land. none of these enhances Beckett at al as a person or for that matter Castle

Tonya b

Pete, you got my point exactly. If they are focusing on the importance of careers with this couple, why spend 4+ episodes on Kate's career and 10 seconds on Rick's career? There is really something wonky going on when the main character has been demoted to barely a supporting character. Concerning apologies, when Rick screws up (Cloudy With A Chance of Murder, Significant Others, etc.) he has to grovel at Beckett's feet and apologize over and over before she even halfway forgives him. Why does Beckett not have to apologize at all or give one "I'm sorry for keeping secrets" and expect that to suffice for the at least the half dozen lies that she told to Castle in Watershed? All I want is for the characters to be treated equally. I can assure you that if Rick was the one who kept a job interview secret and lied repeatedly to Kate, she would never forgive him, even after 1000 sorry's.

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Castle Season 6 Episode 1 Quotes

Oh my god! Oh my god! You're proposing!


Kate, I'm not proposing to you so you'll keep your job or because I'm afraid I'm going to lose you. I'm proposing because I can't imagine my life without you.