Parks and Recreation Review: Waking Nightmare of Happiness

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Last year, the Parks and Recreation crew started the season by heading to Washington D.C. We got a great cameo by Joe Biden out of it.

This year, the gang headed to "London, Part 1 & 2" where we got Heidi Klum in a sweet role playing Leslie's parallel universe respected government official and Henry Winkler playing against Tom and competing for the tween market. But the thing is, that woman couldn't possibly be like Leslie!

Because one of the best parts about Leslie is her resilience and willingness to do what's best for all involved, even if there is resistance; hence the theme of everything Parks and Recreation, and why I love this show so deeply.

Leslie in London

Leslie's heart is an unstoppable force and even if she's down for a minute, the relationships she's created bring her up.

April nominating Leslie was another great character moment for her. Her growth and maturity throughout this series is marked. Although one question: what's happening with veterinary school? I was under the impression that her and Andy would be apart again this season because she'd have to travel for school, but there was no mention of it in tonight's premiere. But no matter. On to the next.

The best part of the opener for me was Ron's quickie wedding and all the lines in the episode where he rags on England. And the last moments where he finds the beauty in Scotland. Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope's relationship is so consistently special. It never feels old - the mileage that this series gets out of these two being polar opposites in politics, but equally warm-hearted, is one of my favorite aspects of the series.

On a side note, the end of the episode in Scotland was gorgeously shot. And I'm willing to wager Nick Offerman was beyond thrilled to see this distillery.

As for the rest, I love seeing Ann happy and with Chris. Chris really livens up Ann as a character and the two of them together are sweet. I would imagine their happiness will continue and that will be what leads to them leaving in the middle of the season, as reported this summer.

Poor Tommy Haverford. Even with Jean Ralphio-Saperstein and his sister Mona Lisa admitting to lying about their utter failures in life, their father is still going to take Tom and his store "Rent-a-Swag" down. Winkler was as nasty as we've ever seen him. But he's a lovely doctor for Ann and Chris.

I'm thrilled to have the Parks and Recreation gang back. And I'm saying it now: Leslie and Ben discussing travel at the end of this episode is a major foreshadowing anvil. Hopefully we'll get more great trips in the future.

Cheers to a full order of season 6 episodes!


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I can never express how much I really love this show and these characters! I'm sooo glad to have it back. I wish I could be best friends with Leslie Knope in real life! I agree with this review 100%. This cast just works so well together, it's insane. In Tom's case, I really hope he can take down Jean-Ralphio's dad because I'd really like to see him have some success in his life. He deserves it! And I'm crossing my fingers for another "treat yo self" day ASAP! It's long overdue! It will be sad to see Andy and April have to be apart for so long again, but it won't affect them at all I'm sure. I love that the show doesn't even think about messing with the relationships that are central to the show. And gotta love Andy's explanation for his weight loss! I'm glad he's finally getting to have some responsibility too as he found someone just like him. Ron was great as always. "What did she really think I would get out of this?" After he's done crying, perfect! Loved the premiere!

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