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Parks and Recreation Season 6

"One in 8,000"

Ben and Leslie decide to run a charity auction to raise funds for the unity concert while Donna asks Ron for help with an ex-boyfriend on Parks and Recreation.

"Flu Season 2"

While trying to book performers for the Unity Concert, Leslie and Andy are struck down by the flu on Parks and Recreation.

Leslie and the parks crew tries to save the prom on Parks and Recreation.

"Galentine's Day 2"

Leslie decides to throw a Galentine's party in the hopes of finding a new best friend on Parks and Recreation.

Two local shock jocks get wind of Leslie's push to come up with a new town slogan on Parks and Recreation.

Leslie must handle several unexpected turns while Tom and Ben meet with the corporate sponsors for the benefit concert on Parks and Recreation.

Planning a Surprise

Tom attempts to work with Leslie to show the positives of the Pawnee / Eagleton merger while Ben plans an anniversary surprise on Parks and Recreation.

"Ann and Chris"

Everyone tries to find the perfect going away present as Chris and Ann prepare to leave Pawnee on Parks and Recreation.

"Farmers Market"

Questionable sales practices at a farmers market start an argument between Ben and Leslie on Parks and Recreation.

"New Beginnings"

Leslie and Ben face new challenges to go along with their new jobs on Parks and Recreation.

"Second Chunce"

As Leslie's comes upon the end of her term, she must decide what to do with her future on Parks and Recreation

"The Cones of Dunshire"

Ron asks for helping selling his cabin in the woods while Leslie sits through a marathon negotiation where she won't take no for an answer on Parks and Recreation.

Leslie tries to mark two big things off of her list while on City Council, adding flouride to the water supply and hosting a party with the Indianapolis Colts on Parks and Recreation.

"Recall Vote"

As Leslie gets the haunted house together with Ben and Chris she must face a recall election on Parks and Recreation.


Due to an emergency filibuster, Leslie must leave the party she's thrown for Ben on Parks and Recreation.

"Gin It Up!"

Tatiana Maslany guest stars on this episode of Parks and Recreation. She plays the character of Nadia.


The Pawnee Parks team joins up with their Eagleton counterparts at Leslie's request while Ann makes an announcement about her future on Parks and Recreation.

"The Pawnee Eagleton Tip Off Classic"

Leslie, Ben and Chris head to Eagleton to speak with an entitled councilwoman about financial issues on Parks and Recreation.

"London, Part 1 & 2"

Leslie, Ben, Andy, April and Ron all travel to London where Leslie is being given an award on the season 6 premiere of Parks and Recreation.

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