Revenge Sneak Preview: The Final Ultimatum

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Shots will be fired on the Revenge Season 3 premiere, as teased in the first ABC promo for the return of this primetime soap opera.

But an extended preview for new episodes makes it apparent that they won't just be of the gun variety, as "friends will turn, enemies will fall, new threats will rise" and… Aiden will team up with Victoria?!? Jack will issue a threat to Emily? Emily will plan the "Wedding of the Century" between her and Daniel?

Yes, a whole lot is about about to go down.

Will Emily Thorne be made or broken? Watch the following Revenge Season 3 trailer and tune in to the premiere on Sunday, September 29.

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I was addicted to this show in Season 1, quit midway 2. I will skip the premiere because of my favorite show of all time airing then, but will tune in for the rest.


With the Breaking Bad series finale coming out next week (I'm fairly certain) I will DEFINITELY miss this one. Sorry.


Season one was fantastic, but season 2 was utter rubbish IMHO. Looked like producers hadn't the faintest idea what to invent to make it as interesting as season one was. The result was poor, and so were the ratings.
Such a pity the show didn't end after the first season but I very much hope it will after the third one. They destroyed what was a truly outstanding drama


@JCD Yep, sure did. Can't wait to see what that is all about!


I'm sorry, did anyone else see Nolan parachuting into a party?


Can't wait for this season it looks amazing.


Can't wait
Emily's mom?
Nolan's dad and love interest?
Jack's mom and brother?
Victoria's brother, sister and college roomate?
Conrad's mom, ex wife and love interest?
Daniel's college roomate and childhood friend?
Aiden's dad, mom and brother?


Cant wait. Looks pretty intense and also looks like a lot better of a story than last season!

Revenge Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

[to Nolan] Let's never say the words Carrion or Initiative again.


Fear. It's a fire that burns from birth in even the coldest heart. It motivates and paralyzes the best of us or is used as a weapon by the worst. But when your path is one of treachery and deception the greatest fear of all is that the truth is absolute.