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Revenge Season 3

Revenge Review: Alliances
Revenge Review: Alliances

by Miranda Wicker at

For what was only the second Red Sharpie takedown installment in monts, Revenge Season 3 Episode 19 was a bit underwhelming in terms of...

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Emily's Smirk

Emily must take on yet another identity as the Graysons begin to close on in on Revenge.


Victoria sets a trap for Emily she's sure her nemesis can't resist on Revenge.


Victoria pays Mason Treadwell a visit on this episode of Revenge. Emily and Aiden, meanwhile, reveal some family secrets.


Pascal attempts to make up for lost time with Victoria while a newly single Emily works on finding answers to a mystery from the past on Revenge.


Pascal LaMarchal finally makes his appearance in the Hamptons and Emily and Victoria have a very public confrontation on Revenge.


Victoria takes drastic action to help someone from her past while Emily finds she must rely on a person she betrayed when her blackouts become more violent on Revenge.


Victoria faces a ghost from her past while Emily's mysterious blackouts put everything at risk on Revenge.


On Revenge, Emily refuses to give up even with things at an all time low between her and Daniel but will her own instability be her undoing?


Emily's enemies circle while she remains physically and emotionally in ruins on Revenge.


Emily wakes up after being shot on this episode of Revenge, but she's forgotten everything!


Emily and Daniel get married on Revenge, but they do not have a happy ending.


Emily puts the last steps of her final takedown in place on Revenge.


Victoria throws Emily a memorable bridal shower on Revenge.


Conrad tries to repair the Grayson name while Emily furthers her plans and Nolan embarks on his own agenda on Revenge.


Emily makes an uncharacteristic move when two important people in her life turn on her on Revenge.


Emily has her hands full when Daniel delivers some unexpected news at the Voulez magazine launch party on Revenge.


On Revenge, Emily gets help from an unlikely source after an epic takedown goes wrong. Victoria attempts to secure her own independence.


On Revenge, Conrad begins to contemplate his mortality while Nolan has a surprise visitor to his housewarming party.


Emily's next Revenge target takes her into unchartered, sacred terrain, now that a former Grayson Global executive is a clergyman.


Another summer in the Hamptons kicks off with the Revenge season 3 premiere. Victoria has spent the past six months getting to know her long lost son Patrick.

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