The Good Wife Review: And So It Begins

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After watching the The Good Wife Season 5 premiere, I've determined these network teases shown prior to the first episode are a very bad idea. It sets up an extraordinarily high expectation for the first episode. Too high, in fact.

Case in point would be "Everything is Ending." I waited the entire hour for Will to get angry and sweep all of the contents of a desk to the floor. Never happened. That's a season preview moment. Oops!

A Busy Alicia

The case of the Week

If I am ever convicted of murder, or already convicted and looking for a firm to represent me in the death penalty phase, please remind me not to use Lockhart/Gardner. They've proven to be quite incompetent unless directly affected by the case in some personal way at the last moment, as we witnessed in Season 2's "Nine Hours" and again tonight. 

Had Alicia and Diane not been witnessing the execution and discovered the way in which the execution was being carried out for themselves (and also witnessed the accused's impassioned, tearful final words of innocence to the family), they wouldn't have been given the shot of adrenaline that eventually lead to his stay of execution. 

It's an overarching theme at the firm that things wait until the very last minute, and I would hope the discovery of that same signature on all four documents - leading to a prison snitch feeding information to witnesses - would have come out during the murder case rather than just before (rather, just after the first unsuccessful attempt) to end my life. All the feel good music in the world didn't make the timing of how he was spared any less jarring.

Lockhart/Gardner vs. Florrick/Agos

This whole scenario is very interesting. The idea of Alicia and Cary starting a firm and taking Kalinda with them makes sense. They would be successful and would likely hire a very dedicated and passionate team to work with them. But that isn't what's happening. Cary and the fourth years started the movement, Kalinda is too expensive and Alicia is jumping on board, seemingly, just to get away from Will. 

Alicia clearly enjoys working with Will and Diane. She respects them and appreciates the opportunity they have given her as a partner in their firm. She also respects her marriage and knows what the constant temptation of being around Will could mean to her personal future. She chose her marriage over her professional career.

Things at Lockhart/Gardner are weird. The oddities occurring during the execution were nothing compared to the robotic attendee that's begun wheeling around the office in a beta test work-from-home model. 'Monica' was on some sort of video Segway, making a mockery of what should have been a serious look into a man's grossly mishandled rights.

David Lee, who was one of the main reasons the fourth years wanted to bolt in the first place, continues to do nothing except worry about money, go behind people's backs and wonder whether the fourth years are out to get him. YES, they are! If he'd take the time to look at his own work habits (or find even an ounce of work to do), perhaps he'd understand why they felt cheated. He is one of main causes the firm is being torn apart, but he doesn't have the capacity to see beyond his own nose to comprehend it.

Yet, Alicia throwing her lot in with a bunch of kids who are so indiscreet they're congratulating her for making the decision to join them in the middle of the hallway at a firm at which she is a partner is a frightening prospect. They want to stick around and wait for bonuses, but don't have the ability to stop a high-five or a gleeful stomach-bump in front of a partners meeting. Yes, an exaggeration, but can it be far off? 

Alicia and Cary should throw down the gauntlet. If they want to wait for bonuses, they have to use some of that money to pay Kalinda what she wants and bring her along. She's necessary to the success of their start-up venture. They need to stop behaving like idiots and start acting like the successful lawyers they expect to become. 

The partnership seems to have disaster spelled all over it, and I can only hope that Alicia and Cary, as the new Will and Diane, can provide the leadership the fourth years need. So far they seem happy to talk back to their metaphorical mommy and daddy, and that won't fly for long. Waiting out the weeks until the bonuses should give be a big indication as to their future success.

The Florrick Family

Peter met up with is first genuine temptation in quite some time - and dealt with it swiftly. He promoted Marilyn Garbanza as soon as he liked what he saw and realized how the two of them would look together in photographs. Good call, but Marilyn will be back. She made Alicia bristle with her ideas on the First Family of Illinois, and that should prove fun, so they have to keep her around.

Meanwhile, being first family is also providing some other interesting benefits. Grace was getting a lot of attention from the boys at school, and Zach finally had to show her the website she had popped up on with other "hot" political daughters. Grace was number four. Not too shabby. Her face was rather stoic, but I daresay she was hiding the slightest hint of a smile.


There is so much promise awaiting us in Season 5, we just have to wait for the story to unfold to find out what, exactly, it will tell. Friendships and relationships - both personal and professional - are going to be stretched and tested. It's been described as an all out civil war. In wars, people change sides, so what happens may surprise us.

For The Good Wife Season 5 spoilers, check out this exclusive interview with the shows creators, Robert and Michelle King.


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Awesome!! Awesome!!! Awesome!!!! If u missed tonights episode you are crazy.


Like last seasons' episodes, it starts way too late.
I'm sick and tired of The Amazing Race to end to watch Good Wife. I'm not going through the frustration anymore. Not going to watch Good
Wife or Metalist anymore.


four, full seasons is a good run, based on my t.v. watching.. the acting, writing, directing.. are all excellent and make for excellent entertainment but finally, the tensile tug between fine drama (movies, plays..) and the inevitable $need to drag things out, season after season-- becomes too frustrating- and disappointing, for me. not only do the ridiculous cliff-hangers (time between season 4's finale and this season's premiere- less than a minute ?!) in American shows skew and distort unnecessarily; but I, for one, don't have the patience to watch Alicia's impulsive running away from Will, again !, for a season-long, protracted train wreck.. just because it provides rich material for X episodes. enough is enough.
but thanks to all the cast and crew for a lot of fun, up till now !

Beverly brooks

Thank goodness for a cable company that will set up a show as a favorite and be able to view that show when I wish and not worry about football interfering with show. Good for Peter to realize temptation was just out the door, stand up to it and then take action to remove it from him. I was glad to see that he asked Eli to take her place. Glad to see Carey and Alicia going to be together more.


Things wrong, as usual, with this wish/fantasy-fulfullment show:
1) The Illinois federal courts don't have jurisdiction over an execution in Indiana
2) Potassium Chloride, the heart-stopping drug used in some executions is NOT a controlled substance, and therefore the DEA (who show up because some uber-powerful member of Lockhart/Gardner just call them, didn't have ANY jurisdiction over the substance (they would if they have chosen another drug, sodium thio-pental, but THE GOOD WIFE already beat that ridiculous story line to death two seasons ago
3) Why would the Illinois State's Attorney help the defense sabotage an execution?
4) Where do these lawyers find all these INNOCENT clients. Most lawyers are lucky to have one ot two in an entire career!


Did you see the upcoming, Will is up to his old tricks again. He can't be trusted as far as a wild throw (per Dianne) he can't keep it in his pants. My money is on Peter to put Will's ASS out on the street where he belongs and Alicia finally sees the light for what a slim he is.


I agree with the poster who says the constant pre-emption by football is getting a little old. I have to set my dvr to always record the show after just so I can be sure of getting all of the Good Wife. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Will and Alicia together, I really hope Peter cheats (can't stand him) and that Alicia finds out and dumps his sorry rear end and that he loses the governor ship! Thanks for reviewing.


I love Eli and when he took one look at the women he said she has got to go. He knows Peter all to well. Alicia and Carey are good but the others are babies who need to keep their mouths closed. I did not like the fact that we where told this guy was innocent but he still is going to be stuck in jail???????? Please leave Kalinda and her sexapids with will. Less Kalinda this year more of the kids, Eli, the mother in law and Alicia's brother. Also Carey is so smart but so stupid when it comes to Kalina...Please! It looks like it is going to hit the fan when Will finds out. I am sorry I don't like Will and I don't like Will and Alicia together.


I love this show but if CBS doesn't get their head out of their ass and get it on a night where it isn't pre-empted every week by stupid football......they are going to lose their fan base!!! I think they already have lost a lot of fans due to that. To me, the case of the week was interesting to say the least. Everyone, not just lawyers, seem to do their best work when they are under pressure to perform and perform well and get a result. I am just hoping they don't drag out all season long Alicia being torn between Will and Diane and Cary. But I have a feeling that's exactly what IS going to happen.


We kept getting teased that Alicia was going to tell Will and Diane. I wish she would have and let the chips fall. Of course Will will be mad at her, why would she not expect that? These fourth years need to simmer down and not be so obvious. I noticed in the previews Alicia being escorted out of the firm. That probably will not happened until the end. I just hope this season has steam.

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The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Alicia: It's kind of weird. Everything's ending.
Cary: Beginning, too.

Alicia: Thanks for doing this here.
Cary: No problem. What are you thinking?
Alicia: I'm in.
Cary: With Agos/Florrick?
Alicia: Florrik/Agos.