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Don't end up hating me.


Peter: She's right you know, we need a new chief of staff.
Eli: She's not right, she's anal.
Peter: Well, anal's what we need right now. Did I just say that?
Eli: Yes. Our new state motto.

No, at a certain point, it has to be over. Judgments must stand. God forgive me, I find for the state. The execution will proceed.

Judge Kluger

Cary: Are you having seconds thoughts?
Alicia: I don't know. I like watching Will and Diane. They care.
Cary: Alicia - you and I are the new Will and Diane!

Will: So, how does it feel to be First Lady of Illinois?
Alicia: Weird. Kind of like First Galactic Princess.

This execution is a direct violation of 8th Amendment protections and it should be delayed - until you can ensure its proper administration.


Alicia: It's kind of weird. Everything's ending.
Cary: Beginning, too.

Alicia: Thanks for doing this here.
Cary: No problem. What are you thinking?
Alicia: I'm in.
Cary: With Agos/Florrick?
Alicia: Florrik/Agos.

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