Alicia is very busy on The Good Wife Season 5 premiere. She is working on a case while planning to leave the firm.
Will is hard at work in this scene from The Good Wife. It's courtesy of the Season 5 premiere.
David Lee and Diane have a question for Alicia in this Good Wife season premiere scene: what does she know about the fourth-year associates leaving?
Will will be in for a shock on new episodes of The Good Wife. Alicia has made plans to leave the firm.
Cary will play a prominent role on The Good Wife Season 5. He and Alicia have some plans in the works.
Alicia and Cary try to keep their plans to start a new firm under wraps on the season premiere of The Good Wife. "How to Begin..." is the first episode of the show's fifth season.

The Good Wife Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

Alicia: It's kind of weird. Everything's ending.
Cary: Beginning, too.

Alicia: Thanks for doing this here.
Cary: No problem. What are you thinking?
Alicia: I'm in.
Cary: With Agos/Florrick?
Alicia: Florrik/Agos.