Chicago Fire Review: Resignation

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When Chicago Fire Season 2 premiered, Gail did not come across as the type of person who could really follow through on her threats, but I admit defeat. Gail pulled off the "Power Move" she was looking for this week, using the house against Boden.

Gail didn’t get her wish of closing down 51 - the state believes the house is too valuable to shut down - but she ended up removing the person she wants out the most.

Benny Severide

However, Boden’s letter of resignation has very little to do with Gail’s actions. It stems from the house and the people he commands. Most of this installment focused on what Boden sees and what he says. He watched his men and woman celebrate a job well done after the tree fell on the house and his small conversation with Mills before learning of potential asbestos poisoning began to get him thinking.

The potential poisoning was the final push he needed to tender his resignation. Looking at it from Boden’s point of view, he’s left a capable team in charge that support each other and he’s left a team of very good firefighters (if not better than him). Boden’s legacy is intact. Plus, Boden would never want to shoulder his team with the potential risk asbestos poisoning could have on his duties. He simply cares too much about them.

Gail asking Benny to take over for Boden was another power move. As I’ve mentioned before, I like Benny, but this hiring has the potential to paint him differently; we really don’t know how Benny manages people and his arrival puts Severide into a tough situation as well because he’ll end up getting in the middle, potentially damaging Severide’s relationship with Benny.

Clarke is one of those guys who does not do much talking, at least right now, instead watching and listening to those around him. For Clarke to speak up and try to console Shay over her patient’s suicide last month was pretty big and it’s really redeeming for him as a character. I like learning more about him and I’m hoping Jeff Hephner gets a more permanent spot.

Shay’s behavior is getting aggressive. She’s throwing soda at poor drivers and trying to prove everything to Dawson. She’s being reckless. And I’m struggling to figure out why she’s acting this way. Is she feeling upset about making fun of the patient? She deals with death all the time. It just happens to be that this wound is self-inflicted.

Molly’s is still under attack from Arthur and Game Day. Arthur deciding to throw a chair through the bar’s liquor cabinet didn’t make a lot of sense. Why would the guy collecting his weekly cut want to damage the place? It might send a message, but the only message it’s sending is being a thug. I’m curious, though, did someone set Game Day on fire?

A Few More Thoughts:

  • I hope Cruz isn't seriously considering marrying Molly's bartender so she can get a green card. I don't know if I can deal with Cruz making poor life choices again.
  • Casey is absolutely wonderful to those boys, but Heather's also losing hope in prison. She has a very tough few months ahead of her, but I hope she doesn't do something drastic.
  • NBC has announced that Chicago PD will be taking over Chicago Fire's old Wednesday night spot beginning January 8.

What are your thoughts on the episode? How long will it be before Chief Boden is back? Who set Game Day on fire? Why has it taken Chicago Fire this long to take shirts off?


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If Boden does return to Chicago Fire, I will never watch it again! Benny can never fill Boden shoes. He does not fit into the role at all! He's retired, leave him retired! That role is Bodens role and no-one can play that role but him. NBC you have a hit, please do not mess it up!


I love this show and think it is great. I can't believe the "Rat" thought he could stay and not have people hate him. Gail should know that now that the rat is out he is of no use anymore. Benny is a jerk and I don't think Severide is going to be happy with him taking Boden's place. Also since Benny is such a jerk I don't think he is going to like being under Gail's thumb. I am sure Severide will be the one to bring Shay around. They have this odd connection that works. Cruz please don't be stupid enough to marry Zoya. Clarke is growing on me, loved how he tried to help Shay. Maybe it will work later. Maybe he can move in with Shay and Severide? I don't know, Shay and Severide seem to do well with just the two of them. I think Arthur set Game Day on fire. Still don't like the cop Dawson is sleeping with. There is nothing good on Wednesday so I wish NBC would move Chicago Fire back to Wednesday and put it as a combo with Chicago PD. I hate CF is on the same time as POI.


LOL! The Voice gets 'billing' over CF because it gets big ratings while CF's ratings have dropped steadily every week probably because the writers insist on running a seemingly endless string of cliched, implausible, daytime-soap level storylines.


So, why are they getting rid of Boden? I like him with his men and women in the house. They could give him a more involved role with them. Just don't get why he needs to be replaced by someone who is already retired. Wait! If they can reinstate and already retired guy, does this leave the door open for Boden to return?

Sarah silva

One more thing, I felt bad for Isabella when Mills called her Gaby!

Sarah silva

I really hoped that the talk from Clarke would have helped Shay, but it did not. She will hit rock bottom very soon.
I loved all the guys, Boden included giving the rat (do not even care enough about him to remember his name) transfer papers! That was so great.
So how long to we have to wait for Chi Fi to return? The Voice some how gets billing over Chi Fi and I want to know for how long!

Sarah silva

This show is one of the best on tv!
I have not liked Benny from the moment we saw him. Just something about him I did not like. Then when he pretended to be surprised that Gail said she wanted him to take over for Boden, I could not help but roll my eyes! I did love when Kelly got up from the table as soon as his dad told him the news. I can not imagine Chicago Fire and 51 without Boden. I really hope he is does not have asbestos and that Gail goes away and Boden remains at 51.
I love that Griffen asked Casey if he could go back to the firehouse. I have a feeling that Heather will not make it out of prison, just this bad feeling I have. So then Casey will adopt the boys.
I still do not want Casey and Gaby to be together, please hold off on that for as long as possible.
Now that Game Day was set on fire, Gaby, Hermann and Otis will be blamed for it. I really do not want to see them lose Molly's.
I am so glad that Kelly told Zoya he could not marry her.
I really hoped that the talk from Clarke would have helped Shay, but it did not. She will hit rock bottom very soon.
I loved all the guys, Boden included giving the rat (do not even care enough about him to remember his name) transfer papers! That was so great.
So how long to we have to wait for Chi Fi to return? The Voice some how gets billing over Chi Fi and I want to know for how long!


Not keen on this episode and concur with the comments above. What I don't get is why the reviewer does not understand why Shay is acting aggressive. She is suffering from a major amount of guilt but more important is a classic case of ptsd. Hence the military talk from Clarke. They need to tidy up the story line with the incompatible roomates, and the extortionist. Of course, with him burning down the other sports bar, I see this story line going for some time to come.

@ Jean

Here's why I'm continuing to scratch my head over her aggressiveness: she's a paramedic. Shay sees absolutely horrific accidents every day on the job, and she's never once blinked. She's been able to go to a different headspace before. But I never gave PTSD a thought; thank you for bringing it up. That gives me better insight, and it explains most everything.


Continuing from last comment: This may be an even worse plot than last season when they had the trainee paramedic who accused Severide of sexual harassment get insta-promoted to senior officer, and that plot was just lol stupid.

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