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Beatles week continued on Glee and this one was (even) better than last Thursday's premiere. There was Sue snark. There was progress in the story lines. There was great music. There was Demi Lovato.

"Tina in the Sky with Diamonds" was a strong second week for Glee, which will be taking a break after next week's tribute to Cory Monteith.

Santana and Dani

Let's just start by shouting the news we've been waiting to hear since Glee first debuted over 4 years ago. 

RACHEL GOT THE PART! She's Fanny Brice! 

No joke, I teared up when the producer came into the diner to give her the news. She cried. I cried. And I felt silly for crying because this is a TV show and she's not even a real person. But it just felt so perfect. So real. 

We've followed along with Rachel's dreams of getting to Broadway, or as close to it as possible, as quickly as possible. We've heard time and again that this was the role she was born to play. She was so convinced she hadn't gotten the part that part of me thought they might decide to go another way with the story. 

While it might be more dramatic for her not to get the role right now, I don't mind that she's gotten her first break while she's just, what, 19? (Especially when compared to Santana's first break.) Ah! I'm so happy for Rachel right now. Go on with your Funny Girl self! 

Except for Kurt and Rachel and the piano tuning brigade meant solely for the purposes of choreographing "Get Back," everything about New York was perfect tonight. 

Demi Lovato as Dani, Santana's love interest, is a really great addition. The potential relationship gave us a chance to see the typically confident, slightly brash Santana be nervous and sort of schoolgirl-ish. Like Rachel said, it was cute. 

Dani seems more mature, which works well since the idea is that we see the characters in New York as older than they actually are. Bonus? She can sing. Their duet on "Here Comes The Sun," while not my favorite performance of the night, was a decent way to tell us a little more about Dani. I don't even care that Santana's already calling Dani her girlfriend and usually that's the sort of thing that would bug me. 

Back at McKinley, Tina developed a bit of a diva syndrome after being nominated for prom queen. She dumped Sam which allowed him to hit on the college student Sue hired to vaccinate everyone against polio. (I can't even with how ridiculous that sentence is. But yes. That's what happened.)

Any time there's a prom, there's always a chance the prom will get Carrie-d. It finally happened on Glee when Bree arranged for a bucket of slushies to be dumped on Tina's head. It was just as mortifying as the pig's blood in Carrie but less devastating because Tina can't start fires with her mind. So there's that, right?

If I think about this prom too much I'm going to get annoyed at how Tina can't get a decent storyline. Poor, mistreated, badly written Tina. 

What I did like about her slushie-ing is the way the glee club rallied behind her, cleaned her up, and sent her back into the prom. It was reminiscent of Kurt's prom queen win and kind of a testament to the strength of the group when they come together. And it gave us "Hey Jude," my second favorite Beatles song next to the closing number, "Let It Be."

All in all, this was a solid second episode of the season, building up enough momentum so far that next week's tribute to Cory Monteith will be appropriately devastating. I've already got my tissues at the ready just after seeing the previews.

What did you think of tonight's episode, "Tina In The Sky With Diamonds?" Were you surprised that Rachel got the part? How did you like Demi Lovato's debut?


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Glee was signed for 2 years bcause it is turning into a nyc show (like the Practice turnwd into Boston Legal)
The best singers are slowly moving to NYC as they introduce new charecters.
RACHEL Santana and Kurt will be joined by Blaine next year. Remember Brittany is now in a nyc school.
They will introduce some straight male charecers and Nayada-Glee will be phenomimal next year.... can they move Mercedes to NYC too I hope?


with the exception of sam's cover of "something" that's was decent.


their covers were horrendous! the disco covers from sgt. pepper's lonely heart's club band were better and (as much as i love disco) that is saying something...


thanks God Beatles weeks are over...I honestly think they did a poor job in combining the songs with the whole story, although I always like their performance, it was just too forced.


I'm sorry. It's awful, but I just could not conjure up the excitement and happiness I know I would have normally felt for Rachel did I not know the devastation and agony that is around the corner for her, and by extension, us. And can I just say that the total exclusion of Finn in this and last week's episodes was completely wrong and not within the show's continuity? Wouldn't Rachel have IMMEDIATELY called Finn to tell him of the amazing news of her winning the role of Fanny Brice? So the glaring omission of that just made it all the more forced and painful in the knowledge that everything is about to come crashing down on Rachel in one week.


(contd)nominated and have her harass Kitty for not wanting to back her, instead of having a sophomore nominated for the Junior/Senior prom (even if she did acknowledge it was weird).


I really cannot get over how much I dislike the Lima parts of the episodes. I tried to come to terms with it last season, and at least while Finn was stepping in for Will I was able to over look it, but now? As soon as Blaine is out of that school and in New York with the rest of them Ryan Murphy should really lobby to get the show split. I think the New York parts of the episode are up to par with season 1/2 of Glee but the Lima stuff is just rehashing old story lines with characters, for the most part, I can't seem to care about. I think the biggest mistake they made was giving up on the spin off when it got leaked. O well. If I ignore the Lima parts I loved this episode. Not ready for next weeks episode. Hoping the episode focuses on the original cast and they do both Finn and Cory justice. Oh and one more thing...I could not help but find it super annoying that Kitty was nominated for prom queen. They could have just as easily told us the b*tchy cherrio was a Junior and have her nominated and have her harass Kitty for not wanting to back her, instead of having a sophomore nominated for the Junior/Senior prom (even if she did acknowledge it was weird).


Oh! Also, I absolutely loved the addition of Demi Lovato to the show. And I thought Here Comes the Sun was great! They sound amazing together! I can't wait to see their storyline develop! I love Santana!


I also preferred all the NY scenes last night. And I'm sure hoping that since Rachel got the part, that means much more Peter Facinelli on the show for me! Huge bonus! I hope she can still work all of this out on the show after next week's tribute episode. Hopefully his death won't cause her to not be able to do it or something. I just have to say though, in Lima, I'm so over Marley's character. I just think everything she does it completely over the top and ridiculous. So for that, I'm glad we haven't spent much time on her yet. I think Sam deserves a good storyline, so I don't care if he's dating the intern nurse. I've always thought he was under used. Tina's prom queen storyline was predictable, but yes, it was nice to see the Glee club stand behind her like that, especially Kitty. Next week is going to be super rough. I couldn't even make it through the previews.

Miranda wicker

@cay--I almost speculated that last night. That they set Rachel up with the part only to have her world crash around her next week. Really, they've set everyone's worlds up to bring them crashing down. And yes, Santana's ad was amazing, as was every time she actually said "yeast-i-stat" with a straight face.

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