Gossip Girl Rewatch: The Series Premiere

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Due to Netflix's recent release of Gossip Girl Season 6, I find myself missing our favorite Upper East Siders.

So what better way to reacquaint with them than a Gossip Girl rewatch? That's right, it's time to go back and review every single episode of this TV Fanatic favorite.

However, there's no way to do this without acknowledging the fact that we know the identity of the famed blogger. But that's okay. That actually makes this fun. Were hints dropped along the way? How will our perception of the series be shaded by this knowledge?

Without further ado, cue up your DVD and listen to the sounds of Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" fade in as we revisit this beloved group of Big Applers on Gossip Girl Season 1 Episode 1...

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The first two things I notice are Serena's nose and Dan's sideburns. Both are really... different now. I can't believe how young all these characters are! Eric Van Der Woodson's sun-in hair is incredible.

There are already so many things that will foreshadow future storylines. Jenny caught Dan on Gossip Girl's website. Lily makes a comment to Serena about doing "God knows what with God knows who" in boarding school. Gossip Girl season 4 school teacher drama anyone?

I find myself epically confused to see Chuck Bass on public transportation with Nate and Dan. There's also a bunch of things mentioned in the pilot that obviously didn't stick when the show was picked up. For starters: The casting of Eleanor Waldorf! So glad they did, Margaret Colin in such a better choice.

Chuck makes mention of his "parents" plural. Blair's non-existent country house is dropped a few times. The scenery is different. But then again, these are just minor pilot notes that change whenever a show is picked up and goes into production.

Although there are a bunch of times when you can say "oh man I should've known it was Dan," Stephanie Savage said in her Gossip Girl finale interview that they didn't want it to influence Penn Badgley's performance. My favorite part was definitely when he's at the Palace trying to give Serena her phone and he's arguing with the doorman.

I think Dan kind of liked his anonymity, but he liked Serena a lot more.

She doesn't know me. Nobody knows me. It's cool. It's fine.

As for everyone else: Serena was obviously fighting her true nature and trying to start over. Nate was a conflicted teenager, who sort of had a conscience, judging by his confession to Blair about sleeping with Serena. Blair was less amusingly neurotic and more forthright with her bitchiness.

Lastly, is there anything worse than Chuck trying to force himself on two different girls?

It was unfortunate for the writers that they kicked off Chuck's character as such a horrible guy. However. six seasons later, he was the Chuck Bass everyone came to know and love. And now there's catch phrases, fan-fiction and t-shirts like this:

Chuck My Bass

Welcome back to the Upper East Side. You know you love us. Join us all fall long for this Gossip Girl rewind and sound off on your favorite pilot points.


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When are you going to do the next review?!


The first two seasons of GG have got to be one of the best two seasons for any show of its genre. They're amazing, and it's too bad it got destroyed and ruined after those.


If there is anyone still reading this site, could you please vote in this:


I also have this theory that Jenny didn't know Dan was GG on seasons 1 and 2, because otherwise their scenes in those seasons can't make much sense. In my theory, Jenny found out about her brother being GG in the summer between seasons 2 and 3, when they stayed at Cece's house in the Hamptons. That also can sort of explain a little her bold attitude in season 3, she probably felt that she was more invencible as Queen with her brother being GG, and I also think many GG posts we saw from season 3 onwards were actually written by Jenny, not Dan.


Your comment about Chuck, I totally 100% agree. But I also blame the book for that. I can't say I have read the 12 books thoroughly or even the first one (though I do own them... because of the cover pics with scenes from the show), but I read pieces of the first one and those 2 plot lines were in the book, the one with Serena was less agressive in the book than in the show (though verbally nasty still) and the one with Jenny was in my opinion worst in the book that in the show (it was in a bathroom stall, the girl had tear tracks on her face, her dress was messed up and Dan's reaction in the book was way too pasive, which is ironic considering the scene that you are reading). In fact, the other day I was reading about GG Acapulco and I see that in the book, Dan reacts way too passive and doesn't punch Chuck, in our beloved TV show, he does punch Chuck giving him a black eye, and in GG Acapulco, their version of Dan punches their version of Chuck first in the gut, then in the face and knocks him down over a pier, landing him on water. It's like the level of violence increases.


Also, I love how they had Chuck try to rape Serena in the pilot (and of course this was never mentioned again), but then in season 6 Blair is thanking Chuck for never having slept with Serena... well I guess it's a good thing she was able to fight him off then, huh? And Chuck's despicable response to that statement -- "The pleasure was all mine." (as if he hadn't made repeated passes at her throughout season 1.) Makes me want to puke.


The "Dan being Gossip Girl" reveal was one of the dumbest things this show ever did (and it did a lot of stupid stuff over the years). The amount of scenes that exist that make it impossible for Dan to have been Gossip Girl (e.g. talking to Jenny about Gossip Girl when they were alone, when apparently Jenny knew it was him all along - so were they faking it... for each other??) make the entire reveal laugh-worthy. It's amazing how much producers don't care about story-telling consistency - they must have no pride in their work.


amazing thank you guys this is great i misss me some gg


No way! I JUST started re-watching the series a couple of weeks ago! I'm just nearing the end of Season 2 now, but I'm really interested in reading these reviews in light of the fact that we all know how the series ended. Great idea!


Gosh I miss this show! I think I'm going to have to rewatch this again along with you! Sounds fun! Especially since I watched seasons 1 and 2 on DVD first then started live on season 3!

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