Modern Family Review: Sensitivity Chip

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Cam's sister whirled onto this week's Modern Family and brought a whole bunch of drama from the farm. Due to their competitive nature, Cam was afraid to tell his sister about his upcoming wedding.

Well, as it turns out, she had a wedding announcement of her own. That's right, Pameron's engaged to Beau Hudson, Cam's first crush. And, oh yeah, her name is Pameron.

Cameron's Sister

Cam just could not believe that his first crush could possibly be into his boar-toting sister. Jabs were thrown and Pam told Cam that everyone knew he wasn't "Farm Strong." Oh, snap. It turns out that wasn't even what hurt Cam the was the fact that his sister accused him of being the emotionally fragile one in the family.

Cue a fight that got so close to getting physical, I saw jewelry coming off, steam coming out of noses and poor Mitchell almost getting squished to death trying to break it up! But yeah Mitchell, that shirt color doesn't do much for you.

C'mon, don't you kind of know when you're emotionally fragile or the sensitive one of the group? I know I'm sensitive and I'm not too proud to admit that. I'm not as dramatic as Cam, but then again most Broadway actors aren't even as dramatic as Cam. That whole truth telling session in the kitchen, though? Holy hell, that would never happen in my household. There's just some stuff you don't say. This is especially true when it comes to in-laws. Cam could make fun of his sister but God forbid Claire agreed when he asked her to!

Everyone was getting in touch with their sensitive side on this week's Modern Family. Claire and Phil felt guilt over missing Luke's game. Then Claire felt guilt for lying and Luke didn't want to make Phil feel worse that he missed it. Then Phil accidentally killed a nest of baby crows. Those mama birds looked angry, I would've run too! However, Manny wasn't the only smart one this time. I knew it was called a "murder of crows." Okay, so maybe I learned that from One Tree Hill and an "unkindness of ravens" but whatever. Same conclusion.

Elsewhere, Gloria was sensitive about getting older and needing glasses. Jay was sensitive about needing a hearing aid. But as they said:

Jay: I won't be able to hear her. She won't be able to see me.

Gloria: We'll be together forever! | permalink

Aww those two, always looking on the bright side! Luckily everyone made up and Cam realized that his sensitivity wasn't always a bad thing. He's emotionally fragile, dramatic, pretty feminine and sometimes totally over the top but that's why we LOVE him! And America does too judging by the accolades Modern Family gets at every awards show. That scene in the kitchen when he dropped his voice and got all bro-like on the phone with beau had me cracking up. 

What did you think of this week's Modern Family? Can your family be that honest with each other? 


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"There's just some stuff you don't say." I more and more convinced that the phrase i did hear long ago it was a profecy.
"In an hypocrite society, the truth turns into a weapon" I liked the episode, but it seems that the scenes from now on must be between 3 or more characters, because half hour is not enough

Sarah silva

What a great 100th episode!
There were many great scenes and many funny lines.
My favorite of the night was when Cam was talking to Bo and he was trying to be all manly and then when he got off the phone and was the real Cam, the first thing out of Mitchell's mouth was "and we are Gay again".
Then Cameron's sisters real first name is Pameron, too funny.
I also love that secretly Luke is a great soccer player.
So Gloria and Jay will live happily ever after with her not being able to see him and he won't be able to hear her.
Lily had some great moments too.

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