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Jay: I won't be able to hear her, she won't be able to see me.
Gloria: Well be together forever!

Well there was this girl on the 16-year-old team who wasn't wearing a bra, so that was cool.


Phil: The universe punished me. I did something awful to a bunch of baby crows.
Manny: Actually it's not a bunch of crows, it's called a murder.
Phil: I know what I did!

Would you believe she said I'm the emotionally fragile one? I mean how crazy is that!


Everyone knows you're not farm strong!

Pam [to Cam]

You'd rather kill your husband than admit you need glasses?


Alex: Ok, that's it Grandpa's cheating.
Haley: On Gloria? How could he possibly do better?

Haley: Shouldn't she be playing Words with Friends with friends?
Alex: Grandpa is my friend.
Haley: Of course he is. That's not sad

She can be meaner than a barn owl at sunset.

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