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Modern Family Review: A New Manny

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Modern Family's latest episode was chock full of terrific guest stars, thanks to appearances by Adam DeVine, Peri Gilpin, Nathan Lane and Fred Willard. 

"The Help" focused on three separate story lines from the three different families, giving us three different sets of laughs!

However, I found that the funniest part of the half hour to be completely word-free. Nothing was better than Lily at the end rolling her eyes and banging her head on the table listening to Cam, Mitchell and Pepper arguing over wedding plans. Baby girl, I feel you!

Pepper Plans a Wedding

The Dunphys

Fred Willard was back as Phil's father. It turns out he broke up with that sweet woman from the Modern Family season 4 finale, Annie. We later find out it was because he was worried about getting intimate, a problem he didn't have when he picked up Peri Gilpin. Then again, Gilpin was a hooker so really she picked him up.

I loved the scene with Jay taking the guys out. He was so upset that that woman turned him down. He was ready to whip out Gloria's beauty pageant pictures! Phil was nervous as only Phil would be. I loved how he hasn't forgotten about Jay telling him to "grow a pair" at the Celine Dion concert. I agree, Phil, the boat sank but Jack and Rose's love never died! The Haley and Alex fighting was just a pain to hear. 


Cam and Mitchell are ready to freak out mid-wedding planning. Luckily for them, Nathan Lane was back as Pepper and Pepper is a wedding planning machine. On a complete stress high from planning 50-something gay weddings, Pepper puts the guys in Willy Wonka looking top hats and wants them to make their entrance on a "unicorn." When the boys mesh better with Pepper's assistant, Rinaldo, everything goes awry.

This storyline was a little too telenovela for me. Despite the usual awesome performances by Cam and Mitch, sometimes Pepper is just so over the top. I know he's supposed to be but it can be overwhelming. Then his love moment with Rinaldo was even soapier. Like I said, Lily was my favorite part of that storyline.


Gloria has been firing all the nannies because she doesn't like sharing her home with another woman. Also, Manny has been hitting on them. He hit puberty, what did they expect?? When she meets Workaholics' Adam DeVine at the park, all her problems are solved. He's a nanny, a trainer, and a chef all in one. Jay and Manny are not impressed.

Andy: I'm the new manny.

Manny: Am I being replaced? | permalink

Then Andy gives them the one thing that Jay and Manny could never achieve on their own: Andy can calm Gloria down and get her to stop yelling. Voila, he's hired and it's protein shakes and morning power walks.


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    I like the show modern family but am offended by the use of the word goddamn in last nights show. 1/13/2014


    I Like the show Modern Family but was offended by the use the word goddamn in last nights show 1/13/2014.


    Honestly, this episode just totally MISSED the mark for me...I tried, but I just didn't feel any of it was that good. Sure, the acting was as good as usual, but the lines they had to say just didn't work. I guess even the "best" must have a sub-par episode.


    It was shocking for me hear a possible future for alex, OMFG
    And a replacement to Manny, that was hilarious.
    Poor Phil father, although on his favor, he had been very loyal to his wife. I guess many women right now are climbing the walls for that.


    This was a pretty good episode!
    The ending with Lily was priceless, she is a great little actress.
    I loved that when Jay, Frank and Phil went out to the bar and the one snobby lady ignored Jay and the fact that he seemed upset that he was not being hit on was funny. Yes he is married and they were there for Frank BUT Jay still thinks he's got it and wanted to leave when he realized that may not be the case.
    I loved the Mitch/Cam/Pepper and Rinaldo scenes. They were great. However I do side with the guys and I would not want a wedding planned by Pepper, but yet he seems to be in demand! :)
    The reference from the hooker that Alex reminded her of herself when she was younger was pretty funny.
    Personally I think the Manny will get annoying pretty fast. Even though some of the best lines of the night were when Gloria introduced the new "Manny" and the real Manny asked if he was being replaced.


    Leigh, I agree with you. My favorite part is when Lily at the end rolls her eyes and bangs her head on the table listening to Cam, Mitchell and Pepper arguing over wedding plans. I hope that Andy the manny stays as a regular Modern family character. He is great !