Once Upon a Time Photo Preview: Over the Sea

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A certain someone makes a splash on Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 6.

Yes, viewers, Ariel will no longer be under the sea on the installment aptly titled "Ariel," as JoAnna Garcia Swisher makes her debut in this iconic, much-anticipated role.

Look for the little mermaid to save Snow White from drowning in Fairy Tale Land and for Snow to return this favor by helping Ariel get close to Prince Eric.

Elsewhere during the hour, Emma, Mary Margaret, David and Hook will try to save Neal, who is being kept prisoner in one of Pan's encampments, while Regina and Mr. Gold reluctantly team up to find a way to take down Pan... once and for all.

Sort through photos from the upcoming Once Upon a Time Season 3 episode now:

Snow Admires Ariel
Snow & Ariel
Snow's in Awe
No More Snow White?
Ariel Emerges
A Mermaid on Land
Ariel Looks Happy
Accepting Help
How Will She Help

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Ronald simkins

I don't understand how Peter Pan is a villain. Gold is really evil. I suspect the Peter is trying to save Neverland with Henry's pure heart of the true believer.


My least favorite Disney iteration of a character. The original story of the Little Mermaid was about how, if you give up who you are (her tail), you lose everything. Disney's version says that, if you give up everything, your reward is true love and happy ever after. Grrrr!


Regina's sister?
Snow's dad and brother?
Charming's mom, brother, sister and dad?

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

He has his reasons but it's a sure bet they're not good ones.


Regina: You're such a pathetic waste of ability.
Emma: And you're a monster.