Supernatural Round Table: "Devil May Care"

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Supernatural fans bore witness to Abaddon's rise to power this week, as "Devil May Care" focused on the return of this redheaded knight and her plans for Crowley.

Was our Round Table team of Carissa Pavlica, Sean McKenna and Alice (from Winchester Family Business) happy to have Abaddon back? Do they want to see more hunters akin to Tracy? And what is their take on Dean's speech to Kevin?

Gather around below and join in the lively Supernatural debate...


What was your favorite scene from the episode?
Carissa: Ezekiel shining his angel though Sam was great. I can still remember the first time we saw Cas do that and the visual still packs a punch - especially coming from one of our beloved Winchester boys, even if it's via angel possession.

Alice: No contest, because it was the most badass thing we've seen on Supernatural in a while.  The demons knock Sam unconscious but unbeknownst to them (fine, Sam too), he's got an all powerful angel hiding inside.  Ezekiel kicking ass with the blue eyes, golden glowing light and extended wings in a Sam meatsuit rocks!  I especially was floored by how damaged Ezekiel's wings were.  He and Sam really need each other right now, don't they?

It's not just that, though. I loved Dean having a talk with Ezekiel afterward, spilling his guts about the burden he's carrying not just for stopping Sam from closing the gates of Hell and letting demons continue to hurt people, but not telling Sam he's possessed by an angel.  The poor dude is really being eaten away by guilt and it's very sad he can't share that burden with Sam.  And yes, Ezekiel was right, he did it all for love. Admit it, Winchester!

Sean: Totally agree with Carissa and Alice. There's always been something cool about seeing those angel wings and Ezekiel/Sam extending his broken ones while taking out three demons at once was fun to watch. Supernatural Season 9 is shaping up nicely so far.

Supernatural Round Table 1-27-15

Are you glad Abaddon is back?
Carissa: No. I've never liked her. I love me a sassy redhead, but she doesn't fit the bill. She over-acts, seems more harmless than harmful and is rather boring. She's probably my least favorite demon they've ever encountered on the show so bringing her back is doing me no favors.

Alice: Hell yes! She's old school, bringing back the days demons were brutal, ruthless savages causing terror and destruction, not salesmen. She's hot tempered (it's the red hair, trust me) and even the red color of her fingernails creeps us out!  She's also smarter than the average demon, so she's not going to go away easily.  I'm looking forward to seeing her and Crowley have evil showdowns in the future.

Sean: I'm interested to see the story set up for her this season. She's a bit over the top, but for now I'm OK with the sexy redheaded demon as another cog in the Winchester's array of problems. It's always enjoyable to see the demon hierarchy and I'm on board with her causing some havoc. That confrontation with her and Crowley should be entertaining.

Do you think Abaddon will ever possess Dean or kill Crowley?
Carissa: If by possess you mean have Dean in the sack? That might be fun to see. He's always been rather sexless and afraid around women, so that might be the one thing that would give her some spark - trying to turn Dean on. If the powers that be ever kill off Crowley in favor that Abaddon I'll take serious issue. She doesn't have nearly the entertainment value found in Mark Sheppard.

Alice: I've often wondered why Dean has never been possessed. Nine seasons he's avoided that. Is that just dumb luck, or is there a reason for that? I would think he's un-possessable or something, but then I remember how easily he fell to ghost sickness and possession by a Spectre, so why can't it happen with a demon or angel?

I'm sorry, what was the question? Oh, Abaddon. Possess Dean, no, especially with good old buddy Ezekiel around. Plus Crowley will never be killed, because he's too awesome.

Sean: Sam's been taken over by both Lucifer and Ezekiel, so what if Abaddon took over Dean? I find the concept interesting, but I also enjoyed the tension between Abaddon and Dean. Fight or make out? Pick one, guys. Also, Crowley is Crowley, and I have a hard time picturing his actual defeat and demise. He always finds a way to pop back in.

Would you want to see more new hunters like Tracy?
Carissa: It would seem that with the portal being opened last year we would have met a lot more already, kind of like all the extra slayers that were spawned on Buffy near the end. I liked Tracy. Not only wouldn't I mind seeing more hunters, I'd like to see more Tracy.

Alice: I'd love to see more hunters. I'd love to see more strong willed and cocky female hunters, but I don't want to see Tracy.  She rubbed me the wrong way.  I thought Krissy was better and I didn't care that much for Krissy. I didn't buy her quick turnaround about Sam after harboring all that resentment for so long just because Dean gave her speech.  Hopefully she won't be back.

Sean: I thought Tracy was fine and I'd be OK with seeing her again. With the primary focus on Sam and Dean saving the world, sometimes it's easy to forget that there are a bunch of other hunters out there. I don't want to be overwhelmed with a cast of new hunters, but it would be nice to see some more of them.

What did you think of Dean's speech to Kevin about family?
Carissa: He was saying it from the heart. It's not always easy for them to be touchy feely in their position as they're always on the run and it seems easier to bottle up their emotions so when the expected death blow hits, they're more prepared. Kevin is still just a kid and needed to hear it. How long that one speech will keep him around is another matter.

Alice: I think it comes a little late, but I always say better late than never.  I wasn't all surprised to see Kevin still have trust issues with Sam and Dean, but it's like those were the words that Kevin had longed to hear for a while.  He got emotional!  I'm still not convinced Dean's speech will earn his loyalty forever, but he's at least on board with the brothers for now.  Maybe when he eventually does leave he'll do so without being so pissed off.

Sean: I was glad Dean was able to squash the issue and express the family speech. And I'm glad that Kevin didn't let Crowley go. I just hope that Kevin isn't later swayed with the prospect his mom might still be out there.

What are Sam and Dean going to do with Crowley?
Carissa: I don't know. But, locking him up to stew in his own juices seems to be the right approach. He was flashing back to his near-exorcism and he didn't like feeling the feels at all. That's exactly what they want him to be doing, because it makes him vulnerable. A vulnerable Crowley is one who will be more likely to work with them and not against them.

Alice: I'd like to see them let him go on their terms, letting him loose to fight Abaddon, rather than something go very wrong and Crowley escape. Dean kept him alive for a reason, and that's because he's useful (plus torture is fun).  He's the devil they know, and that can end up working to their advantage. There's also a reason Crowley hasn't killed them yet. He has a soft spot for the boys. Without them, his life wouldn't be as fun.

Sean: Let him watch more episodes of HBO's Girls. They are going to need him against Abaddon, and I'm curious as to just how changed Crowley is from that near-exorcism. He ramped up his bad guy status last season, and I'm looking forward to seeing how he deals with everything this go around. It's not like it's going to be a slumber party full of pillow fights and ghost stories for Sam, Dean and Crowley.


I guess you don't get sarcasm.


I did say that Dean seems to prefer flirting i.e. the chase rather than the catch. However, as I stated, we have not SEEN him in many sexual situations. You are aware that flirting with someone does not automatically lead to sex and Dean flirting with someone doesn’t automatically mean he wants sex? And honestly, I prefer to think of Dean as someone who enjoys flirting because it makes him feel good and the person he’s flirting with feel good, and who thinks of and treats women with respect and so does not jump into bed with every woman that he sees. I’m not at all keen on your version of Dean who, not only is a promiscuous man-whore but who expects somebody to prostitute themselves for him as payment for the help he gives them. I don’t know how strong you are at maths but if it’s your contention that 1 + 1 = 5 then okay. I would, however, advise you to get new batteries for your calculator and maybe check your answer again.


So I guess I imagined that Dean had a hot threesome back in season 3 and that he very enthusiastically enjoyed it. Or that he brazenly hit on Jo in seasons 2 and 5. Or how he told Haley in season 1 she could repay him with sex (hinted at it). Or any of the many other times he very confidently hit on women. I guess a man who's sexless and afraid of women acts in such a manner. Nevermind that Carissa's ludicrous statement flies in the face of everything we've ever seen of Dean Winchester, it's all subjective. Like I my contention that 1+1= 5.
Alright then.


There are many occasions when the sky is green. The sky is often green during the Northern Lights in Norway, for example. The sky is often green before tornados. Clarissa interpreted what she saw, and that is what an opinion is. It’s not, as you claim, based on fact (because if it was everyone would have the same opinion). It is based on the interpretation of fact.


It's like me saying the sky is green, nevermind the fact that we've never seen it being green, it's my opinion so it's valid.
You have the option of defending her right to just make stuff up. And I have the right to ignore this roundtable in favor of reviewers who may have vastly different opinions from me, but who at least get their opinions based on fact. Peace.


I didn't abuse her. I called her out on what to me, as a long time viewer, is a completely baseless point of view with absolutely no basis in fact. Y


Dean being ‘afraid of women’ is subjective. You don’t have to agree with it but that certainly doesn’t give you the right to post the litany of abuse that you did. No-one said anything about Sam and his sexual experiences because the question was about Dean and Abbadon. You’ve stated that you couldn’t care less etc etc but you've posted thirteen comments now about the same thing. Some might interpret that as you caring a lot. No-one is treating you like a baby. If you want to state that Sam is short and fat then do. I guess to some very tall and very skinny people then he would be.


It's alright then to state that Sam is short and fat because it's just her opinion! Whatever, I really don't care anymore.


It WASN'T an opinion. It WAS a lie, because whether you feel Dean is a sexgod or not, he has NEVER been sexless, and he has NEVER, EVER been afraid of women. The girl in "TRG' in fact noticed and commented on it when Dean hit on her. So yes, I see that as defending a lie.
And for the record, Sam has NOT had any more sexual experiences than Dean has, but I didn't see her, or you, making that claim about him, so yeah, I see that as letting your bias get in the way of facts.
As I've already stated, and you choose to ignore, I couldn't care less if somebody shares a different opinion of me. I read reviews all the time that I disagree with and that fine. I don't just read reviews where they say what I like to hear. Don't talk down to me like I'm a child. This wasn't her having a different opinion. It was her stating a complete falsehood from everything we've always seen on SPN. So next I guess it will be ok to state, as someone else here said, that Sam is short and fat, because hey, that's her opinion! Whatever.


roxi, I don’t remember saying I hate you. (Wow, persecution complex much!!) Clarissa didn’t lie; therefore I am not defending a lie. She didn’t lie because an opinion cannot be a lie. Do you not understand that? An opinion CAN NOT be a lie. Therefore, I am defending an opinion. You saying that Dean is a promiscuous manwhore is also not a lie, it’s an opinion. The fact that you're attacking someone for expressing an opinion tells me exactly where your head is. Re your decision to not read here any more; your choice. I hope you’ll be able to find one that says exactly what you want.

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