The Mentalist Review: The New Tiger

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Out one of Patrick Jane's tricks to avoid Red John's scrutiny took an ugly turn this week on The Mentalist, as several people got "Red Listed."

Of course, as Jane pointed out, they were all bad men. None of them were innocents, just innocent of being Red John. But the person on the hunt for the sadistic serial killer was willing to be just as depraved to find him... and I can't say the revelation of the hunter's identity was much of a surprise.

Jane's Fake List

We've always known that Bob Kirkland was seriously creepy, so his place on the real Red John list wasn't a surprise. Many fans have long suspected that Bob was hiding his own agenda where RJ was concerned and it turned out they were right. 

Still, how far Kirkland was willing to go to snare his brother's killer was shocking. Much like Jane, I'm not saying it's right, but I really didn't care what happened to the suspected pedophile.

Jane: Would the world really miss him if something happened? | permalink

That Kirkland wouldn't think twice about burning, torturing and killing all of those people - including Jane - simply to find Red John made him just as depraved as the mad man for which he'd been searching. 

One of the high points of the episode was the return of Madeleine Hightower. It's been three years since she ran for her life from the CBI and I've long wondered what happened to her. When Jane heard about the tragic accident in Mexico, I had no doubt that she was still alive.

That she and Jane met at the Heavenly Gardens Chinese restaurant for tea was simply perfect. And it was obvious that Madeleine was still terrified of Red John - and with good reason. She'll do anything she has to to keep her family safe and who could blame her?

I was impressed when her conscience prompted her not only to call Lisbon later, but to be her backup on the quest to find Jane and Kirkland...and that she had a full arsenal in her backseat. I also loved how sure she was that Jane would finally end this when she told him in this The Mentalist quote...

Hightower: Next time I hear from you you better be telling me Red John is dead.
Jane: Deal. | permalink

Perhaps we won't have much longer to wait.

Agent Reede Smith was the wild card of the night. I must admit the man's a professional at playing dumb. He was quite convincing when he stared blankly at Kirkland when the Homeland Security agent used the code words Tiger, Tiger.

Wayne and Grace were the comic relief, as Rigsby already wondered if Grace has lost interest in him. Grace's trench coat visit to the CBI certainly wasn't subtle but it  was cute. 

And is it just me or are Rigsby and Cho always chasing bad guys from cheesy motels? But Cho's reaction when he pulled his gun on the meth dealer in the pool was priceless.

Hands in the air or I'll shoot you in the head. | permalink

Maybe Cho forgot he was sent their to protect the guy, but I certainly didn't blame him for his reaction. Protecting sex offenders and drug dealers wasn't what any of them signed up to do. 

So is Red John the mastermind of this huge conspiracy in California Law enforcement or has he just managed to take advantage of it? Is this how he's managed to stay ahead of the investigation for so long? Now the Kirkland is gone, literally, who is your top pick as Red John? 


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Wooowow I didn't recognise the site at first sight, a whole new presentation...I'm not sure I like it more, I guess I need a little time to get used to it. @Creamy; are you ready for our Sunday's anticipation little dance? ;) Aaaand muuuusiiiic!


C'mon Mentalist writers! Enough of Red John already. Wrap it up already. Totally BORING!!


@creamy, I thought Van Pelt because she seems intrigued by Visualize dogma. I thought Cho because of gang affiliation and he likes special opts. Even Rigsby because he is a easy mark. This one is anyone's guess.


of course my first guess would be Van Pelt @ani.she's the tech expert in the team and even CBI.Just hope it's not Cho-he's my favourite!


Who in the inner circle is dirty?


Jane said he suspected the FBI of following him this whole time and he suspected that Bertram had something to do with that. He has never trusted Bertram and told him so to his face. I don't think Jane believes Bertram is Red John. Jane just believes he dirty. I also believe Jane knew Lisbon was going to do what she did. He is playing a game of telephone. So who now did the inner circle tell about the list.


We have never asked this question. Why did JANE CHOOSE THESE 7 PEOPLE OUT 4200+ PEOPLE. He has yet to explain why. If he came up with a fake list is it possible that some people on the real list may not be real suspects either. He may be using them to get at something else. He obviously knows more then he's telling and we will soon find out what.

@ anitraward1

In my opinion, all 7 will be killed, RJ doesn´t like them for any reason ( can be different for each other ).


Continued-what's interesting is that they are parading these guys in front of us with no backstory except for Kirkland and they killed him. We did surmise that a relative of his was killed. But we didn't guess it was a twin. Why were we that close because the clues pointed that way. So right now the writers are dabbling in a bit of subterfuge. I'm waiting for the smoke to clear.


Even if it's not Stiles, it's someone older. Smith came out of nowhere. There is no reason to even suspect McAllister except that he's on the list. Haffner showed up in the 4 season, looked like an idiot and played Red John in Lisbon's slasher dream. Stiles and Bertram are the only viable suspects. Bertram has never come across that way. He only became suspicious this season. Stiles has come across that way to me. Everything is pointing directly at him. If they kill him off that will be ridiculous. He is the only one that has much to lose. He is the only one with an empire. They have only made the rest of these suspects look suspicious within the last few episodes. So bolstering up these guys now does not mean squat to me. I'm looking at evidence and clues. Smith is an order taking grunt and so is Haffner. McAllister just never seemed suspicious to me at all. I knew Partridge was the first one that was going to be killed and he was. What interesting is that there parading these guys in front of us with no back story except for Kirkland and they kill him.


The corn field suck! The only thing scary was the corn!

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