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great review Cristine.thank you!
Well it was intense, well played, wonderful...another week for a new episode...
Loved Cho as always. If I were Lisbon, I would definitely had that massage and mani-pedi , but hey, Not our Lisbon!:))) I agree Reede was brilliant- great acting! Kirkland, the same, now I feel sorry for him.But he seemed motivated, looked like Jane when he first time came to the CBI to hunt RJ.Maybe if he hadn't met Lisbon, he would become a killer like Kirkland said...couldn;t blame him, the man lost his twin brother..I think Grace should think twice when coming to CBI dressed like that...there are cameras everywhere :)))


And I'm dreading even more that Van Pelt and/or Rigsby will get murdered...maybe they just decide after the big baddie is caught that they don't want anymore of this crap in their lives, that it would be better for their family if they moved on... But I just don't see it ending well. I'm not a particular fan of either one, but I think that would be an unnecessary sad thing.


Now that episode is what I'm talking about! Focus on Red John but interesting and engaging, no sideshow crime-of-the-week that bears no relevance taking up all the time. Reede Smith was much more convincingly evil than I imagined, though I am still not sure he's play-with-your-guts evil. Sayonara was clear he was a dead man when he told Jane to come and see him, and he knew it-the look on his face after Jane promised he'd close the deal on Red John was pure "now I can die happy." Now I also understand why he kept asking ppl if they'd seen him before, he was seeing if they'd met his brother! I admit to being surprised that Tyger, Tyger was a password for the Law Enforcement Cabal, it makes me wonder if RJ really is just an organization, but what would all that drama and such be for? So a few sociopaths could kill some people? Seems odd. And I don't see why Visualize would be involved there. Or RJ is the head of it...but again, what for?


Great review Christine and I think I died and went to Mentalist heaven! While I was watching the show everything around me disappeared except for the show. It was riveting. OMG it just keeps getting better and better. This was the best yet! Writers pat yourselves on the back. I'm at work right now and can wait to watch this episode again! Then I get to analyze this episode to pieces and then some! I'll be back!


Whoah, that was an intense episode. I liked it a LOT. Even when the whirlwind plot seems to take the front seat, the ongoing relationships between characters, superb acting and writing stand out. They are never overshadowed. That's one of the many things I love about this show. Thanks for another great review Christine!

More tomorrow I'm sure.

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