White Collar Season Premiere Review: Backdraft

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White Collar fans were forced to wait a painfully long time for the return of this USA Network hit.

But their patience was rewarded by an opener that actually trumped the stakes set up at the end of White Collar Season 4.

In the installments to follow, we may very well find ourselves asking  "At What Price" did Neal really manage to exonerate Peter. And, for now, it's an intriguing question to ponder.

Peter in Jail

I know it's only the first episode, but I'm sensing some serious backdraft coming down the line as a result of Neal's decision to forge that confession. Surprisingly, I don't even think it will be from the agency's end, but rather from Hagan or others who become privy to Neal's potentially toxic deal.

If Peter ever does make it to DC, the consequences would be catastrophic. It's all a matter of how dramatic creator Jeff Eastin and company want to go with this one.

Part of me can't wait to see that all come down, as I wonder what Peter's reaction will truly look like. They've come back from a lot, but could this potential indiscretion be that one thing that tears an irreconcilable rift in this relationship?

It's definitely too early to tell, and probably way too early to truly worry about it, but when something this big happens early on, you can only wonder how much higher the stakes will have to rise in comparison.

What I really loved about this episode were the great Mozzie moments we got out of it. From his not-so-unrealistic stint as a conspiracy theorist trying not to appear as one... to the brilliant baby carriage move... it brought a smile to my face like only the quirky man with a plan can do.

One thing that did have me scratching my head a little bit was Diana's sudden pregnancy. I appreciate when writers do their best to work life into the script, but that one definitely surprised me. They could have run a few episodes with Diana conspicuously seated or standing behind tables, etc. a la Bones when Emily Deschanel was pregnant several seasons ago.

Regardless, White Collar has certainly set itself up for another great season and I can't wait to see what comes next!

What was your favorite part of the White Collar Season 5 premiere?


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I hate the fact that Elizabeth used Neal's guilt to force him to get Peter out of being indicted (she used to stand up for Neal); so Peter is out of jail & promoted; and back to calling Neal a "criminal" (which is really hurtful.....I thought they had gone beyond that....this is a step back in the wrong direction. As is Neal being endlessly blackmailed by Hagen, and even though he's the one who "cleared" Peter, he's back to being treated as a criminal (remember Peter's words in Ssn 3, "If you treat him as a criminal, he will always be one", when he was standing up for Neal). As the promo for the 4th episode says something about Neal telling Mozzie he's going to "cut all ties". I don't want this season to end with Neal in jail or fleeing again. The best part of the show was the great way Peter & Neal (& Mozzie) worked together and how Peter was coming to trust Neal and how Neal was coming to trust Peter & see him almost as a father figure. Now the writers have shot all that to hell.....I feel they want to end the show after this season, and not in a good way. I'm furious at Elizabeth for the way she's manipulated Neal and won't tell Peter the truth. Not a story arc that I like nor the relationships that made WC such a great show.


Did the writers of Burn Notice move over here. This is the same story line that ruined that series. A criminal makes them commit crimes. Why can't writers keep writing good shows in stead of going off on idiotic tangents?


Loved it! White Collar is one of the best shows on the air at the moment.


This show is one that I picked up a few months ago. I LOVED IT ! Watched all 4 seasons in a row. Was gutted to learn that it was only coming back this month. Peter going to jail... Terrible that was. I knew Neal was not going to sit back and have to admit that it was a brilliant plan. The fact that it was authenticated in a court of law,made it, in my opinion, the best forgery of them all ! Mrs Suit, gosh I missed Moz ! I love that character. That crib had me in stitches ! And the scene on the roof top, hilarious ! However, it was only a matter of time until Peter got suspicious. As much as he loves Neal, that part of him that knows that the guy is a criminal will always make him distrust Neal. He will eventually find out that him getting out of jail was not legit and that will be disastrous !
Diana being preggers was so out of the blue ! Maybe the actress is but they could have done it better than that !
Very solid episode, but I bet that deal will come back to bite Neal in the butt, sooner rather than later !


... Neal's father arc. At least I have the DVDs. :)


Eh, I didn't enjoy this premiere at all. I don't like the Peter/Neal dynamic so fractured. I agree with the previous poster who said it was uncharacteristic for a con as talented as Neal not to see any of this coming, especially since he helped put Hagen away. Of course this was a setup. We all could see that. There is no way the real Neal would have let himself be filmed. Mozzie and Neal have had previous time constraints and still have managed to pull off all kinds of mayhem without being duped so badly and sloppily. They always have a Plan A, B, C and even a D. They cover all the bases, and this seemed out of character for both of them, despite the time crunch. I also wasn't impressed with the dialog. I think the heaviness of the topic/situation left little room for the usual punchy, funny, quirky reparte we are used to. I hate to say it, but it might be time to say goodbye to White Collar. I really enjoyed Seasons 1, 2 and 3, but I think the show took a wrong turn with the whole Neal's father arc last season. At least I have the DVDs :)


premiere ok but so predictable. also seems like peter with DC. offer being copied from castle beckett in DC.


Worse than mediocre.


This was a pretty good premier. I didn't think Peter would get out of jail that fast I thought he would be in there a few episodes. I'm sure he will find out what Neal did and it will hurt their friendship but they've gotten through everything else so I'm sure they could eventually get through this. Diana's pregnancy seems completely random and they could have just hid her pregnancy somehow. I can't wait till the next episode it's so good to have the show back.


While I enjoyed this episode and the fact Wales got mentioned it was harsh for them to say the only good thing to come out of Wales was the gold.

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