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Booth and Brennan are newlyweds! Spotting Booth's wedding ring as they lounged poolside in Argentina made me smile.

Speaking of Argentina, was anyone else on the lookout for Hannah McKay on tonight's episode of Bones? Like, maybe we crossed into a parallel television universe where she might have killed the dead man for his gold bars to support Harrison and she'd finally be nabbed by some stroke of forensic evidence Brennan uncovered because she's just smarter than Dexter?

Yeah, it was probably just me. But that would've made Bones Season 9 Episode 7 a more interesting installment, right?

The Murder on the Honeymoon

One thing's for sure: Temperance Brennan does not know how to vacation. But Booth loves her anyway. For an episode about their status as newlyweds on their honeymoon, Brennan and Booth sort of lacked in screen time together, which threw everything off-kilter.

Instead of focusing on Brennan's marriage to Booth, we got an hour dedicated to how cocky and condescending Brennan can be, only to have her warm to the Buenos Aires coroner, Dr. Perez, shortly before determining that Dr. Perez was the one to murder the Nazi war criminal by shaking the woman's hand.

(Just how cocky and condescending can Brennan be? Check out our Bones quotes page for the answer!)

While Brennan was making a new friend, Booth was busy being Agent Andy because apparently the entire city reads Brennan's books, talks about Brennan's books and wants to be the characters in Brennan's books.

Really, Argentina? You all want to meet and/or be Agent Andy? All of you? Really?

Where does Brennan find the time to keep churning these books out, anyway? Does she have Edison and the squints ghostwriting when they're not on the platform? 

Of course not. Because, as tonight reiterated time and again, Brennan's a bit of a know-it-all control freak. It was painful to watch her be so awkward with Dr. Perez. It was funny, but it was painful. 

Most of Argentina was painful, actually. They Skype-like sessions with Sweets and the lab, the espresso-swilling Inspector. (The terrible, terrible accents...) It was all so obviously faked.

Lately, I think that is what's bothering me about Bones. It feels like a show filmed on a soundstage instead of on location. Maybe it's the camera work. Maybe it's the placement of props. Whatever it is, everything feels too unreal on these one-off episodes and that adds to their feeling awkward. 

I'm glad the obligatory honeymoon is over so Booth and Brennan can get back to the Jeffersonian and we can get back to figuring out the new big bad.

So that we end on something positive, the best part of the night was watching Angela and Hodgins be a regular couple while adding Christine to their daily mix while Booth and Brennan were away. That scene where they argued over whose turn it was to tend to the awakened child was something out of real life.

It was fun to watch them dance around the idea of having another and ultimately decide that yes, they do want more children, even if it means less sleep.

Get to it, you two! Michael Vincent needs a sibling.

What did you think of this Bones Season 9 episode? Were you ready for Booth and Brennan to leave Buenos Aires? What was your favorite part of the hour?


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I'm from Argentina and they made it look very Cuban! or caribbean! I really liked Brennan's Argentina accent though :)


I found myself waiting for the end of the episode, for me it was boring. The case was very poorly written, and everything that has to be with Argentina felt very false, including the acting (I'm from Spain)


I found myself waiting for the end of the episode, for me it was boring. The case was very poorly written, and everything that has to be with Argentina felt very false, including the acting (I'm from Spain)


I'm confused by what you meant when you wrote, "(The terrible, terrible accents...) It was all so obviously faked." I've lived in five Spanish speaking countries, including Argentina, and the Spanish is all accented differently; Argentina especially because Italian so highly influenced the language and also, depending on which part of the country, German and Brazilian Portuguese influenced it as well. Lucy Sola who played the younger wife of the murdered Nazi, is from Argentina so there is no question her accent is authentic. Joaquim de Almeida, who played the detective, is originally from Portugal and had somewhat of a Brazilian sound to his Argentine accent, which is a true to life possibility. Angela Alvarado, the coroner, was born in NYC of Puertoriccan parents and her husband is from Puerto Rico so she certainly is around enough Spanish speakers (and may be one herself) to give an authentic Spanish accent. As for hers being an authentic Argentinean, who's to say. Unless you were looking for the typical Italian-sounding Spanish found in most of the major Argentinean cities then the actors' Spanish accents were fine.

@ AndiM

No the spanish accents weren't fine. They where supposed to be in Buenos Aires are they all sounded more "central-american", the locations were ridiculous. Buenos Aires is a big province, they show you the Obelisco, and then whe have Bones and Brennan in a beach-like hotel. What the hell was that? Honeymoon in Buenos Aires city (the capital) is not believable. They could have been in a honeymoon in Bariloche, Neuquen, and the hole Nazi refugee would have made even more sense.
I'm argentinian and this episode was frickin stupid, they didn't make any real study of what life in Buenos Aires is like.


“You are the worst vacation takers in the world!” Ha that about sums it up! And I LOVED it! Of course who wouldn’t want to see our two favorite love birds more intimate.. But that is not who these characters are! And I’m glad the writers held true to the characters.. I can’t wait for the double dose of Bones next week!!


Apparently I’m in the minority but I’ve really liked this season, I’ve liked all the episodes including this one. It was funny and warm. I was just thinking how they never mention Brennan’s books or being a writer anymore and now they have. I loved the fact that Agent Andy was the character everyone loved in Argentina even if it was over the top. I really thought they might turn this episode into a 2 parter but alas they wrapped up the murder in about 2 minutes or less :<( I liked the scenes with Hodges, Angela & the kids although I think Michael was a younger and whiter than I remember him being and was that a different girl they used for Christine?


I like the episodes where B&B are together, and they were barely together beyond the opening. They kept saying they liked to work together, it's their thing. I agree, and they used to be together thru most of the episode. I understood the need to move away from that b/c of Emily's pregnancy but that was several seasons back now. DE still have chemistry but it's hard to see/feel it when they're barely together.


I liked the Nazi war criminal angle, but in terms of solving the murder, I thought it was pretty weak. I mean, we all knew the coroner was the murderer when she dropped the skull, right?


It's a tv show...a comedy/drama...a good, solid episode that was meant to he fun and lighthearted due to the very emotional episodes that we've already had this season. Brennan was Brennan...she doesn't condescend to be rude or's part of her personality and has been the entire run of the show. Solving crimes is what brought Booth and Brennan together...I thought it was a cute and fun idea to remind people of that and that it was something they really enjoyed doing so why not? As far as the agent Andy/book/accent/whether it was really in Argentina or's a tv show...based on Kathy Reich's novels...why not tip the hat to the woman who gave us Bones? Same with the accents...I hear butchered southern, New York and English accents on tv shows on a daily's TV...and most shows operate on a budget. Doubt they can film on location very often as it's expensive. It's entertainment. When you watch tv, you have to let go of things sometimes and just enjoy it for what it is. There are too many real problems ans challenges in the real world. I watch tv for an hour of escape from entertained...for the mystery...the drama...for the pretty scenery...aka David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel and their incredible chemistry...not to tear it apart and find every missed fact or what they've done wrong. I have the news, biased media coverage and government for that.

@ Jules

I agree with you about accents and the thing is I thought the accents in this episode were fine. I lived in Argentina for three years and the accents are as diverse as the heritage. It's a Spanish speaking country, but I believe there are more people of Italian heritage than Spanish. There were also many immigrants from eastern European countries, Japan and Germany. Just like the US has the Boston accent, the Chicago accent, the Native American accent, the Angeleno accent and more, so does Argentina have the comparable. In real life, the young widow in the episode is from Argentina so of course we can't question her accent, the detective is originally from Portugal and gave a mild Brazilian sounding accent I've heard in Northern Argentina, and the coroner is of Puertoriccan descent and did a fairly legit sounding accent as well, (meaning if I heard her on the streets of Buenos Aires I wouldn't say, "hey what are you trying to pull with that fake accent".).

@ AndiM

Because you are not argentinian. We do realize the different accents from other spanish speaking countries. If you can't get the accents, the locations, the life right, then don't to a ***** episode in "Argetina".
For me it was way forced. Honeymoon in Buenos Aires to be in a spa-hote? Why? Go to a beach. I from Argentina, I love my country, but that part of the story just is not something possible.


I thought it was a fine episode. I enjoyed it. It was light. I don't know anything about Argentina, but it was all played for humor (no, not minimizing what must have been truly horrific factual errors about South America to be so upsetting - just saying it was a TV show, with characters I like, and the hour was filled up with entertainment for me, so it's a fine episode).

@ Keith Vlasak

I thought it was a fine episode as well. I lived in Argentina for three years and I don't think there were any "truly horrific factual errors" at all. If you are referring to Juan Peron handing out blank passports that is unfortunately true. War criminals Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele both lived semi-openly under assumed names in Argentina for many years.

@ Keith Vlasak

Well said Keith. Thanks......

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[to Brennan] You are the worst vacation taker in the world.


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